They say for everyone, there’s that certain one, out there somewhere,
I’ve been lookin’ hard, searchin’ every heart, gettin’ nowhere.
Didn’t know I was makin’ my way to you.

Miles of loneliness, now make perfect sense, here beside you.
Tears like waterfalls, it was worth them all, just to find you.
And yours are the last arms I’ll run to.

Now I know how the river feels,
When it reaches the sea.
And finally finds the place it was always meant to be.
Holdin’ fast, home at last, knowin’ the journeys through,
Lyin’ here with you, I know how the river feels.
- Diamond Rio (Steven Dale Jones & Amy Powers)

by LT

Disclaimer: I do not own the guys but I sure do like to play with them. Not making any money with these stories, they are strictly for the enjoyment of the reader. I am grateful to Barb ( who has graciously allowed me to use her montages.




These stories include all of the seven but mainly focus on Buck and Inez, Chris and Mary, and the loveable gambler, Ezra. There are three stories planned in this series. These stories take place approximately 9 months after "Love and Honor". All three are PG-13 for sexual situations and violence.

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