by Tiffiny

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"It sure was nice of your great-uncle to let us use his cabin this weekend." JD smiled and stretched lazily before reaching out to lift his glass of eggnog to his lips.
"Yeah. He doesn't use the place much anymore. Married a young girl who likes the beach house better." Chris yawned and reached out to poke Vin with a bare toe.

"Stir up that fire a bit, willya?"

The sharpshooter was stretched out on the thick rug before the fireplace. He opened a sleepy eye and pointedly rolled over so that his back was facing Chris.

"Let Nathan do it. He likes to feel useful."

"Nathan is comfortable, thank you very much." The ex medic grabbed a handful of popcorn and the remote and settled back in his chair with a sigh of pure satisfaction.

"Oh for pete's sake. I'll do it. Cause I know Ezra aint gonna sully them hands of his with menial labor and Josiah's had his nose stuck in that book all night." Buck heaved himself off of the couch and then stood looking down at JD with an expression of disgust.

"How can you drink that shit, JD?" Buck demanded, wrinkling his nose at the glass the young agent held.

"It's good. That's why. You just wouldn't know good if it walked up and bit you." JD took a healthy swig of eggnog and smirked up at the older man.

"Well, you could at least put some brandy in it or something." Buck grumbled, stepping over Vin's prone figure to get to the fireplace.

"Ruins the flavor." JD declared. "Besides, I got a headache already."

"I must admit to sharing in Mr. Dunne's infirmity. I have the most hellacious headache this side of the Atlantic." Ezra's long suffering drawl came from the depths of the recliner in the corner of the room.

"I'm gonna go get some aspirin. You want some, Ez?" JD rose reluctantly from the sofa and began walking in the direction of the bathroom.

"I would be eternally grateful, JD."

"Get me some too, kid. Please." Vin spoke without lifting his head from where it lay facedown in the rug.

"And me." Chris said with a slight grimace of pain.

"Chris here is just gettin' too old to hold his liquor. What's ya'lls excuse?" Buck made sure he was safely out of reach of vengeful fingers and toes before asking the question.

It's just a little headache, Buck. Aint got anything to do with getting old or holding my liquor." Chris said acidly.

"Uh huh... That's why Vin, JD and Ez got a headache too. Aint got nothin' to do with the fact that ya'll were at Judy's going away party last night drinking and having yourselves a good time, while Josiah and Nathan and I were hard at work." Buck put on a virtuous air as he glanced at his two cohorts. "Aint that right, boys?"

"Yep. I think you might have something there, Buck." Josiah agreed.

Nathan ignored the good natured banter of his friends. All of his attention was focused on the TV.

"Hey? Ya'll know that storm that was supposed to pass us by? Well, it aint." Nathan frowned as he tried to remember what provisions they'd brought.

As if on cue, the wind kicked up with a howl, rattling the windows and carrying with it a flurry of white snow.

"Relax, Nathan. My Uncle keeps this place fully stocked. We'll be fine." Chris had his eyes closed and was slumped down in his chair. He would have been blissfully content were it not for the nagging pain in his head.

"Ok, guys. Relief is on its way." JD called out as he entered the room with a small plastic bottle in his hand.

"Hold out your hands." the young agent ordered, going around and pouring a handful of pills into each obediently outstretched palm. He then placed the bottle on the small table next to Nathan and went back to take up his former position on the sofa.

Idly Nathan picked up the small medicine bottle and read the label. His eyebrows shot up when he saw what it said.

"Uh... Chris? You said your Uncle just married some younger gal?"

"Yeah. Why?" Chris opened his eyes and turned a curious gaze in Nathan's direction.

"Cause this here bottle says Viagra."

"I beg your pardon?" Ezra sat straight up in his chair, nearly choking on the mouthful of water he'd just swallowed to wash down the handful of pills.

"JD!" Chris bellowed, green eyes snapping dangerously.

"Tell me you're joking." Vin said pleadingly.

"It wasn't my fault. How was I supposed to know what they were? It was in there with all the Tylenol and stuff." JD attempted to defend himself.

"They aren't dangerous are they, Nathan?" Chris questioned tersely. The ATF leader could barely be heard above the hearty guffaws of Buck and Josiah. Even Nathan was snickering.

"Only to your partner." Nathan grinned, sending Josiah and Buck into a fresh burst of laughter.


"Sorry, fellas. No. They aint dangerous in the quantity you took. You'll just be feeling real friendly like for a while." The corner's of Nathan's mouth still twitched.

"Let me endeavor to understand matters here." Ezra's voice was frigid enough to give the storm outside some competition. "We shall suffer increased libido with a raging blizzard outside and no possible hope of companionship other than the occupants of this room?"

"That about sums it up." Nathan agreed.

"Awwww Hell." Came the chorus of voices from those so afflicted.

