General Terms

Anorak Actually a type of coat - in this context a person with an obsessive interest
Bank Holiday Public Holiday
Beth uffach? Welsh for - 'What the hell?'
Bird's Custard Well known brand of corn starch based, egg free, custard powder - yum!
Brasso Well known brand of brass polish much loved by the military.
Cach Welsh for - 'Shit'
Clotted cream Thick cream made with scalded milk, a Cornish speciality.
Comprehensive In this context - a non selective, publicly funded school, for children 11-18.
Dodgy Unsafe, unreliable.
Doddle Something easy, no problem, 'a walk in the park'
Duw Welsh for - 'God'
E.U. European Union aka European Community, aka Common Market.
Eggy Bread Bread soaked in beaten egg and fried
Ffwc Welsh for - 'Fuck'
Flannel Face cloth
Gap Student A Student taking a year off between school and university
Grockle West country term for a tourist
Hobnob Well known brand of sweet oat biscuit (cookie)- irresistible
M.O.T. Annual road worthiness test for all vehicles over 2 years old
Mam-gu Welsh word for - Grandmother - pronounced 'mam gee'
Marmite A tangy savoury spread made from yeast - yum!
Milk Float Slow electrically powered vehicle used by milkmen/women
Millionaire's Shortbread Shortbread covered in caramel and chocolate
>Publican Pub is short for Public House, and the licence holder is a Publican. In this story that's Buck
S.A.S One of the most elite of all elite special forces units in the world. S.A.S = Special Air Services
Scrumpy Name given to cider (alcoholic) in the west country - VERY VERY strong!
Shandy Lemonade (7UP) & a very small amount of beer - classed as non alcoholic
Shout In this context a lifeboat call out, also used by other emergency services
Sweet Pickle Not likely to be found in a burger, more like a tangy sweet relish
Tad-cu Welsh word for - Grandfather - pronounced 'Dad key'
Taffy Nickname for a Welsh person
The City Equivalent to Wall Street
Torch Flashlight
Whitsun Pentecost
Y cythraul! Welsh for - 'You bastard!'

Cricket Terms

Bail A piece of wood resting on top of the stumps - See Wicket
Botham Ian Botham - best all-rounder England ever had, according to me, Helen & Buck.
Box There are parts of the male anatomy best not hit by a hard ball at 80+mph without some protection!
Duck To score no runs
Howzat! "How was that?!"
Long On Fielding position a long way from the batsman
Sledges Sledging - To distract the opposition verbally
Slips Fielding position close to the batsman
Test Cricket match between 2 cricketing nations i.e. - England v. India
Wicket Three upright polls (stumps) with two small pieces resting on top
Wicket Keeper In Baseball this would be the Catcher

This link, supplied by Corb, will give you some pictures to help explain some of the cricketing terms.