The Whole Pie Factory

by Elizabeth Sullivan

Disclaimer: Just borrowing them for Christmas

Note: This is my Fractures Universe, however, no mention made of that plot

“I ‘preciate you helping me out with this.” Vin said. His breath came out as frost. “I really didn’t know if I was even gonna get a tree this year.”

“Of course you gotta have a tree.” Chris said. He reached into the bed of his truck and hefted the small but sturdy tree. “You shoulda asked me last weekend, not four days before Christmas. You’ll hardly have time to enjoy it.”

“Just haven’t been feeling well.” And to Chris’ sharp look, Vin added: “It’s nothing. Nothing outta the ordinary anyway. Christmas is usually hard on me. This year isn’t any better, or any worse…really.”

“Okay…” Chris finally allowed. “Want me to carry this up for you?” It was nearly four months since Vin’d been attacked, but Chris still looked out for him.

“No, thanks. I can do it. I know you got to get to that shindig tonight for Mary. Maybe you’ll come by tomorrow and tell me if it’s straight?”

“Sure…” Chris handed the tree over and held the door open for Vin to go into his apartment building. “I’d be willing to skip the party and help you decorate this…”

“And I want Mary to skin me alive because…?” Vin asked. “I don’t think so, tomorrow’ll be soon enough…”

“Okay…you got my cell phone number right? I gave you the number of the hall where the party is going to be?”

“Yes Mom.” Vin sounded bothered, but he grinned at Larabee. “I almost think you want me to get sick or have an accident just so you can get out of wearing that monkey suit again…” Chris assumed an innocent ‘who – me?’ look and Vin nodded. “Yeah, that’s what I thought…thanks Chris.” He added seriously.

“You bet…” Chris waited until he heard Vin’s apartment door open and close again before heading back to his truck parked at the curb. As he climbed behind the wheel, he found an envelope sitting on the dashboard.

Inside he found a card that looked like it’d been printed out on a home computer. The picture was of a forest, and the inscription – written in Vin’s spidery hand - read:

I asked God for a flower, and He gave me a garden.
I asked Him for an apple, He gave me an orchard
I asked Him for a friend…and He gave me you…


If Vin had been standing right next to him, there was nothing Chris would’ve been able to say to him. But now, alone, he whispered “You too Pard…”

The End

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