by Annie

It's not much, but is about the tragedy. I'm sorry if anyone is bothered by this. I saw the woman I mention on our local news--I'm in Wash., DC suburb--and I needed to say something, I guess...I only wish I could tell this woman, tell all of those who are waiting.

I been in there.

I ever tell you that, JD?

I was inside that building, once upon a time.

Chris had a meeting, an' I went with him. It's built real clever, really. Building rings inside building rings. An' its big. Like its own little city. Ain't really in the District, neither. Didja know that, Kid? Actually sits in Virginia--but then, DC, Virginia and Maryland are all so close right there, you can just go back and forth, from one to another, an'--

There it is. They're showing it again.


I've walked through that part there, too.

Prob'ly, I mighta even smiled an' said 'good mornin' to some of those folks that are...well...that ain't.... What? Okay, so maybe I didn't say nothin'...I ain't Buck, I know that. But I'm sure I woulda smiled.

But not today.

Can't smile today.

Coffee? Yeah...I am shiverin' some. Guess I'm feelin' a mite cold. Thanks. Tastes good, too...guessin' you didn't make this yerself, didja?

Oh, me too, Kid. I been to New York City before, yeah...never seen so many people in one place in all my life. But no, I ain't never been way up in either of them. Walked through the lobby, though...that's somethin' I ain't never gonna forget. An' standin' outside, lookin' up? Ain't as easy as it sounds...they're too tall...I tell you what, they was touchin' the sky.

God. All them people...

Y'now, I saw on the news a woman who was just standin' there, by herself, waitin' outside for word of her husband. He ain't been found. But she's hopin'. Says she ain't leavin'...that somehow he'll know she's out here. Waitin' for him.

God, I feel...What, JD? No, no...I'm okay. I'm just gonna head out here for little bit...I'll be back t' join you an' the boys in a's kinda nice out tonight.

She doesn't know it, that woman, but we're all waitin' with her. With all of them. Watching and waitin'.

And hoping.

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