Travis' Seven

by Sammie

Disclaimer: What I don't own; I promise to return everything in working order, although I think many will disagree with my definition of "working order."   ;-)   :
- "TM7" is not mine, and I did take some verbatim quotes.
- The plot isn't mine either, and I did take many quotes. I ripped it all shamelessly from the 2001 version of "Ocean's Eleven," which I wouldn't have been smart enough to write anyhow. I decided not to go with the ending of the 1960 version, because how stinky would that have been?
- Brief reference to "Without a Trace" (not a crossover) and several quotes from other TV shows and movies.
- In the last scene, the book that's being read is C. S. Lewis's The Horse and His Boy, from his Chronicles of Narnia.
- Because of the amount of fanfiction I've read, there are probably scenes and statements that look familiar. I apologize beforehand.

Trey Barye is a non-canon character. I made him up. (He would have prefered never to have been thought up.)

Summary: A hitman specializing in wiping out whole communities (instead of targeting individuals) strikes again. With a private fund backing him, a former cop turned private citizen rounds up a team to bring down him and his associates. Of course, the information they need so he's permanently locked up is in one of the most difficult places to get into....

Author's Note / Apology / Technical Stuff: To anyone who is...
- ...going to email me about my WaT/M7 crossover and the fact that I wrote this and there's still no sequel to the crossover: I'm sorry. I can only write a story if I've been struck repeatedly by a lightning bolt of inspiration, and we know that as it is, lightning rarely strikes the same place twice.
- ...going to email me about the lack of reality and technical expertise in the story: This is a fluff piece; just suspend disbelief for a little while, please. This story is from the fantasy world where bad guys always lose, good guys always win and have fun doing it, MacGyver could do whatever he wanted without a search warrant (oh, I don't own him, either), and the Seven still ride on TV.
- ...annoyed at the lack of personal thought or emotion in the story: it's in the tradition of both "Eleven"s, and besides, it's seven macho men trying to pull one over the local bully. Yes, Nate has work to do, but nothing that requires the usual speeches at the bedside of a critically wounded man.
- ...a little puzzled about some of the stuff in the story: Voice-overs are in italics. And yes, Chris talks a little more than usual and JD is a little more subdued than usual.

Size: Approx. 125K

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