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Ezra, OFC

Note: Might I say this story does take place before ‘Making Up’s Half the Fun’. Most of the stories to come will take place before this story. I just couldn’t help sending it in thought because I was very proud of myself, lol.

JD walks out onto the boardwalk as a rider comes to a stop in front of the saloon. Walking over he takes the horse's reins as the young woman dismounts.

"Where have you been?" he asks, in a worried tone.

"Went for a ride," Samantha replies, watching as he wraps her mount's reins around a post.

"Now Sam, you know Chris don’t like you riding out alone," JD states.

"That’s why Chris doesn’t know about it and he’s not going too, is he?" she questions, with a grin.

JD smiles and shakes his head as the two enter the saloon.

+ + + + + + +

"What ya readin’ Ezra?" Nathan asks, walking up to the gambler.

"Letter," he replies solemnly.

"From who?" the healer questions.

"Mother. Seems she has found herself in a bit of a predicament," the southerner responds, folding the letter back up.

"Is everything alright?" Nathan asks, concerned for his friend.

"Yes, but she has been incarcerated once again," Ezra replies, standing up.

"You gonna go and check it out?" Nathan questions him.

"Yes, I plan to. I’ll go and speak with Mr. Larabee, see if I may take a leave of absence," Ezra tells his friend.

He tips his hat to the other peacekeeper, and then walks away toward the jail.

+ + + + + + +

Samantha looks up from her card game with JD and Buck as Mary walks in.

"Sam, I’ve been looking all over for you," she states, walking over to the table.

"Something wrong?" Samantha questions the newspaperwoman.

"No, I was just going to ask you if you would mind riding over to Eagle Bend for me. There’s a present there for Billy that I had ordered, but with all the newspaper fees, I’ve come up a little short on money. I will pay you back as soon as I can, but I really would like to have it here in time for his birthday," Mary tells her, looking to the girl, hoping she will agree to help her out.

"No problem. I don’t mind, but I’ll need to go and talk with Chris," she replies, with a smile.

Mary nods her head with appreciation as Samantha stands up.

+ + + + + + +

"So, you can see the predicament I have found myself…" Ezra is telling Chris, but is interrupted by Samantha walking in.

"Boys," she greets. "Chris? Mind if I ride over to Eagle Bend? It’s an errand for Mary."

Chris looks from the gambler to the young woman, who has become like a daughter to him and comes to a decision.

"Well, since Ezra has a situation in Eagle Bend he has to see about, you might as well accompany each other," the leader tells them both.

Chris looks at Samantha and crosses his arms over his chest.

"Did you go for a ride earlier?" he questions her.

Samantha bites her bottom lip and looks up quickly.

"I think I hear Buck calling," she says, then slides her way out the door.

A smile crosses Ezra’s face at her ability to quickly get out of situations, especially ones that involve her learning a lesson or two from their leader.

"Ezra," Chris calls, stopping him from exiting the building.

Ezra turns back to face the man in black.

"Don’t let her out of your sight," he orders.

Ezra nods his head, tipping his hat, and then exits the jail.

+ + + + + + +

"Where you off to?" Josiah asks, as Samantha swings up into her saddle.

She looks at him and Vin sitting outside of the saloon.

"Eagle Bend. Got something I need to pick up there for Mary," she replies, as Ezra rides up.

"Chris gonna let you go?" JD questions, as he and Buck walk out of the saloon, and Nathan walks up to join them.

"Yeah, Ez’s got some things to attend to over there as well. He'll let me go as long as I have my own personal baby-sitter," she remarks, with a grin.

"Be careful," Vin pipes up. "There’s a storm brewing, but there’s also a good chance it’ll die down 'fore it reaches where you are headed. Just be on the lookout for it."

"Will do," she states.

"Shall we?" Ezra questions, with a look to Samantha.

Samantha nods her head then looks to the other five peacekeepers.

"We’ll be back," she states, then begins to ride out.

Ezra tips his hat to his fellow compatriots and says, "gentlemen," then rides out after Samantha.

+ + + + + + +

Buck walks into the jail, and takes a seat in a chair near the desk.

"That storm seems to be coming up pretty fast," he says, thoughtfully to Chris.

"Yeah, no doubt it’ll slow ‘em down. Probably won’t make it to Eagle Bend till tomorrow sometime," Chris replies, lifting his cup of coffee to his lips.

"Yeah, if it catches them out in the open, I’m sure Ezra…" Buck begins to say, trying to keep Chris from worrying.

