Jagged Memory

by Kris


Ezra knew that Chris and Nathan had to get back to town, but they wouldn't leave him out here. He knew it was time to try, to go back into town. Chris kept saying that nothing's changed, but what else was Chris suppose to say. He saw Nathan's eyes daily, he'd seen Vin's eyes, they could never see him any other way but soiled, used, worthless.

How could he continue as a peacekeeper. He wasn't good enough to associate with them, he wasn't good enough anymore. They would have to pretend, but the day would come when they couldn't pretend anymore. He was part of the scum now, not a person that someone would want to have save or help them. He would need to leave, not have aspersions cast on men he had called friends.

The conman schooled his face as he looked up to Chris, "Yes, it is time to return to town. I will continue to hold you to your promise for a while longer."

Chris nodded, recognizing what it cost the gambler to ask.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra was disappointed, he really expected to feel better back among his own things, within his room. He avoided the mirror, the bruising on his face and neck were still quite visible. He was able to cover the rest of his body. The visual evidence was also a reminder of his different standing and situation now. He had changed, everything had changed. The bile ran up his throat as the memories threatened and he forced them away. Aloud, he said, "I must go down and get on with my life. I can do it." He figured if said it aloud, it would be easier. It wasn't.

He checked his sleeve gun and made sure that his sleeves would cover his wrists, even in a bent position. He took a deep breath and went down stairs. Slowly.

Vin, Chris and Nathan were sitting at a table, drinking coffee, waiting, hoping, that Ezra would join them for breakfast. They watched him slowly negotiate the stairs, masking the pain he was feeling. Nathan pushed out a chair as an invitation. Ezra, already self conscious, took it to avoid any unnecessary conversation.

Inez brought a cup of coffee and placed it front of the gambler. Her eyes flew to Nathan, but he gave her a slight shake of the head. No questions. All she said was, "nice to have you back Ezra."

Ezra inclined his head once, saying nothing, not meeting her eyes.

She asked, "Do you wish something to eat Señor?"

"No thank you. Just coffee," was the gambler's reply, still without lifting his head.

Buck and JD entered the saloon and bee lined straight for the table. "God, it's good to see you, Ezra." JD said, beaming. "How are you?"

"Fine, thank you." Ezra managed that, then took a long time with a sip of coffee.

"JD, what's been happening?" Chris asked, trying to deflect conversation away from Ezra.

Buck looked at Ezra, knowing something wasn't right, but said nothing.

All the men let JD ramble, filling them in on a mild week in Four Corners.

After Ezra finished his coffee, he got up and excused himself. He walked outside into the sunshine, his goal to check on Chaucer. He brushed her and slipped her some sugar cubes, content for the first time in weeks. But he knew that he couldn't stay here all day. He started back to the saloon and then a feeling washed over him as a shadow crossed his path, pure panic. He spun around and as quickly as he could, jumped back, only to see the figure of Josiah.

He nodded and planned to continue past when Josiah's voice stopped him. "Took a beating, huh? Something you'd deserved from one of your card games, huh Ezra?"

A wretched look of self loathing and disgust settled in the green eyes. "Yes, Josiah, I deserved it." Ezra replied very meekly and walked away, head down, convinced that now everyone could tell that he was worthless and had deserved the attack.

Nathan had been standing to the side and overheard part of the exchange. He watched sadly as Ezra walked defeatedly back to the saloon. He looked to Josiah with a venomous glance.

Josiah responded to the glance with, "What? What did I do?" But Nathan was bound by his promise and could not explain how Josiah's comment ripped the threads of Ezra's healing.

The six peacekeepers didn't see Ezra the rest of the day.

Nathan knocked on his door that evening, exclaiming, "It's Nathan." He entered at Ezra's beckoning.

"Have some sleeping draught for you. I'm afraid that with all that walking, you may experience a great deal of pain. This will help." Nathan made eye contact and it was easy to read the self loathing in the conman's eyes. Nathan wished he could help, he patted his patient on the shoulder and didn't miss the flinch at his touch. He closed the door behind him as he left. Nathan saw out of the corner of his eye, Vin, standing in the dark. He knew Vin would watch over him tonight.

