Sept 6, 2003


Surprise Reunion - S. Larabee Tanner (Chris / OFC) ATF

2401 Summertime #14: Smarts - Chris Gantt

September 7

2402 A New Promise - Grey (Seven) AU

2403 The Misery of the Human Condition - Beth Green (Ezra, Buck) ATF

2404 Two Full Moons - SoDak7 (Chris, Vin) OW

2405 Unintentional Trespass - KT (Seven) AU

2406 Degrees of Separation - Sammy Girl (Buck / Ezra) ATF

September 9

2407 Find the Film - Hombre (Chris, Ezra) ATF

2408 For Today - Kim (Vin / Ezra) AU

September 10

2409 Violation - Hombre (Ezra, Chris) ATF [SA7]

Sept 11

ANGEL GIRL (series)

2410 Whatever It Takes (Chris, Ezra)

2411 Summertime #15

Sept 12

2412 Kissing Him - Annie (Vin / Chris) (Vin / JD) ATF

2413 To Confinity and Beyond - Xiola (Vin, Chris) ATF-LB

Sept 15

2414 Deer Hunting - Beth Green (Chris, Buck, Vin, JD) ATF-LB

2415 Secret Admirer - Jenn (Buck, Inez) ATF

Sept 16

2416 Lessons Learnt the Hard Way - Hombre (Vin, JD) ATF

2417 The Twilight Years - Patricia (JD, Buck, Vin) OW

Sept 18

2418 Replacement Killer - Brate (Vin) ATF

Sept 19

2419 Counting Airplanes - JIN (Chris, Vin) ATF

2420 Just Words - JIN (Chris, Vin) OW

2421 Beware of Paybacks - Ace (JD, Casey, OFC) OW

[this one can also go on the Halloween page]

2422 Love and Infatuation - Jenn (Vin, OFC) OW

Sept 25

2423 Except the Ears - WendyW (Vin, Nettie) OW

2424 The Gift - SoDak7 - (Vin, Seven) OW

Sept 27

2425 Back on the Road Again - Hombre (Vin, Ezra) ATF

2426 Full Circle - S. Larabee Tanner (Vin, Chris) Future ATF-LB


2427 Someone to Watch Over Me - Luna Dey (Ezra/Mary, Chris, Nathan) OW

Brigitta wants all of her fic removed ASAP. Don't actually zap the stories. Just take them off the index page and then disable the URLs somehow. She said the stories on the Vin page are linked to her site, but I'm not sure about that. If they are blackraptor URLs, zap them, too.

Sept 28

2428 Campfires: Stoke

Sept 29

2429 Insults and Injuries - Beth Green (Seven) ATF

Oct 2

2430 Transitions - Grey (Seven) AU

[On the Tales of the Seven page, note that this is a sequel to "A New Promise"]

2431 When Things Go Wrong - Gunney (Ezra) ATF

Oct 04

2432 Moon and Rain - Sammy Girl (Buck)

2433 Out of the Mouths of Babes - Xiola (Vin, Ezra) ATF-LB

Oct 06

2434 The Lights - Indigo Cat (Chris, Vin) ATF

2435 Fighting the Heart - Wgang16 (Chris / Vin) SA7 OW

October 10

2436 Lies in the Darkness - KT (Buck) ATFw/star

[needs a sensitive reader disclaimer on the Buck page, too]

2437 Dancing With Eagles - Lynda (Vin) ATF

2438 Huntin' - Jeanne (Vin, OMC, Chris) OW

2439 Southern Heritage - Ace (Ezra, Buck, OFC) OW

October 11

2440 Jumping to Conclusions - KT (Vin, Ezra, Buck) OW

2441 Simple Pleasures - Hombre (Vin, Chris) ATF

October 12

2442 In the Beginning - Raven (Vin, JD) ATF-LB

2443 Words Once Spoken Can't Be Taken Back - MMW (Vin, Chris) ATF-LB

October 16

2444 Some Dream - Ace (Buck, OFC) OW

October 21

2445 Miss You Most - BM (Buck, Chris) ATF

2446 Thunder Road - Robin Moore (Chris, Vin) OW w/star

2447 No Retreat No Surrender - Sammy Girl (Chris / Buck) ATF

2448 Twilight Opus - Dakota Brania (Chris / Vin) ATF

2449 Point of View - JIN (Seven) ATF

[Should also go on the Vin page]

