~~ History Will Know The Seven ~~

by TJ

SERIES SYNOPSIS - The transition of Seven into One is recorded in a variety of written forms. The series begins shortly after 'Serpents' and quickly unites the boys as never before. After their fate is sealed in ‘The South Wind’, the stories that follow show how journalists and authors alike will record their actions. Jocke Steele was just the beginning. History Will Know The Seven.

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John Watson and CBS own The Magnificent Seven and all of its characters.
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The South Wind
A mysterious visitor will determine
the fate of The Seven for all time to come.
(Approx. 300K)

Confidantes and Confidences
Four peacekeepers transport a prisoner to awaiting authorities
while the remainder stay behind to keep watch on the town.
(Approx. 100K)

Once abandoned and forgotten, they have resurfaced with a vengeance
and now The Seven must grant them a merciful death.
(Approx. 128K)

Thankful Hearts
Life seems to have returned to normal in Four Corners,
but plans are being made, and they are purposely being hidden from The Seven.
(Approx. 280K)

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Dear Diary
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Cattle Drive
(coming soon)

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