Food for Thought

by hercat

ATF Universe

Notes: Just a short idea, in a new writing style. Figured if I wrote this down it might get out of my head. Damn. Now I have new ones. (Ideas. Not heads)

"Thank you, Mr. Dunne. And Mr. Tanner is correct, you really should know better than to bet against me by this point. I actually spent just under three months under the roof of just such an edifice.

No Mr. Wilmington, I was not being held prisoner. My mother brought me there to stay for a brief while. It was a small church in Manhattan. I stayed there, in the loft, with my aunt. She used to refer to herself as ‘the bat in their belfry’.

Yes Mr Dunne, her sister. Contrary to prevailing opinion my mother was born. Not hatched. Uh! You may clean that up yourself Mr. Dunne, and next time be more careful with your drink. May I continue? Thank you for your kind permission. You missed a spot. Thank you.

Very humorous Mr. Tanner.

What was it like? Well, my aunt Meryl has always been quite a…character. Yes, that is perhaps the most appropriate description.

At any rate, when I arrived, my aunt was overjoyed to see me. Despite the fact that she had virtually no notice of my arrival, she greeted me cordially, and said she would be delighted to have my help with the gerbil cage she was constructing.

It wasn’t until after Maude left that I discovered she was not building a cage for a cherished pet, but rather renovating her apartment to resemble one.

Yes, complete with a human exercise wheel. Those things are infinitely more difficult to use then they appear, though I suspect a second pair of legs makes things easier on the rodents. There were several of the animals around of course.

No, in a cage made to resemble an apartment. There were also two wading pools, one filled with circulating water and the other with premium gerbil food.

Indeed. When my mother returned she was greeted with the immortal words ‘Maude. Come in and have a nut.’ That is the only occasion to date when I can recall my mother being rendered speechless.

Yes, we talk on occasion, though I intend to avoid her for now. During our last conversation she asked me what I know about beehives."


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