October 22


2450 Wing to Wing (JD, Buck, Chris)

2451 Counting to Three - Carole (Buck, Ezra) ATF

2452 No Excuse - Hombre (Josiah, Ezra and Vin) ATF

2453 To the Place I Belong - Ronnie (Vin) ATF w/star

2454 Saddle Sore - C.V. Puerro (Nathan / JD) AU

October 23

2455 Cold Ride Home - Nite Owl (Buck, JD, Vin, Chris) ATF

2456 Zero to Sixty - Subjective Reality (Chris, Vin) ATF

October 26


2457 After Image - KT (Seven) ATF-TwoBlood (bttn-x8.gif)

2458 Things We Learned #1: Cast Away - Joy K

October 27


2459 Spell Bound - Jeanne (Vin, Chris) DD-LB (bttn-x5.gif)


2460 Claiming the Heart - Wgang16 (Chris / Vin) OW

October 28




Wild Dreams (Chris / OFC)


2461 Libation (Ezra / OFC)

[Note: Wild Dreams was posted as a stand-alone, so it needs to be removed from the W's and the Author page - leave the story where it is for now, though, even though it will be in two places. Only Libation should go on the NEW STORIES page]


2462 Fire and Ice - Luna Dey (Ezra / Buck) OW

October 30

2463 THINGS WE LEARNED #2: Legends in Litter - Winter

November 1


2464 Doesn't Matter - Nettie Roe ATF-LB (Vin, JD)

November 2


2465 Tell Me There's a Heaven - Helen Chavez (Josiah, Chris) ATF


November 3


2467 Afraid - Xiola (Vin, Chris) ATF-LB

(This one needs a sensitive subject matter warning)


2468 Happy Trails Again (Seven, Kirk, Spock, OCs) ST

November 4


2469 Full Moon Rising - Cattraine (Chris, Vin, Buck) (the wolf button - forget what it's called)

On the Main pages where it describes the buttons, change "Two-Bloods" to Werewolf/Shapshifter - the Seven existing in the worlds of both humans and wolves, in various forms.

November 5

In the Adult listing

Change the author name on the fic Twilight Opus from Dakota Brania to Dakota Smith (seems someone is harrassing her in RL)

November 7



2470 Careless Whisper - Carla (Vin, Chris) ATF



2471 The Gift: Epilogue - SoDak7 (Chris, Vin) OW

2472 THINGS WE LEARNED 3: Empty Faces

November 9


2473 All Behind Like the Old Cow's Tail - Hombre (Vin) ATF


2474 Night Lights - Ace (Seven, OFCs) ATF

2475 It's Not Fair - Joy K

November 15



2476 No Good Going Back - KT (JD, Buck) ATF-LB


2477 Burnout - Hombre (Ezra) ATF


On the main page, somewhere near the very top, center this text:

Policy on Linking To Our Adult Stories and link it to: linkpolicy.htm

I have had three inquiries today from writers asking me about it. Apparently, someone is setting up a website and asking these folks if it's okay to link their adult stuff. If you wouldn't mind reading the "policy statement" I'd appreciate your input. I tried to be nice. LOL

Blackraptor Policy on Linking to Our Adult Stories

November 16

2478: Things We Learned #4 Heroes - Chris G



2479 Cave In - Niteowl (Ezra, Vin) AU

2480 Pups on Vacation - LaraMee (LB)

Subj: blackraptor update 11/19



2481 Truth or Dare - Firefox (Buck / Ezra) ATF

Subj: blackraptor update 11/20



2482 Hopes and Dreams - Sue N. (Buck / Ezra) OW

Subj: blackraptor update 11/21



2483 Keeping Watch - Carole (Chris, Vin) OW

Subj: Blackraptor Update 11/22

2484 Saturday Night Life, by LaraMee (LB ATF)

2485 Things We Learned #5: Cowboys and Trolls by Gina (LB ATF)

Subj: blackraptor update 11/23



2486 Breaking Point - JIN (Chris, Vin) ATF


2487 Broken Window - Beth Green (Buck, JD) ATF


2488 Simple Pleasures - Helen Adams (Ezra) ATF

[can also go on Tales of the Seven page]

Also, this is the second story in this folder with the same title. The other is pleasures.htm. Is this too confusing? If it is, we can change the file name on this one to something else.


2489 Things We Learned: Thanksgiving Melee

2490 Wrestling the Octopus



2491 A Life Not Left - Annie (Chris / Vin, OMC) ATF



2492 Pride and Prejudice - Luna Dey (Ezra / Mary) OW

2493 The side of the road - CV Puerro




2494 Choices - TJ (Chris / Buck / Vin / OFC) ATF


2495 Windows to the Soul - Tree Climber (Chris) ATF

VIGNETTES (Series) [see above - already counted]


The Side of the Road (Vin / OMC)



2496 Patience Rewarded - Hombre (Ezra, Chris, Buck, OMC, OFC) OW


2497 Seven Men and a Teenage Girl - Ace (Seven, OFC) ATF


2498 Things to Be Thankful For - S. Larabee Tanner (Seven, OCs) ATF


2499 A Visit From Saint Buck - Beth Green (Seven) AU