Disclaimer: The ‘Magnificent Seven’ characters are the property of MGM, Trilogy, and the Mirisch Company. I just borrowed them, abused them a little, and sadly gave them back!

New Beginning

Just when did it all start to happen,
this slow renewal of hope?
It would be easier to say when it stopped;
it stopped when the future died.
The fire of passion and desire, blazing through the night;
destroying beauty, destroying innocence.
Amongst the ruin and the ashes they were gone,
heart of my heart, flesh of my flesh.
I had lost my two most treasured possessions,
and part of my soul died with them.
Grief and vengeance became my companions,
and guilt rode on my shoulder like a spectre.
I drifted, seeking revenge, seeking retribution,
but all I found was brief solace in a bottle.

So, just when did it all start to happen,
this slow renewal of hope?
It started with a quick glance across the street,
a chance meeting of eyes with a kindred spirit.
His silent acknowledgement to my unspoken question,
and the bond of trust was forged.
I didn’t want to play the role of protector again;
I had already tried and failed utterly.
But the town needed help, needed order,
and I needed a purpose in life.
So I stayed – we stayed – we Seven lost souls,
and slowly the hope was renewed.
I know now when it started to happen, this new beginning –
It started when I learned to care again.

- Heather Hillsden