by Hercat

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Note: another in the Solitudes series.

Acknowledgements: Thank you Mog for creating this AU, and all the others who contribute and make it a special place to live.

Here at last in the underground
Safety of sorts, no further down
Here to sit and think and rot
In the company of one they all forgot
A forever burn of better lives
worse torture than knowing you won’t survive
Then peace at last, you just may find
A place in madness you can hide
The final truth of the Oubliette;
They recall, and you forget.

Buck shuddered again. He’d given up on even trying to stay warm, the cold such a part of him now.

Might seem odd to someone else, this brick lined hole in the middle of nowhere, but he knew what it was for. Forgetting.

Oubliette, from the French oublier – to forget. You put someone in here and just plain forgot about them.

He was here because the bad guys didn’t give a flying fuck whether he lived or not. Hell, they probably already forgot he was there.

‘Course, he was used to that. Everyone always forgot about him eventually. ‘Cept for his mother. She never forgot and he loved her for that. That was when he’d learned about being ignored, the kids at school ‘forgetting’ about him all the time. He’d also learned being forgotten could be a good thing, what with some of the men around his mom.

He realized with a sudden start that the only people who ever forgot him had known about his mom, what she had to do. He missed Chris, the old one who’d called him pard and remembered him. Guess he’s the only one ‘round now who remembers the old Buck. He tried to remember back to that time, but things were getting fuzzy, disjointed inside his head. Guess I forgot too. Oh well, worth it to not be cold anymore.

Buck tried to remember whether he’d told Chris. Must of done, he forgot me quick enough when Vin came by. Nice kid. Vin didn’t know, he was sure. Had he told JD? He couldn’t remember, wasn’t that funny. Hope I told him. Be easier on him really.

Forgetting made it all so much easier, no thinking on a time of love and smiles and the sweet pain of watching his best friend win something he hadn’t even known enough to fight for.

And the time after that, when it was all darkness and pain and I don’t care if you hit me as long as you remember I’m here.

Just don’t forget.



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