by Brate

Disclaimer: None of the M7 characters belong to me.

Notes: A snippet that takes place in my Haven universe… just another day.

"You're cheating."

Vin heard silence at Wilmington's proclamation, so he glanced up to see the ladies' man staring directly at him. "Who? Me?"

"Yes, you."

"Am not."

"I know you are, I can tell."


"Hey, Ez."

"Yes, Mr. Wilmington?"

"He's cheating, ain't he?"

"Why are you questioning me?"

"Of all people, you should know."

Ezra managed to look offended. "And how did you reach this conclusion?"

"Come on, everyone knows you cheat."

Ezra merely held up a hand in denial.

"He's reading me," Buck insisted, directing his complaint to the rest of the team.

"Heck, Buck," chuckled JD. "Even I can read you."

"It ain't funny. I know he's cheating."

//Am not.//

"That proves it!"

"What proves it?" Chris asked, exasperated.

"He just spoke in my mind." The mustached sentient pointed at Tanner.


"Well, that proves he was cheating."


"Aargh," Buck groaned in frustration. When he saw the blank faces looking back at him, he picked his cards back up and muttered, "Never mind."

Everyone returned their attention to the game.

//2 Aces, 3 Eights.//

"Dammit, Vin!"

"What?" The telepath was the picture of innocence, wide-eyed and all.

"You're lookin' at my cards."

"I'm across the table, Buckley. M'neck don't stretch that far."

Everyone chuckled as Buck's face got redder.

"Buck, just play the game. You're getting paranoid," Nathan admonished.

"I am not. He knows what I have!"

"2 Aces, 3 Eights," chorused everyone at the table.

"That's it!" Wilmington threw his cards down and stormed out of the trailer.

After the sound of the slamming door faded, Vin spoke up first. "Ya owe me twenty, Larabee."

"Damn, I really thought he'd last longer. Used to have a sense of humor." Chris shrugged as the men returned to their game.

The End

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