+ + + + + + +

The days became a carbon copy of the one before. Ezra would come down in the morning, drink some coffee, and play a game of solitaire. Walk over to brush Chaucer and return. He never engaged in conversations, didn't watch the people, never ventured out of the saloon after dark. Each night Nathan would give the gambler something to drink to help him sleep and Vin would stand guard at the door.

Vin would burst into the room when the screams got loud. He would hold and rock the gambler that was trapped inside his nightmare and reassure him that Vin was alive, that Vin was safe. That he saved Vin. And Vin knew that Ezra really had saved him. Tied up in the cave was just to them from finding him. He sure hoped he would get the chance to make it up to him.

Ezra was never aware of Vin's presence, instead he was locked inside a nightmare in the drug induced sleep. No external comfort could penetrate the horrors he relived nightly. Vin would leave after he fell into a dreamless slumber.

On the fifth night, Vin came out to discover Buck on the landing, waiting for him. "Don't seem to be getting any better?"

A drawn and tired Vin shook his head no.

Buck looked closely at this friend and said softly, "Pard, you look like a walking dead man." Buck handed him a key, "My key, go get some sleep. I'll stay. I'll keep watch. I don't think his demons will return tonight, but if they do, I'll be there." Vin looked up at brown eyes that shared the anguish as he did. "I've heard the nightmares. I've seen the way he acts. I know. He'll be okay tonight, go rest."

Vin nodded and dropped his hand on Buck's shoulder as his eyes said thank you. He walked down the hall and unlocked Buck's door.

+ + + + + + +

Nathan watched as Vin finished breakfast, he wanted to catch him before he left for the day. Vin kept bringing the food to his mouth, with the express desire of staying at the table the entire time that Ezra was there. The haunted, terrified expression never left the gambler's eyes. He hardly, if ever made eye contact with anyone. Vin couldn't reach him. Vin hurt so much with the fear that he would never, ever be able to hold Ezra while he was awake. He was afraid that the sparkle and magic of those green eyes would be forever lost.

The tracker watched as Ezra put down his coffee cup and left the saloon to tend Chaucer. Sad blue eyes followed him until he was out of sight.

Nathan saw his opportunity and he put his hand out and touched the tracker's sleeve. Vin turned and looked at Nathan and for a trace moment, Nathan saw an intense pain staring out, then it was gone. The odd thought of how alike that Vin and Ezra were struck him sharply at that moment.

"Vin, I need to speak with you. Upstairs?" Nathan asked.

Vin looked blankly, then nodded. He followed Nathan up the stairs to his place. Vin sat down and looked over at the healer. Nathan took a deep breath and hoped that Vin wouldn't shoot him.

"Vin, I know that you have strong feelings for Ezra." Nathan sat back in his chair at the glare Vin threw his way. "It don't matter to me, who you love. But I gotta talk to you 'bout Ezra."

All worries on Nathan's knowing fled as Vin was consumed by fear that was reflected in his voice. "There something more wrong? Is he.......dying?" Vin felt a pressure in his chest.

"Not quite that bad," Nathan returned with, but that didn't ease the fear for Vin. "Vin, you saw him. You know some of what happened. But there's more. You should know." Nathan paused, gathering his thoughts so that he won't have to repeat himself. "The whole annul canal was ruptured. There has been healing. But I really don't know how much. ..........Vin," Nathan's couldn't control the little quiver in his voice. "His penis was choked off with wet rawhide." Vin gasped, he understood the implication.

"Did the strips fully dry?" He looked at Nathan. The healer nodded sadly. "Hell the pain..,"

"All this has been tough on Ezra, and I haven't even told him this. He may never be to get an erection again. I'm not sure how it's working for nature's call. And Vin, he may never want to have sex." Nathan got up and looked out the window. "He don't talk 'bout it none. All we know is from his nightmares. He's withdrawing into himself, and accepting less and less help from Chris or me."

