Book One: Embers

by Sue Kelley

Author's Note: The following is a work of fanfiction. I do not own the characters associated with The Magnificent Seven. No profit is being made by this story.

The ATF universe was created by Mog (thanks Mog!). The character of Dr. Lauren Murray belongs to Heather Flaherty and is used with her kind permission. Various other entities used in this story as "background" are the creations of the many talented writers in this fandom and I thank them!

Thanks to my betas Lori and Wendy, and to Robin for all her help.

Size: 362 K

Prologue - Part 4

Part 5 - Part 7

Part 8 - Part 10

Part 11 - Part 14

Part 15 - Part 17

Part 18 - Part 20

Part 21 - Part 22

Part 23 - Part 24

Part 25 - Epilogue

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