"Sam’s smart. She’ll know how to get out of a storm if it comes up on them," Chris remarks. "Lots of caves on the way to Eagle Bend to hole up in and she knows where they are.

"Chris!" JD yells, barging in the door.

Chris and Buck look up in surprise at the youngest peacekeeper.

"We just got a wire. Seems the Clarence gang just robbed the bank in Jericho and they’re headed this way. Judge says he thinks there’s gonna be trouble," he continues, out of breath.

Chris looks from JD to Buck then to the desk, his mind busy with thinking.

"There’s about twenty of ‘em," JD informs.

"Send a wire to Eagle Bend. Tell the sheriff to catch Ezra when he comes in and send him back here as soon as possible. We'll need him here, in case there is trouble," Chris orders.

JD nods his head, and then rushes back out the door.

+ + + + + + +

"Where are we going?" Ezra asks Samantha, over the wind.

"Cave. It’s right up here. We’ll stay there till the storm passes," she calls back, looking up at the dark clouds heading their way.

+ + + + + + +

"You cheated," Samantha accuses, as she and Ezra sit by the fire inside the cave.

"Me, cheat?" he questions innocently, gathering the cards.

"Ha, ha," she laughs sarcastically, standing up.

"So, how did you know this place was here?" Ezra questions, stoking the fire a little.

"Oh, Chris showed it to me a month or so ago," she states, staring out the mouth of the cave.

"You ever just want to run out there?" she questions, still looking out into the rain.

"I beg your pardon?" Ezra asks.

"I mean, when you were younger, like Billy’s age? Didn’t you ever just want to run out into the rain and dance around?" she questions, turning to see Ezra stand up.

"Not that I remember but I might have, at one time," he replies.

"Boy I did. Every time there would come a summer shower, I would beg my brother to let me go out and play, but he never would. Said I’d catch my death of pneumonia," she states, looking back out into the rain.

"Well, he had lost his parents and I imagine he didn’t want to lose you as well," Ezra remarks, walking over.

"I guess so," she states, rubbing her arms.

"Now, get over there out of the wind," he tells her, motioning to the fire, "before you do catch your death of pneumonia."

She smiles and laughs a little, walking away from the mouth of the cave to the warmth further inside.

+ + + + + + +

"I sent the wire to Eagle Bend," JD states to Chris as he walks up onto the boardwalk.

Chris nods his head, and then looks out onto the street.

"If they’re coming from Jericho, Ezra should make it back before they get here," Nathan remarks.

"Yeah, I reckon he’ll make it back here faster. Probably took awhile getting there what with the storm and all," Vin tells them.

Chris again nods his agreement.

+ + + + + + +

"Well, I’m gonna head over and get Billy’s present while you go and talk to your mother," Samantha states, tying her horse to the hitching post.

"Alright," Ezra responds, as a young boy runs up.

"Are you Ezra Standish?" the boy asks.

"That would be me," Ezra remarks.

"I got a wire here for you," he says, handing Ezra the piece of paper.

The boy then runs off as Ezra looks at the paper.

"What is it?" Samantha asks, trying to get a look at it.

"The Clarence gang is headed towards Four Corners. Seems Chris wants me back there as soon as possible. He’s afraid there’s going to be trouble," he tells her.

"Oh, well…I’ll get Billy’s present, and then see to your mother while you ride back to town."

"No. Chris told me not to let you out of my sights. He’ll kill me if I leave you here alone," Ezra says, looking up.

"He’ll kill you if you don’t get back to town. Listen, I can ride faster than you. Just head back and I'll hurry and get things done up here and then I’ll meet you on the road back to town. It’s the sensible thing to do," she states.

Ezra looks around and then digs through his pockets.

"Okay, here, use this to get Mother out," he states, handing her some money, "I don’t particularly like doing this, mind you."

"I know, but you just get started. I’ll be fine, and I’ll catch up with you. Be careful," she tells him, as she takes the money.

Ezra swings back up on Chaucer.

"You meet me on the trail," he tells her, with a serious look.

"I will. Now get out of here," she responds, patting Chaucer on the neck.

Ezra turns and heads out of town.

Samantha then looks around and seeing the store she needs to go in, she takes off across the street.

She walks into the building, and looks at the store clerk.

"Ah, excuse me, I’m here to pick up a package for a Mary Travis," she states, walking over to the counter.

"Yes, here it is," the man replies, reaching under the counter.

Samantha smiles. Well that didn't take long, she thinks to herself.

+ + + + + + +

"Yes, I’m here for a Mrs. Standish," Samantha states, looking to the deputy.