Nathan looked at Vin, taking a measure, "Do you love him cause of what he did for you, or do you just love him?"

Raw emotion played across the pale face of the bounty hunter. "Nathan, I can't remember a time when I didn't love him." He was candid with his voice, his words and his emotions.

Nathan nodded, "I thought as much, wanted to be sure. Remember some instances of times you felt that way before all this. He may take some convincing on this."

"He's not feeling too good about himself. He won't even let me talk to him." Vin told him quietly.

"He don't let nobody talk to him." Nathan knew it was more than his natural reticence of sharing his ailments.

"We jus' haveta show him he is important." Vin said with passion.

+ + + + + + +

The two Bannister boys came into town and tried to rob Mrs. Potter. Chris and Buck got the older boy, Johnny, but Seth got away.

Chris asked JD and Ezra to sit at the jail, making sure that Seth didn't come back and try to free his brother. The others would ride out to the Bannister place, as Chris was expecting trouble from their pa.

Ezra said to Chris, "I am not healed enough to do the town any good."

JD, taking in Chris' expression, jumped in with, "Hell, Ezra, the way you shoot, you'd be a great back up blindfolded."

"Thanks Ez, thanks JD," Chris said as he mounted his horse. He turned and the four followed.

Nathan said to Chris as they left the town border, "Was that a good idea?" He was worried that Ezra would be scared.

"We got to make Ezra feel useful or we're gonna lose him." Chris stated baldly.

Vin nodded, concern etched on his face. Nathan knew he was right too.

They returned an hour past sundown and Chris went straight to the jail with his prisoner, while the others took care of the horses.

"So, you got him," JD asked as the two entered.

"Yep." Chris smiled at the two men, only one returning the smile.

Ezra asked timidly, "May I go now?"

Chris nodded and added, "Thanks Ezra."

Ezra didn't say anything else as he left. He didn't remember the town being so dark. He hurried his steps, wanting the refuge of his room. He heard something behind him and quickened his pace. The hurried pace caused him to yelp in pain. Then he felt something touch him and he covered his face with his hands and pleaded, "Not again."

Buck said, "Whoa pard, It's just Buck."

But Ezra couldn't hear it. His mind was back at the attack and he backed himself into the wall with his hands over his face.

Buck yelled out, "VIN!"

Then he tried to gently approach Ezra, but the gambler whimpered, "No, No, No."

Vin ran at the urgency he heard in Buck's voice. He saw Ezra cowering, unaware of the real situation. He looked at Buck as he got in front of him, "What happened?" Buck quickly explained, and Vin asked, "Help me Buck." Buck nodded and let Vin take the lead. Vin put his arm around Ezra and whispered in his ear, "Vin's safe, Ez. It's okay, it's okay."

Vin's voice reached inside to Ezra. The gambler understood that Vin was safe. The smell was a recognized comfort and he sagged into Vin's embrace. The tracker looked at Buck and he helped hold up the gambler, and together they got him up to his room.

Buck removed his boots as Vin laid him back, but kept him in his embrace. Vin looked earnestly at the ladies man, "Thanks Buck. Can you let Nathan know Ez is gonna need some sleeping tea." Buck nodded, his eyes concerned as they have ever been.

Vin held Ezra in his arms, rocking him slightly as he pet his hair. His love evident in the gentleness of his touch.

Nathan let himself in easy with a cup of the sleeping draught. The healer came over and put his hand on Ezra's head. "Doesn't have a fever." His eyes asked the question of what happened.

"We think that Bucked spooked him and it triggered a bad memory."

"He don't like being outside at night anymore." Nathan shared his observation.

"He don't use them five dollars words anymore, neither." Vin said sadly.

"Yeah, I noticed that too," Chris said as he entered the room. "Buck came and got me. He standing watch outside."

"His injuries are healing real good. Or at least the ones you can see. He don't eat much. He won't tell me if he hurts, he's even said I shouldn't waste my teas on him." Nathan was genuinely concerned for the conman. "Didn't think I would ever say this, but I wish he'd separate some people from their money."