"Now, boys. A little thing like this isn't gonna kill ya." Josiah told them. His efforts at being supportive went completely to waste as four pairs of eyes turned and glared at him.

"Or maybe not." the big man held up his hands in surrender.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to bed." JD's face flushed bright red at the knowing looks his companions exchanged. "No! Not to do that. I just figured some sleep... Oh never mind." The young agent turned around and stormed angrily out of the room.

I think I'll turn in, too." Chris murmured, getting to his feet.

"And I am suddenly feeling that a measure of sleep may be in order, as well." Ezra followed Chris, nearly tripping over the prone sharpshooter on his way out.

"Vin? Aint you gonna go, too?" Buck snickered, prodding the sharpshooter in the ribs with his foot.

"In a bit." Vin kept his face buried in the floor, in order to hide the flush of color in his cheeks. He hated anything that made him feel less than in control. And even knowing Chris and the others were in the same boat didn't make him feel no better.

The sharpshooter lay there as long as he dared. But when he began staring at Nathan's trim ankles and wondering what the rest of his legs looked like, he decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat.

Vin walked quickly to the room he shared with Ezra, hoping the southerner was asleep. Please God.

No such luck. Vin found Ezra wide awake, pacing the floor of their room.

Silently, Vin joined him and the two men continued to pace. Back and forth. Back and forth. Finally Vin could stand it no longer. He had to do something.

"Uh, I'm goin' for a drink of water." Vin didn't quite meet the other man's eyes as he opened the door and hurried out of the room.

Vin had just raised his hand to knock on Chris' door, when a voice at his elbow made him jump and yelp in surprise.

"Going to ask Mr. Larabee for the use of his errr... tap?"

"Dammit, Ezra! I was just goin' to see how he was doing is all." Vin hoped the dim light in the hall hid the red flush staining his cheeks.

"Certainly you were. I never meant to imply otherwise. I believe I shall join you, since I am also concerned about our illustrious leader's welfare."

"You are not. You..."

"What the hell are you two yelling about and why are you doing it outside my door?"

Chris threw open the door and stood there glaring.

Both Vin and Ezra gulped. The pale blonde hair of their leader was mussed, as if someone had been running their hands through it. And he was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of loose drawstring pants. A fine sheen of sweat stood out on his smooth skin. And he was breathing heavily. The two men glanced at each other, suddenly feeling rather warm themselves.

"Well? Are you coming in or not?" Chris demanded.

"Uh... yeah." Vin and Ezra stepped into the room and then stood there, feeling rather foolish and studiously not looking at one another.

"I'm gonna kill JD. I hope he's as miserable as I am." Chris began pacing the floor as he spoke. Looking at Vin and Ezra, he amended his former statement. "As we are, I should say."

"I must admit, as charming as I find you fellows, I would cheerfully trade you both for the company of any woman on God's green earth right at this moment." Ezra sighed disconsolately.

"Yep. This night is gonna feel like forever." Vin agreed.

"Unless we get some relief." Chris pursed his lips.

"I tried that, Mr. Larabee. I am afraid it will take more than that to satisfy me this evening." Ezra sighed again.

"Yeah. There are times when doin' it yourself just aint good enough." Vin said.

"Don't have any other choice. The only other ones here are you two." Chris said wryly, then froze, glancing furtively at his companions to see if they'd had the same thought.

"It wouldn't mean nothin'. I mean it is sorta like a medical necessity, right?" Vin said slowly, looking at the other two men out of the corner of his eye.

"Yes, indeed. It would just be a case of friends doing one another a favor. That is all." Ezra turned his head slightly to see Chris' reaction.

"Maybe. I guess it couldn't be any worse than what I'm feeling now." Chris smiled a bit ruefully.

"What about the kid?" Vin asked, remembering JD.

"Since it is all Mr. Dunne's fault we are in this sad state, let him find his own relief." Ezra replied heartlessly.

"I have to admit", Chris shrugged, "I wouldn't feel right about, you know, with JD. He's so... young." Chris smiled a bit sheepishly.

"Ok. So, what do we do now?" Ezra and Vin looked expectantly at Chris.

"Hey! Why are you both looking at me? I aint ever done this before." Chris said indignantly.

"Well, can't be too much different than bein' with a woman. Maybe we could just, you know, touch each other." Vin felt like he might go up in flames if his face got any hotter.

"Ok. Who's gonna touch who? And who's gonna do it first?" It was Chris' turn to look expectantly at the two men.

"Awwww... hell. I'll go first." Ezra reached out a hand and ran his fingers lightly down Chris' bare chest. He could see the tight muscles of Chris' abdomen jump and quiver in response.

"Ahhhhhh...ok. Vin. C'mere." Chris' gasped.

Vin stepped a bit closer until his back was just inches away from Chris' questing fingers. A cool hand was placed on his shoulder. A finger trailed down his neck, following the curve of spine. Vin shuddered under the light touch.

