Vision In Pink

by MMW

Author's note: I actually have the diskette mentioned. Can’t tell you where I got it though. No, really. I can’t tell you. I don’t remember. This was originally written for the Tried and True Plot Device Challenge: a strange woman slips one of the boys a diskette, which they, in turn, bring into the office.

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This wasn't his type of place. Though an expert at blending into the background, he found himself feeling very exposed and vulnerable as he made his way to a table in the back.

Sliding into his seat, he stared blankly at the computer screen in front of him. He knew he shouldn't feel intimidated by the computer after all he used them all the time. Still, in a computer bar like this… This was a place for JD. Of course, JD was the reason he knew of the computer bar to begin with.

"Get you something?" the waitress asked.

Looking up at the face decorated with industrial sludge colored lipstick and toxic waste colored eye shadow, he wondered why anyone would deliberately put those colors on their face. "Coffee," he replied. As the waitress left, he began a random searching of the web.

The waitress returned with his coffee a few minutes later, leaving it next to the keyboard. Constantly scanning the room, he couldn't help but wish his contact would arrive. He didn't know what the person looked like. He had just stumbled across the person's site one day when he hit a wrong key. What it offered was just too tempting to pass up.

Taking a plain envelope from his pocket, he set it on the opposite side of the keyboard from his coffee. Scanning the page of the site he had just called up, he found his attention drawn by the approach of a woman. She was dressed in a business suit and had her hair pulled back, displaying her attractive face.

Without a word, the woman brushed past his table picking up the envelope and leaving a diskette and piece of paper in its place. No one had seen the exchange. He surreptitiously slid the disk and paper along the table and into his pocket.

Excitement began building and he fought the smile that threatened to crease his handsome face. The diskette was his. Now it was time to put the rest of the plan into motion.

His plan would require skills he had only recently acquired. Yes, he’d worked with computers for quite a while and knew how to use them well, but this adventure would require slightly higher-level skills. His plan required skills that no one else knew he had. But it would be worth it. It would be untraceable.

After several minutes had passed, he logged the computer off, dropped a few bills on the table and headed for the doorway. He had one stop to make before returning home.

Parking in the office building’s garage, he made his way up to the computer room. He stopped at the door and took several deep breaths. He had only been in the room once before, but his keen memory recalled every detail, every computer, every monitor and keyboard. Reaching for the handle, he opened the door noiselessly and slid into the room.

Popping the diskette into the A-Drive of the server, he opened the paper containing the instructions and followed them to the letter. It only took a few minutes and a few modifications to the settings before he ejected the diskette. Taking a few minutes to remove any trace of his activities from the system, he stood made his way out of the computer room.

Avoiding the guards and cameras, he made his way back to the garage. Starting the engine of his vehicle, he made his way out. Heading home, he could no longer suppress the smile that had been threatening to show. Giving into his glee, he allowed a laugh to echo as he drove through the nearly deserted street. Tomorrow would be and interesting day indeed…


The next morning found six of the Magnificent Seven working intently at their desks, typing away at their keyboards. Their leader, Chris Larabee, could be found with AD Travis and several other high-ranking members of the ATF in the conference room nearby. He had been asked to present information regarding a particularly sensitive case to the men as a defense of his team’s actions. Having worked days on the presentation, JD had ensured Chris that nothing could go wrong with the file. It was, after all, securely on the server along with a back-up copy on the c-drive.

Suddenly, Nathan’s hands froze above his keyboard. Was he seeing things? “What in the world?” he said aloud. The other men turned to see what was wrong. Seeing their inquiring looks, Nathan explained, “The Energizer Bunny just marched across my screen beating his drum!”

“Hey!” JD exclaimed. “He’s on my screen now!”

The six men watched as the bunny made its way across one screen after another. The men looked at each other in puzzlement until an idea dawned on Ezra.

“Gentlemen,” he began nervously, “Mr. Larabee isn’t connected to the network is he?” Five sets of eyes looked up to meet those of the Southerner.

“Uh-oh,” JD said, diving for his computer in the hopes of finding the program before the wandering bunny would find its way onto the conference room screen.

“Too late,” intoned Josiah as the team heard a muffled ‘What the hell’ from the conference room.

Ezra noted a brief sparkle of mischievous amusement in the eyes of Vin Tanner before it disappeared behind a veil of innocent concern.

The End

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