"We have to get him to become more involved again, while we protect him from the night and his fears. But he has to fight the last battle on his own, Buck taught me that." Chris said it in a way that let Buck know how much he had appreciated it.

They nodded, all wanting their friend back. Nathan left the tea on the night stand and he and Chris left together. Buck stuck his head in to check on Vin.

Vin answered the silent query, "I'm staying in here tonight."

Buck took in the situation, "I'm on watch out here."

Vin nodded his acceptance and gratitude to the compassionate man.

Vin gathered Ezra closer as he pulled the blanket up over them both. He kissed the forehead of the man in arms, inhaling his scent, then rained little kisses over his face. He gently rested his lips on the gambler's, lightly tracing the lips with his tongue. The tracker felt a glimmer of a response and repeated his actions. He then placed his lips to the gambler's throat and back to his lips. The lips responded with their own pressure and Vin opened up completely, seeking the interior treasure of Ezra's mouth with his tongue. The response was more that he had ever hoped for.

Vin almost lost himself in his desire. He had loved the gambler for so long, and then to be finally able to physically express his love, getting a response had almost pushed Vin to the point of no return.

But on some level, Vin felt the shudder of fear and backed off, looking into Ezra's sad green eyes. He saw the desire backed by fear, so he leaned forward and kissed each eye. "Sorry Ez, we'll only go as far as you want, it's just that I love you so much, I got lost in your touch. I loved how your skin felt to my fingers and lips." Vin let Ezra's head lay on his chest, and he rested his head on top, brushing the gambler's cheek with his hand 'till he fell asleep, nestled inside of Vin's embrace.

Just before dawn, the nightmare struck. "No, no!" The scream had Buck checking in. He found Vin holding the terror stricken man as he woke from the visions he was forced to relive.

Being held in warm, comforting arms was his undoing, he cried. All the pent up pain and fear burst forth, manifested in the sobs that racked the gambler's body. Vin held him close, riding out the torrents of the emotional storm that the conman had tried to keep buried.

Buck's compassionate eyes took in the death grip that Ezra had on Vin. The fear and horror that was released with the tears. He knew that Ezra had a real chance. Vin had a love strong enough to get them both through. Buck believed in love. He checked Vin's blues and they let him know that the owner could handle it.

He knew that Buck was there if he needed him.

Vin continued holding his love even after the storm abated. Ezra struggled to free himself from the embrace. Vin whispered in his ear, "Ez, please. Let me keep holding you. I need this. I really do." The stark honesty evident in his voice.

The gambler responded to the plea within the voice and relaxed. He laid his head on Vin's chest and he hesitantly put his arms around Vin and held him back. And, for the first time in almost two months, he fell asleep with a degree of comfort.

As the suns first light touched the inside of the small room, Vin leaned over and kissed Ezra on the cheek. Emerald green eyes opened and looked questionably into the blue pools. Vin leaned in again and pressed his lips to the love of his heart.

The tiniest sigh escaped Ezra as he ever so gently returned the chaste kiss.

Vin leaned back after the kiss ended and let his eyes communicate all that he felt. With a special smile, the tracker lovingly touched the soft cheek and reluctantly stood up to leave. "Patrol," was all he said as he left the room.

Though they never spoke of it aloud, but five of the next eight nights, the gambler spent in the tracker's arms. When the night terrors refused to allow sleep.

+ + + + + + +

Chris and JD sat across from each other at the desk in the sheriff's office. They were suppose to be finishing up the month end paperwork for the Judge, but instead had a hand of poker going. They were trying to entice Ezra into playing. Ezra sat in the corner by the cells and declined to play at this time. He was there as Chris wanted him to get back into the routine of the peacekeepers. Riding was still quite painful and this was an alternative so as to keep him in the loop, and feel useful.

Josiah stomped into the office and demanded from Chris, "Just how long is a simple beating gonna keep Ezra off the job? He's probably milking it anyway."

For Ezra, this was only confirmed his thoughts that he was unable to contribute and was no longer worthy to be a peacekeeper. He got up, hiding any pain, tipped his hat at the trio and left the office.

