Joy For Vin

by Beth Green

Author's Note: This was offered to Joy as a little present for baby-sitting the Blackraptor archive. Thought y'all might like to know what Vin has been up to while Nancy's away.

Team Seven, usually united in most endeavors, found themselves in a bit of contention when the subject of where to dine was raised. JD and Buck were quick to voice their opinions.

Licking his lips in anticipation, Buck stated, "I got a real taste for one 'a them big ol' juicy burgers with a double order of fries from Little Tonys."

JD quickly agreed. "Yeah. You gotta admit, no one in town does a better burger than Little Tonys."

Nathan disagreed. "I think that we've been spending a bit too much time at Little Tonys lately. Especially you, Buck. You're getting to an age where you've got to start thinking of things like your cholesterol."

Buck waved off Nathan's warning. "You're lucky I'm in such a good mood that I'm going to ignore that crack about my age. You all know my theory about Little Tonys."

Chris saved Buck the trouble of repeating it himself. "Yeah, we've all heard it. 'The grease just slicks up your veins and arteries so the blood 'll slide right through.' Much as I think your theory is the biggest load of crap since your 'Animal Magnetism' bullshit, I don't mind Little Tony's. Of course, I wouldn't mind going to that new deli down the road, 'Letty's Leaf,' either."

Josiah quickly agreed. "Yes, I second that suggestion. Even though the menu is primarily vegetarian, they do offer meat dishes, 'For those who cheat.'"

Josiah turned to Ezra, who had yet to voice an opinion. "Where do you think we should go?"

"While Little Tonys is certainly well down on my list of fine dining establishments, I hesitate to concur with the suggestion of Letty's Leaf. The name alone is enough to upset my digestion. Besides, I have one rule in dining out which has always served me in good stead: Never eat somewhere unless someone whose gastronomic opinion you trust has sampled the cuisine prior to your visit. Have any of you actually dined at Letty's Leaf?"

Josiah spoke up. "Vin and I ate there just last week."

Buck snorted, focusing his attention on the seventh member of their team. Vin was the reason the term 'junk food junkie' was invented. Buck could only think of one reason why Vin would've eaten at a health food joint. "Lost a bet, 'eh?"

Vin freely admitted the truth. "Yep." He allowed a smile to slowly appear on his face.

"Gonna tell us what it was about?"


Buck shook his head. "Didn't think so."

When no one immediately spoke up, Buck resumed the previous discussion. "So, the way I see it, me, Chris and JD vote for Little Tonys. Nathan, Josiah, and Ezra vote for Letty's Leaf."

Ezra interrupted. "Excuse me, but I distinctly heard Chris state that he would be willing to dine at either establishment. He could just as easily be counted as a vote in favor of Letty's Leaf."

Chris raised his hands. "Right now, I'm so hungry I don't remember what the hell I said. Tell you what: my vote is we go wherever Vin wants to go."

Nathan, Josiah and Ezra groaned in defeat, while Buck and JD's stomachs rumbled in favor of their impending grease fest.

Vin surprised everyone when he announced, "Okay, then, I guess we're goin' to Letty's Leaf."

Buck jumped in surprise. "What? This from the man who can tell you the location of every fast food place within a hundred miles of Denver? Don't tell me you lost another bet?"

Vin laconically replied, "Nope."

"You can't tell me you actually like eatin' them greens and grass?"

Vin remained calm in the face of Buck's indignation. "Nope." No matter how much Buck pried, Vin refused to say another word. Once they arrived at Letty's Leaf, the truth of the matter was made blindingly clear for all to see.

They had no sooner walked through the door than a stunningly beautiful woman approached. She wrapped her arms around Vin, greeting him in a way that suggested that they were good friends: very good friends. She gave Vin a quick peck on the cheek, exclaiming, "Vin, honey, so good to see you again. These the boys you were telling me about?"

Vin smirked, pleased at the varying looks of disbelief on his friends' faces. "Yep. These are the guys. Guys, this is Joy."

The End

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