No One Like You

by Gold Dust Woman

Disclaimers: Don't own the boys. But I do own Kris Connolly. She's Sarah's younger sister.

Note: A special thank you goes to Michele (Mickey) for beta reading it.

"Would ya look at that." Kris said to Vin as pulled into the driveway of Chris's ranch. She inclined her head toward Chris, who was waiting for them on the front porch.

Chris sat in wait for the pair, obviously spending quite sometime doing so judging by the half empty bottle of whiskey, remembering how she got back into his life.

She arrived at his ranch at the begining of summer, not knowing who she was or where she came from. A young blond haired woman simply dropped her off at the end of the driveway.

All the woman said was "Go. You be safe there."

Kris limped up to the front door. Chris opened it up and she collasped in his arms. He almost didn't recognized her. She was never around when he was married. She never knew her nephew, Adam.

For some reason Sarah never wanted to talk about her. It had been the only thing they couldn't talk about. The last thing the Connolly's wanted or needed was another child. Especially a daughter. To them they already had the perfect child. Sarah.

Because of this, Kris was always been able to do what she wanted, when she wanted without anyone caring about her. She was in her early thirties and knew she wasn't much to look at. Her long dark hair curled at the ends. Her skin was a bit to light. Her eyes never bothered to stay the same shade. She wasn't tall in stature, only gaining an inch on five feet. And she still had remains of her baby fat.

She was more accustomed to taking care of herself. So when Chris started to protect her it drove her crazy. She understood that she was his last link to his wife. She could feel his eyes on her sometimes, knowing that he was trying to see if there was any resemblance to Sarah. And to the world, she pretended to be scared by his attentions.

But inside, she knew her brother-in-law had developed strong feelings of love and lust for her.

Vin stopped his jeep, got out and help her out. She saw her brother-in-law come strutting towards them. She planted a wet one on Vin, trying to get a rise out of Chris. He was two seconds away from approaching them, when they caught their breath. They said goodbye for the evening. As she was walking towards the house Chris passed her along the way.

"It's 'bout time you showed up."

"Bite me." she said just before she got to the front door, took a look back at Chris and Vin who stood by the jeep. If the truth were to be told, she had it bad for these two men. Chris was wearing only a pair of jeans on this last day of summer.

Hell, he had been wearing jeans all summer long and having a few of his other teammates over visiting throughout the season didn't help matters at all.

First there was Ezra Standish, a green-eyed southerner who was to smart for his own good. And to smart for her. He had been the first to tell her that her eyes changed color.

"Stay away from this one." she told herself. "Just stay away."

Then there was Buck Wilmington. Chris's oldest friend. The scoundrel who wouldn't give her the time of day when they first met, years ago. They would sometimes fight over this. She would try and make him feel gulity about it. He too had developed the same strong feelings as Chris had. He could tell her sexuailty didn't show on the outside, but was hidden within.

Then there was Vin. The blond Texan she met only days before he became a member of The Magnificent Seven. She'd been living in his apartment building. Somehow, he saw something in her, asked her out and 20 mintues later the earth mooved. It was her first and only experience with a man. Their affair was short but memorable and then goodbyes were said, thinking they would never see each other again.

Chris and Vin saw her looking at them, turning, she quickly went inside and closed the door.

Vin said wrly to his friend "Chris, even I can see you have it bad. Why don't you do somethin' 'bout it before it's to late?"

"I can't sleep with my wife's sister. I mean, I know I can, but I just won't."

"Actually, since we're being so techinal an' all, you won't really be sleeping with her." Vin chuckled at the bemused look on his friends face. "Listen to me, Chris. She's free. You're free. So live a little. Besides, I can personally vouch for her, uh, physical prowess. Believe me, there ain't no one like her."

Chris chuckled.

"You taught her everything?"

Vin nodded with a smirk.

"Everything. Oh, and let's not forget she wants to bite you too!"


Vin just kept smiling as he slid into his jeep and sped of into the night.

Chris looked up at the sky as the stars were twinkling down on him. It was as if they were saying "Go for it. Go for it."

Shaking his head, he went inside. He found his sister-in-law in the hallway headed for her bedroom. Letting his lust get the better of him, he pinned her against the wall and said

"Rumor has it you want to bite me."

"Geez cowboy, you're just finding out about this now? It took ya long enough!"

"How many times do I have to tell you..."

She stopped him by kissing him on his lips. She quickly slid her right hand down the right side of his butt and tweaked it. He put his hands underneath her shirt. As he was feeling her, he noticed she wasn't wearing any bra.

He said "You don't wear bras."

"No shit sherlock. You gotta a problem with that?"

Smiling, he said "No."

"Well then, I guess there is only one thing left to do."

Knowing what she meant by that remark, he threw her over his shoulder, went to her bedroom and fell into bed.

The hours passed and suddenly it was a new day, another season.

With their arms and legs wrapped around each other, he woke up with her on top of him. Running his fingers through her long hair, all he could think about was that Vin was right, there was no one like her.

The End

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