Ezra stopped his exploration of Chris' chest long enough to step back and begin unbuttoning his shirt, revealing a sturdy, surprisingly well muscled chest. Chris took advantage of this momentary inattention to pull Vin towards him til the sharpshooter's back was flush against him. Vin could feel Chris' hardness pressing into him. It should have felt weird. But it didn't. It just felt good. Especially when Chris began kissing his neck and running one hand under his shirt to lightly pinch his nipples.

Ezra finished removing his shirt and calmly began removing his pants as well, his normal insouciance returning. Vin let his eyes travel over the golden skin as Ezra walked over and knelt down in front of him.

"With your permission, Mr. Tanner?" he asked huskily.

"Yeah. Do it, Ez." Vin felt nimble fingers unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down over his hips til they pooled on the floor. Vin stepped out of them, anticipation and a hint of nervousness making his stomach flutter. Then a warm, wet mouth engulfed him and he arched back against Chris.

"Would you like me to do that to you, cowboy?" he asked teasingly, running his fingers over the other man's jaw. He nearly choked on the last word or two as Ezra slid a finger in between Vin's cheeks and began circling the opening there.

"Mmmmmhmmm..." Chris groaned and rested his head against the sharpshooter's back. Vin could feel the older man's warm breath and rapid heartbeat. Then Chris' hands were sliding his t-shirt up and pulling it over his head. Those same hands then slid back down over his chest and stomach and began gently kneading the muscles of Vin's inner thighs. Running fingernails delicately over the sensitive flesh. Driving Vin crazy. With Ezra's hot mouth and Chris' cool hands, Vin didn't think he could last much longer.

"Ez." Vin rasped warningly. "I'm gonna... I can't. Oh God." The words were torn from his throat as he came, shuddering and quivering, sagging back against Chris' body.

"Would you like to lay down, cowboy?" Chris whispered in his ear.

Vin nodded, still speechless.

Ezra got to his feet and together he and Chris half carried, half dragged the sharpshooter over to the bed.

"Chris. I would be forever in your debt if you would... that is..." The usually suave agent floundered around, before finally drawing a deep breath.

"I believe we could both satisfy ourselves in an agreeable manner if you would be so kind as to fuck me." The southern agent stated baldly.

"My pleasure." Chris gestured towards the bed where Vin lay.

+ + + + + + +

"You sure you've never done this before, Ez?" Chris asked as he rummaged through the nightstand next to the bed.

"Quite sure." Ezra gasped. Vin had recovered and decided to pay the southern agent back in kind. The sight of the sharpshooter's long hair spread across the bed as he knelt between the other man's legs, caused Chris' cock to quiver. He began tossing the contents of the nightstand on the floor, letting out a cry of triumph when he finally found what he was looking for.

"Roll over on your side.' Chris ordered. Damn, he couldn't wait much longer. He couldn't remember being this horny since he was a teenager. Quickly scooping some lube out of the container, he pushed a finger inside the other man. Ezra moaned in response. His eyes were closed and he was clutching a handful of Vin's hair as the sharpshooter sucked and nibbled his way up and down his hard length. Chris gulped at the sight and hurriedly slid another finger inside the southerner and wiggled it around a bit, hoping it was enough. Only one way to find out.

"Ready or not, Ez." he said softly as he begin easing his cock inside the tight entrance.

"Oh Lord." Ezra breathed as Chris finally slid all the way in. The southerner's senses were being assaulted from all sides. Literally. The world had narrowed to just this. The sensation of being filled, touched, carried away. Shit. He was going to...

Chris' hoarse cry came just seconds after Ezra's. And then all three men lay there quietly, regaining breath and equilibrium, before Vin finally broke the silence.

"So, what do you fellas want to try next?"

+ + + + + + +

Chris, Ezra and Vin stumbled out into the kitchen the next morning, tired, a bit embarrassed, but feeling oddly content. The others were already up and the smell of fresh brewed coffee permeated the air.

"How are you fellas feeling this morning?" Buck asked jovially upon seeing the bleary eyed trio.

"Fine." Chris said, pouring himself a cup of coffee. He didn't look at Buck. Or at any of the others for that matter.

"Well, that aint no surprise." Nathan looked up from his newspaper. "Looked at 'em again this morning and those were just regular aspirin in that Viagra bottle. Don't know what your Uncle was thinking. It can be dangerous to mix up medicine like that." Shaking his head disapprovingly, Nathan went back to his paper.

"Yeah. The only thing that kept me awake was Buck's snoring." JD grinned and shoved the rest of his cinnamon roll into his mouth. Then he took a closer look at the three men.

"Chris? You look awfully pale. And Vin, are you coming down with a fever? You're all red looking. And Ezra, you're this really weird green color. Are you fellas sick? Want me to get you some aspirin?"


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