The ABC s of the Seven

By Purple Lacey

Disclaimer: They're not mine, and aren't likely to be... but I can dream!

A is for Advising, for getting it said.
B is for Badass, watch out or you're dead!
C is for Charming...right into his bed.
D is for Dalliance, no intentions to wed.
E is for Elixirs, effective...unsavory.
F is for Freedom, released from his slavery.
G is for Goodness, for unselfish bravery
H is for Honest, no tolerance for knavery.
I is for Illiterate, hiding in shame
J is for Justice, for clearing his name.
K is for Killing, with near perfect aim.
L is for Ladies, like moths to his flame
M is for Mourning, still hitting the sauce,
N is for Never getting over his loss.
O is for Orders, because he's the boss
P is for Peacekeeper, he's not one to cross.
Q is for Quelling, if the law you would breach.
R is for Rabat, not worn now to preach.
S is for Sinners he's trying to reach.
T is for Talking, with stories that teach.
U is for Uttered with a soft southern drawl.
V is for Valiant when your back's to the wall.
W is for Wager: your loss, his windfall.
X is for Xanthous, gold made him AWOL.
Y is for Youthful, the group's youngest is he.
Z is for Zealous to be all he can be.

Now I've used all the letters from A to Z

So I'm going to bed now, 'cause my brain's killing me!

In case you're wondering:
xan·thous (zãn¹thes) adjective

1. Color. Yellow.

{Hey it was either this or Xerox<BG>}