"I thought her son was supposed to come to get her?" he questions, unsure of the situation.

"Yes, well, I’m his wife and he had immediate business to attend to back home," she tells him.

The deputy gets up and goes to the cells, unlocking the one Maude’s in.

"This your daughter-in-law?" the deputy asks.

Maude looks up in surprise at Samantha, who winks assurance.

"Yes it is," Maude says, with a smile.

"Alright then. I'll release you to her," the lawman says as Samantha gives him the bond money that Ezra had given to her.

Once outside the jail, Maude looks to Samantha.

"What is going on?" she asks.

"Well, there was some trouble in town, so Ezra had to head back early. I offered to come and get you out, but I’m afraid I need to be heading back as well," Samantha states.

"Alright and thank you darlin’," Maude replies, giving Samantha a hug. "Give my regards to my boy."

"Will do ma’am," Samantha replies.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra pulls Chaucer to a stop, hearing the sound of hoof beats coming from his right.

Samantha rides into view, comes over to him and pulls her horse to a stop next to him.

"Your mother sends her regards, and Billy’s present is safely in my saddle bags," she states with a smile.

"How did you get here so fast?" Ezra questions, in shock.

"I took a short cut. Now let's head back to town. I hear there’s some more rain headed this way," she informs him.

The two then push their horses into a full gallop, heading back to town.

+ + + + + + +

"How long you think it’ll…" Buck begins, but stops when he hears the thunder of hoof beats.

He turns from JD and Josiah to see Samantha and Ezra galloping into town.

The two ride up and swing down off their horses.

"That was quick," JD states, nodding to them both.

"Well, Samantha knew a few short cuts," Ezra replies as Samantha reaches into her saddlebag.

"I’m gonna get this to Mary," she remarks, heading over to the Clarion.

"Do you still expect there to be trouble?" Ezra asks.

"Not if they know what’s good for ‘em," Buck replies.

"Yeah, well not all are as smart as they should be," Josiah remarks.

+ + + + + + +

"Thanks Sam. You have no idea how much I appreciate this," Mary states, taking the package.

"No pr…" Samantha begins, but is interrupted by the noise of gunfire.

She rushes to the window and looks down the street as about twenty men begin shooting at the seven peacekeepers.

"Oh, no," Mary cries out. "You need to get away from the window!"

She begins to pull Samantha away from the danger, but Samantha tries to get out the door.

"I’ve got to help them," she shouts at her friend, wrenching her arm away.

"No, you won’t help them by getting shot," Mary tells her.

"I’ll take the back," Samantha replies, pulling up her skirt and grabbing her gun. "Don't worry. I'll be careful."

She then rushes out the back of the building.

"Sam!" Mary calls out frantically to the young girl.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra looks up as one of the outlaws advances on him, gun drawn.

"Drop it," the man orders to the lawman.

Ezra begins to slowly lay his gun down, but stops as a gunshot rings out, sending the gunman to the ground.

Ezra looks over to the originator of the bullet and smiles as Samantha nods her head.

"You’re welcome," she calls out.

She then runs for cover behind a barrel.

+ + + + + + +

After the gunfight is over, sixteen of the men are arrested and placed in the jail, while the remaining four are taken off the street.

Samantha meets the seven peacekeepers outside of the saloon.

"Nice shootin’," Vin tells her, with a grin.

"Yeah well, I figured you might be able to use the extra gun," she replies, with a smile.

"Yeah, thanks for the help," Chris remarks, then looks out into the street as rain begins to fall again.

"I’m about sick of rain," JD remarks, with a frown on his face.

Ezra looks out and sees there is no lightening or thunder then turns back to the group.

"Well, you my dear, inevitably saved my life earlier, therefore, I owe you," he states, grabbing Samantha’s wrist.

"What?" Samantha questions, in confusion.

"You said before that you wanted to dance in the rain, so come on now," he tells her, pulling her out into the street.

She begins to laugh as he drags her out into the light rain.

"I think the rain’s gone to Ezra’s head," Nathan states, shaking his head.

"Something’s gone to Ezra’s head alright," Josiah replies. "Might not be just the rain though."

Ezra smiles as Samantha turns circles, rain falling all around them.

She then turns to Ezra and wraps her arms around his neck.

"Thank you," she whispers.

"You’re welcome my dear," he responds, embracing her.

"Yeah Josiah, you're right. I believe something has gone to his head," Chris remarks.

He smiles at Josiah and laughs a little as they watch the two dance around in the rain.

The End

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