JD was bull mad. "He didn't take no beating, he was raped. And you just set back his getting involved."

Josiah's wide open stare looked at Chris for a denial, but the rage barely contained in those hazel eyes told Josiah otherwise. The magnitude of his blunder had him backing up to the door, "Ah hell."

"Yea, that's where Ezra been living the last coupla months." JD hadn't been told, he figured it out for himself. He figured Josiah shoulda been able to have done the same. He shook his head as he looked at the now remorseful man.

"I need to talk to him," Josiah mumbled, mostly to himself.

JD was about to say something but Chris stayed him with his hand and they watched as the x-preacher slowly made his way out of the office.

"Shit!" JD smiled at Larabee's only comment.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra brushed Chaucer, as he had done each day. He had tried sitting in his saddle and was dismayed at the amount of pain he still experienced. He needed to get out of town. It became more important to him each day. Today only proving that point to himself.

Josiah stepped in quietly for a big man and watched Ezra brush his horse. "Ezra, I am truly sorry for my thoughtless words." Josiah's baritone voice sounded gruff. He was about to expand his apology but was halted by an uplifted hand.

"No need, Mr. Sanchez. I hope to remedy that situation in the very near future." The conman turned away and exited the livery through the rear doors.

+ + + + + + +

Chris had relayed the jailhouse conversation to Vin, who had reacted less than pleased. Chris had noted to himself that he would hate to be on the receiving end of that look.

Vin knew in his gut that Ezra would need his comfort this night and let Buck know ahead of time.

When the gambler snuffed out his light, Vin entered the room. The momentary fear that the opening door created was dismissed swiftly as Ezra recognized Vin's scent and gait. He said nothing as Vin lay beside him. Instead, Ezra took the comfort offered as he knew he would never get the chance again.

He rested his head on Vin's chest, taking solace in the tracker's heartbeat and refuge in his arms. Vin's presence kept the night terrors away.

Vin had a dawn patrol and was out at first light. He was surprised however, to see Ezra slip inside the livery. Watching closely for Ezra's exit, he did not see the three riders that slipped in from the back of town. His eyes were glued on the livery doors. He was further amazed by the way Ezra exited, atop Chaucer.

The gambler, unaware of being watched, was without a mask, and all the pain that he felt was etched clearly on his face. He looked to the west and headed out of town.

+ + + + + + +

Vin slipped down from his high perch on top of the hotel. He had followed Ezra with his scope until he could no longer see him, just to see if he changed course. He saw Chris and Buck and waved at them, as he got their attention he was lassoed from behind and dragged down the street. He didn't yell out as he put all his energies into controlling his body enough so as not to hit his head.

Shots were fired at the running figures of Chris and Buck as they tried to follow on foot. They ducked behind the water troughs as they watched the retreating figures head west out of town. As soon as the riders were out of range, Chris and Buck headed for the livery, where they found their horses already saddled and JD sitting his horse waiting for them. Larabee and Wilmington nodded their thanks to their partner as they jumped onto the backs of their mounts. The three headed out after Vin.

+ + + + + + +

Ezra stopped at a watering hole for Chaucer. The boulders made it easier for him to dismount. He gingerly stepped on the rocks, grimacing in pain that sitting the saddle caused. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, his body protesting this amount of exertion. He stood, leaning against a big rock for support. He'd save the sitting for the saddle. He pulled his flask and took a sip. Not really decided where he was headed, only sure that he should leave. He heard the yelling and yipping to his left and stood atop a boulder to see the cause of the sound. If it was a bear, he would need to leave quickly.

To his horror, he saw Vin, his Vin, being dragged, bouncing all over the ground. To further his panic, he recognized the perpetrators. The very ones he had tried to protect Vin from. Without thought to his discomfort, Ezra mounted his horse and rode after Vin. He urged Chaucer to travel as fast as she could. The pain inflicted on his person wasn't even registrating as the terror of thoughts that raced through his mind took precedence. He could not allow harm to come to Vin, no matter the cost.

