Chance Meeting

by S. Larabee Tanner

March 2003

Thanks to Michelle for beta reading it for me.

Chris woke with a start for what seems like the tenth time that night. Sitting up, he looked at the picture that sat beside his bed. His thoughts drifted back to when he had met her.

He sat at one of the many airport bars waiting for Vin's plane to arrive. He had volunteered to pick him up, so he didn't have to leave his jeep in long-term parking. As he sipped at his drink, he didn't notice a women dressed in Navy dress blues walk into the bar and over to where he sat.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" Came a soft voice.

Chris shook his head. "No, please feel free to take it," the agent, said as he turned to see whom the voice belong too. He couldn't help but notice her uniform. "Navy? Where you headed?"

The redhead smiled as she sat down. "Yes. I'm on my way back to Norfolk. We're shipping out soon."

Chris smiled and offered his hand. "Names Chris. What brought you to Denver?"

The redhead smiled. "Names Aisley. I was visiting friends. Were you in the military?"

The blonde smiled as he paid for her drink. "Yes. I was in the Navy. Please I've already paid for it."

Aisley smiled and put her wallet back in her bag. "Thank you. What did you do while you were in? I'm on the flight deck of a carrier." She accepted the drink the bartender put in front of her.

Chris studied her face. "Was on the seal team. I'm surprised no one’s here to see you off."

Aisley smiled. "Don't really have anyone. My friends have families of their own to think about."

Before Chris could say anything her flight was called.

"Well, that's my flight. It was nice meeting you. I hope we meet again." Aisley hated to leave the handsome and caring man she was talking to.

Chris smiled as he stood and quickly pulled out his card. "I'd be honored if you would write me."

As Aisley took the card, she let her hand linger on his longer then she should have. "I’d like that. Care to walk with me to my gate?"

Chris smiled and nodded. "I'd be honored." He offered his arm to her.

Aisely took his arm and allowed him to lead her to the gate announced.

Stopping at the gate, Chris brushed hair from her face. "Take care of yourself, Aisley. I hope to hear from you soon."

She nodded and leaned into the touch. Unable to explain why she was feeling like this, she covered his hand with hers and smiled. "I will. I will write as soon as I can." She leaned toward him and met his lips with hers.

Chris returned the kiss, and then watched her walk toward the gate. He could still feel her lips on his. He hoped he would see her again.

The ringing of the phone brought him from his thoughts. He swore as he picked it up.

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