Another Day, Another Mishap

by Brate

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"Ah, yes, Mr. Wilmington, may I have a word with you?"

"Where ya been, Ez? Chris is spittin' nails waitin' on you two."

"That's what this call is about. I'm afraid we are going to be a bit tardy this morning."

"Vin drove this morning, right? Don't tell me... you guys had car trouble."

"In a manner of speaking you are correct. I... ahem... lost Vin."

"You what?!?" Buck's shout brought the attention of the other men already in the office.

"Please keep your voice down. There's no reason to panic; everything is under control."

"Vin's gone and everything is under control?" Chris heard this and hurried over to his agent's desk. "Where are you?" Buck asked, before the phone was snatched away by his leader.

"I am currently at the Sixteenth Precinct."

"What the hell is going on?"

"Well, good morning, Mr. Larabee."

"Don't give me that crap, Standish, what happened to Vin?"

"He was taken hostage."


Ezra sighed. He wondered if there was an opening at that Starbucks he liked to frequent each morning. Anything would be better than this, although their wages were pathetic and their uniforms were deplorable. "Mr. Larabee, if you will calm down I will tell you exactly what happened."

The blond punched the button initiating the speakerphone. "Go ahead, Ezra. We're all listening." The rest of the team joined their boss.

"Mr. Tanner and I had stopped at the Delco Gas Station on Lincoln to secure some fuel for his vehicle. It seems that at the time we drove up, the station was being robbed."

"Did they shoot at you?" piped up JD.

"No, we were unaware of the disturbance at that time. Vin was getting ready to pump the gas when the two criminals ran out of the station entrance. Apparently they had left their getaway car running with the keys in it."

"So?" Larabee was becoming impatient.

"So someone stole their getaway car."


"They required other transportation and saw us. We were held at gunpoint, and Mr. Tanner was chosen to be the new getaway driver."

Five voices chorused, "What?"

Ezra sighed again. He was getting very tired of that word.

"Are you all right, Ez?" asked Nathan.

"I'm fine, Mr. Jackson, thank you for your concern. Denver PD has an APB out on Mr. Tanner's vehicle and units are searching."

"We're heading out, too," reported Larabee. "Get back here ASAP." He saw his men grab their jackets and keys; he hung up the phone and followed his team into the elevator. Once inside and descending, the leader started to call out orders. "Josiah, you and Nathan take the east end of town down by Regent. Buck and JD, take the south starting on Davis. I'll start to the west. Hopefully we can find some sign of him." The agents nodded their understanding, and when the elevator stopped, they headed toward their vehicles.

"Uh... Chris?"

The blond stopped at the side of his Ram and looked over. "What is it, Buck?" he asked, clearly anxious to be on his way.

The ladies' man pointed in the direction of the street. Chris looked out in time to see his best friend, the team's sharpshooter, and currently a bad guy's hostage drive past the federal building. Two men were clearly visible in the Jeep with him.

"What the...?"

"What's going on?"

In open-mouthed astonishment, the five men walked out of the garage onto the sidewalk at the side of their building. They watched the traffic, hoping to spot the departing Jeep.

"Here he comes again," called out Nathan.

Sure enough, Vin's vehicle was heading down the street toward the small group of men. To their continued amazement, the Jeep's turn signal kicked on, indicating the driver's intention to pull over. Vin pulled up alongside the team, exchanging a quick look with Chris. Larabee nodded and before the man in the front passenger seat could say a word, Chris had his Magnum stuck in the passenger's face, with four more weapons drawn and covering the man in back.


"I still can't believe you pulled that stunt!" yelled Larabee.

"Hell, I tried ta get 'em to take Ezra. I figgered he'd talk 'em into surrendering... or shooting themselves."

"Very funny, Mr. Tanner." Standish scowled.

"How did you get them over here?" Josiah asked.

"They got lost."


Vin exchanged a look of aggravated patience with Ezra. Geez, they do ask that question a lot! "You met 'em. The only danger I was in with them idiots was laughing m'self to death."

Larabee's frown showed he was not amused.

"Shit, Cowboy. They let their getaway car get stolen, had no idea how ta get back to their 'hideout,' and five'll getcha ten, them guns weren't even loaded."

"So you...?"

"I drove 'em around to our buildin' and convinced 'em to stop and ask you guys fer directions."

Everyone's mouth dropped. Chris threw his hands up in surrender. "That's it." He pointed at Tanner and Standish. "You two aren't allowed to carpool anymore!"

The End

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