As he rode up, the three men had Vin pinned down, he saw that one had a needle out, set to pierce Vin's arm with it. Ezra drew his gun and shot the man holding the needle. "Let the man go." Ezra's voice hid none of the hate that was housed within him as he demanded Vin's release.

The man that had Vin by the hair, laughed as he pulled him up to shield his body, "Well if it ain't the fancy fuck. Come back for more?" He laughed again.

Chris, Buck and JD rode up and flanked Ezra. "I will shoot you dead with joy, unhand that man." Hell could freeze with the frost in those words.

The man didn't laugh this time as the three newcomers pointed their weapons at the two men. "Seems our only chance is to leave with this here valuable prize. We'll let him go after we have him the same way we had Mr. Fancy dresser."

Chris the peacekeeper disappeared and only the gunslinger was sitting in the saddle. His desire to kill the bastards was only tempered by the knowledge that Ezra needed to deal with them first.

Buck and JD wore like expressions of hatred, and the desire to kill.

Ezra looked at the two men and knew they had no intention of letting Vin live, so he jumped to the ground, never noting the pain at such a move. He approached the one that was not holding Vin. He hoped that Chris would take the other man out upon his distraction.

Vin was being used as a shield and a clear shot wasn't yet possible. The third man knew that they were in a no-win situation. He would rather go out causing further pain, so he turned to shoot Vin, Ezra leapt with everything in him and intercepted the bullet intended for Vin and fell noiselessly to the ground.

Buck shot the shooter and Chris Larabee, gunslinger took him out the other man before he could finish a breath.

Vin got to his feet slowly, eyes on Ezra. He approached the three men gathered around the fallen body, only aware of one. He hurt, his body aching and bleeding, but his solitary desire was to reach the one who had saved him yet again. He couldn't be dead. He fell beside him looking for any sign of life. Blood was leaking out of his chest, but it still moved up and down. He pressed his hands over the wound. "Live, Ezra, live."

Chris yelled back at JD, "Get Nathan." JD jumped up to the saddle without aid of the stirrup and charged away.

Buck stated, "Don't think we can wait for Nathan to get here. We need to carry him." Vin looked up at Buck and Buck answered the silent entreaty, "I can hold him steady. You ride beside, so's he can hear you voice." They did as Buck suggested. Chris lifted the bleeding man up to Buck's waiting arms. Chris took the reins as Vin kept Chaucer beside Buck.

They met up with Nathan close to town and Nathan told them to just finish up that way. Ezra had a better chance if he could be operated on in Nathan's place. Chris and Buck carried him up and Nathan didn't even bother to try to keep Vin away.

Nathan operated on Ezra, getting the bullet out. Chris helped Nathan as Vin kept hold of Ezra's hand. Somehow he believed that he could keep Ezra here as long as he held on.

Nathan sewed up the wound and said aloud, "Now, it's up to him, how hard he wants to fight. Don't know how strong he is though, he sure has lost lots of weight."

Chris went out to let the others know as Nathan looked to Vin. "Is it gonna be useless to suggest you take a break from here?"

"I gotta let him know that he's needed here and to fight." Vin told him, never taking his eyes off the supine figure. Nathan nodded and patted his shoulder before he too left for awhile.

Vin stroked the slender fingers, thinking of the wasted time that they could have been together, but praying for chance that they will have more time together. Nathan came and left, checking on his patient. He let Vin know that the ether would be wearing off real soon. Vin began talking to Ezra, hoping he could hear. "Fight, dammit, fight."

Ezra resented the intrusion into the quiet. The dark cocoon felt safe, now an urgent voice was interrupting his secure heaven. But the voice was one he knew, one that was important. He could listen. He strained and he could make out the words. "I need you to fight. Ez, you're in my blood. I'm not making it without you, so all you went through will have been for nothing if you die. Life is only livable with you in it. I love you Ez. Fight......fight hard." The voice seemed kind of lost at the end there, but Ezra knew that voice and he loved the man connected to it. And, it seemed as though he had to go back to the painful world to be with him. He had done so much to keep him safe, he figured that he had to finish the job, he needed to finish the job. He needed Vin.

