Wine & Tequila

by GinaD.

Warnings/Ratings:  This scene implies sex, it also contains an OFC (oh my) but I am a firm believer in the Cartwright principle. The main characters are Chris and Buck. The rest of the guys are only there in the background. If you hate romance novels, stop now. If after all that you still decide to read this, your on your own.

Comments: This scene stems from my belief that Chris was just as bad as Buck with the ladies before he met Sarah.

Disclaimer:  I don't own them and I'm not making any money. 

Note: This story was archived on my website until AOL did away with it. Thanks Nancy for taking me in.

"She'd eat you alive."

It was eight PM on a typical Friday night at the Saloon and Team Seven was celebrating the end of another case. They'd been FACing since five o'clock so everyone was relaxed and joking around. At first no one thought much about Chris's statement. After all it had been prompted by Buck, being Buck. About fifteen minutes earlier a striking women had walked in, taken a table nearby and ordered a glass of wine. She wasn't beautiful in the classic sense, but striking in a way a man wouldn't forget. About 5'9 with dark red hair cut in a sleek pixie style, she was dressed in tight black jeans tucked into black boots, blue silk shirt and black leather jacket. Buck had immediately noticed and started speculating on whether she was single and how much effort it would take him to sweet talk her into bed. The rest of the team had responded with jeers, unkind comments and rude opinions. Caught up in the laughter everyone but Buck accepted Chris's comment as just one more in the heap of abuse being laid on him. Not Buck, perhaps it was the margaritas, good company or the fact that lately Chris had seemed more relaxed and at peace with himself. Whatever it was, Buck had responded without thinking, responded the way he would have eleven years ago.

"You don't think _you_ could tame her pard?" The tone was challenging his expression mocking. "A lady like that needs sweet words and soft talk. Not the caveman approach."

Chris shook his head slowly, a smile slinking across his lips. "Your all wrong _pard_. A _woman_ like that needs just the right touch, not too fast, not too slow, and a hit of challenge." Raising his glass in a silent toast he continued in an even, slightly roughened tone. "That is a wildcat and she'll turn on you unless approached just right."

By now the rest of the team had clued into the fact that more was going on here then their normal horseplay. Both Buck and Chris were leaning back in their chairs and looking at each other intently. Buck's expression was reckless, Chris's calm. JD started to ask what was going on, but Vin hushed him quickly. None of them had ever seen Chris like this, but from the way Buck was acting he had. Just when it looked like it was going to get interesting a man in a business suit joined the woman at her table. Instantly Buck's expression changed to one of regret as he lifted his glass.

"Looks like neither of us are gonna have a chance to find out."

Chris didn't reply just continued to sit there with a strange, half amused expression on his face.

About a half hour passed and unconsciously everyone had kept one eye on the table where the couple sat. They watched as the man opened one of those metal security briefcase's and pulled out some papers. The red headed woman started to go over them as he talked to her intently. Not much happened for a while, the man sipped his drink and made an occasional comment while the woman read. Finally she looked up and waved the document at him in a questioning manner. They couldn't hear the man's response but his body language was mocking as if to say, take it or leave it. Red (as Buck was now calling her) sat there for a moment regarding him with cold eyes that reminded JD of Chris when he was really pissed. Then she calmly tore the papers in half throwing them in the briefcase. Suitman (Josiah's idea) started waving his hands and shouting but due to the bar noise the watching men couldn't make out what he was saying. Red leaned back in her chair, bringing one leg up to rest the ankle on her knee, pressing her fingers together in a steeple. She continued to glare at the man for about a minute then asked him something quietly. Whatever it was Suitman just got angrier, he now leaned over the table and started talking and gesturing in a threatening manner. About this time Buck had had enough, his protective nature kicking in. He was half out of his chair intending to put an end to Suitman permanently when Chris stopped him with a hand on his arm. A shake of his head and two words had Buck sitting back down and the rest of the team now giving all their attention to the drama three tables over.

"She's fine."

Buck's face resumed that slightly challenging look as he sat down and regarded Chris closely. "Maybe, but she still isn't _yours_ ole buddy."

Chris didn't reply just sat back to watch the action, a amused expression on his face. After about another minute Red dumped the rest of her wine in the briefcase. This sent Suitman off on a tangent, waving his arms and yelling again. The woman just sat there, like before, but now she had picked up a book of matches from the ashtray and was turning them in her hands very slowly. Chris started grinning and immediately got Inez's attention. They held a whispered conversation that ended with Inez nodding and heading for the bar. Chris finished and turned back in time to see the woman start pulling matches out of the book and lighting them. She would look at the man, then the case, then blow the match out. If possible his grin got even wider and half to himself he murmured, "She wouldn't dare."

Everyone except JD, who was still lost, started smiling at that, smiles that graduated into quiet chuckles at Ezra's comment.

"I would not give even odds against it."

Red didn't keep them in suspense long. Lighting one more match she asked Suitman another quiet question. His response looked rude and must have been because without another word she tossed the match into the open, winesoaked, briefcase. The resulting conflagration had Suitman jumping up and yelling frantically. It also sent Team Seven's table into gales of laughter drawing the woman's attention to them for the first time. She looked from them back to the frantic man and for the first time a smile tweaked the edge of her lips. Reaching over with her foot she quickly closed the briefcase putting out the fire. Suitman had obviously had enough because with one more angry gesture he grabbed his briefcase for a speedy retreat. The effect was spoiled somewhat when he promptly dropped the extremely hot case and started waving his hands. Finally taking off his jacket, he used it to pick up the case and leave.

Before the woman could move Inez appeared at her table with a rag and a tray. Clearing and wiping the wood, she then proceeded to set out two tequila shots, lime and salt. With a nod of her head toward Team Seven's table she said something to the woman that had her turning back to look at them. Chris responded by lifting his glass in a toast and raising one eyebrow. Inez finished cleaning and with one more comment, that had both women smiling, turned and headed back to the bar. Red regarded the shots for a moment then looking back at Chris, smiled and tilted her head invitingly. Chris slowly stood up, grabbed his jacket and walked over to the other table. A wave of her hand invited him to sit down and with a smile Chris complied picking up one of the shots. He then said something that made Red smile, pick up her shot and clink his glass. The two studied each other for a bit then downed the shots. Another comment from Chris got Red to throw her head back in a full out laugh. After that the rest of the team sat and watched a side of Chris they had never seen before. Within fifteen minutes the chairs were side by side and Chris had his arm around the blue shirt. They danced a little, talked a lot, both laughing and ignoring the rest of the room. After about an hour both stood up and walked out the door with their arms around each others waist. At the door Chris turned back and tilted an imaginary hat at the rest of his team. Buck raised his glass to toast the disappearing pair. Turning back to the table he smiled widely and in a satisfied voice commented, "Maybe now you boys will believe me when I say Chris used to be a devil when it came to the ladies."


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