by Brate

Set in the Haven AU, after the main series.

Josiah looked at the downtrodden trio entering the condo's den. "Why are you all so depressed?"
"We just got back from Haven Hills," Chris answered.
"How did the magic show go, gentlemen?" Ezra asked, entering the room, sipping a cup of coffee. Chris, Vin, JD, and Buck had been elected to cheer up the children.
"Terrible," JD moped. He flopped down on the sofa, sighing.
Nathan chuckled at the melodrama. "So what happened?"
"Well," Buck said, taking his own seat, "they weren't impressed when Chris levitated the living room couch."
JD recalled, "Or when Miss Nettie blindfolded me and I touched objects, telling who they belonged to."
"They even yawned when Buck juggled a few fireballs," Chris added.
The front door opened and Vin strolled through, whistling.
Josiah raised a brow at the scowls directed at the telepath by Chris, Buck, and JD. "And why are you so chipper, Brother Vin?"
"The kids loved me," the telepath answered.
"What did you do that was so special?" Nathan asked.
Vin shrugged. "I jest told 'em all what color underwear the boys had on.…"
Nathan, Josiah, and Ezra laughed at the frustrated growls emanating from the others.
"You shoulda seen JD's face," Vin cackled, "turned as red as his underbritches!"
"Although Casey's seemed to turn just as red," Chris added, speculating.
"Could be 'cause she was the one who gave them to him," Buck commented.
"Chris!" JD was appalled.
"I'm just guessing," Buck defended.
"Damn good guess," Vin said knowingly.