Vin noticed that Ezra's breathing changed, and he wiped his forehead with a wet cloth, "Come on, Ezra, it's time to get up."

"It's hardly time for a patrol." A raspy voice answered.

Vin gave a laugh, "No, not yet. Just real glad you're back." His voice lowered, Ezra loved the tracker's low voice. "I need ya here, don't wanna lose you, okay?"

"Yeah, Vin. I staying, I need you too." Ezra opened his eyes and looked into eyes that loved him, no matter what.

Two Months Later

Ezra and Vin rode in from Ezra's first rounds back on full duty. Their Ezra had returned gradually each day, the man himself fighting most of his battles, but the other six were there to back him up. Each night he had his anchor. Each night Vin was happy just to have his heart in his arms.

Ezra surprised Vin as he followed him into his room. The gambler made eye contact with his tracker as he gently lifted his hat off. Next he gently pulled his buckskin jacket off and laid it on the chair. Vin smiled as the emerald greens sparkled, he wanted to grab Ez and spin him around, but this was his dance, and Vin let him lead.

Ezra unbuttoned the dusty shirt and untied the bandanna, laying them on the chair also. He poured the warm water he had collected on the way up and dipped a cloth into it. He wiped it across Vin's back and neck, rinsing it and continued across his chest. As he encountered the first protrusion, he stopped and traced it with his finger. Vin couldn't help himself, he moaned. The gambler took a chance and nibbled Vin's throat just below his adam's apple. Against his lips he felt a vibration as Vin purred his joy. All of Ezra's fears melted away at the sound of contentment. He trailed his tongue down to the nipples and sucked them, each getting its own turn. He then retraced his path and stopped just short of Vin's lips. As he drew back to look at his love, Vin moaned, "No."

Vin opened his eyes and became, trapped in the very gaze of emerald gems, that would allow access to a soul so tender and kind, Vin knew he had come home. Ezra smiled as he too got lost in the azure pools that showed their love so honestly. He pressed his lips to Vin's and instantly became lost in sensations he had forgotten. Vin returned the kiss with equal fervor.

Ezra explored the inside of Vin's mouth as he unfastened his pants, letting them fall to the floor. He cupped the bulge that strained against the tracker's underwear and Vin growled. Ezra led him to the bed and pushed him backward. He landed on top and couldn't help rubbing himself against him.

Vin brought his hands up and began unbuttoning Ez's shirt and met no resistance. He quickly worked the buttons of the pants also. Then they both removed each other's underwear and reveled in the sensuous feel of their bodies together. Ezra began a slow assault and had Vin begging for relief. He reached for the salve and handed it to his lover.

Vin stopped and looked at Ezra, puzzled. He never expected this after his experience. Ezra looked lovingly at Vin, "You can erase every bad memory." Vin took the jar and the gift. Kissing him hard on the lips, he dipped his finger in the salve and fingered the now healed opening. Ezra tensed a bit, then relaxed as Vin continued to kiss him. Vin slowly worked the one finger, then two and three, 'til he was sure that Ezra was ready. He flipped Ezra over, he wanted his green eyed siren to see who he was joining with, erasing the bad and replacing with the new. The tracker placed his shaft into the opening and planned to move slowly, but Ezra had a different idea and moved himself, encasing Vin within. The gentle strokes became more forceful as both lovers increased their intensity of passion. Vin grabbed Ezra's fully engorged shaft and match stroke for stroke. Ezra felt the tingle signaling his orgasm and his creamy fluids coated Vin's hand. At Ezra's successful release Vin exploded within Ezra and collapsed on top of him. Ezra thought it was the greatest feeling, having Vin lying on top of him, satisfied.

They shifted positions and Vin had Ezra within the warmth of his embrace, Vin was content, "You're my heart."

Ezra snuggled even closer to Vin, "And you're mine." Ezra sighed with joy, he was home.


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