NOTE: 32 fics moved / copied from folder 15 so that #1600 starts folder 16. The stories moved / copied are in both folders so that the urls that were bookmarked still work.



blue ribbon (4)

magic (Seven orders of Magic) 2

Something (2) (don't count in the moved fics)


cathedral (In the shadow of the Cathedral)

chicken (Chicken One Day, Feathers the Next)

decisions (moved to folder in 15)

ezrasmissing (Ezra's Missing)

game (Playing the Game)

headache (Headache)

hostess (Reflections of a hostess)

Iddi1 (I Didn't Do it)

lonelydreamer (Lonely Dreamer)


missing (Missing)

names (Names)

needme (When You Need Me)

negotiations (Negotiations)

outsider (Outsider)

poetry (Poetry in Motion)

questions (Innocent Questions)

shotatagain (Shot At Again)

Soul (A survivors Soul)

surprisingpast (A Surprising Past)

tapes (Ezra's secret tapes)

then-now (That was then, This is Now)

tooth (The Tooth Shall Set you Free)

travisfam1 (Travis Family: Ezra)

travisfam2 (Travis Family: Getting Even)

travisfam3 (Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do)

weepingground (Weeping Ground)

westerlings (Westerlings)




March 03

1498 Facets: A Pride of Lions added to m7fic9/facets. Series index updated. Link added to Chris page and Vin page

1499 Quatre-Mains added to m7fic-15. New Author. (Sevenall - Kristina Sennvik) Link added to Buck and Chris pages.

1500 Nursing Insecurities by JK. Me? LOL. Added to m7fic-15, Ezra, Vin, and JD pages.

1501 Double Take added to m7fic-15. New Author. (Candice) Link added to Ezra page.

1502 Illusion added to m7fic-15.

March 04

1503 Added Red Cross 2 by Oann to m7fic-15, Ezra page and JD page. (added link to Red Cross to JD page)

1504 Added Red Cross 3 by Oann to m7fic-15 and Ezra page

March 05

1505 Common Enemy by Xaneth (Candice and Xaneth - her real name is Lesley are sisters from South Africa). Added to m7fic-15 and Stories of the Seven

1506 Family Ties by Xaneth. Added to m7fic-15 and Ezra page

1507 Then He Kissed Me by Rikke. Added to m7fic-15 and JD page

March 06

1508 Dangerous Mistake - Hombre (Sarah). Added to m7fic-15, Ezra and Vin pages.

March 08

1509 Added "And Then There Were Three" by S. Larabee Tanner to m7fic-15.

March 09

1510 Added Facets: The Mask Drops to m7fic9/facets. updated index. Added to JD & Vin pages

1511 Added Yielding to it - by Gray to m7fic-15, Vin, Ezra & Chris pages

1512 Added Revenge is Sweet by Hombre to m7fic-15, Buck, Ezra and JD pages

1513 Added Old Friends and Enemies by Xaneth to m7fic-15 and Tales of the Seven page.

1514 Added "Fate's Reward" to m7fic-15 and Ezra page

1515 Added "Travis Family: Ezra" to m7fic-15 and Ezra pages, Added new author

1516 VIGNETTES: What I Really Am - C.V. Puerro (Vin / OMC)

March 10

1517 Added "Keeping Busy" to m7fic-15 and Josiah page.

March 11

1518 Added "Thrills & Spills" by Heidi to m7fic-15 and Tales of the Seven

1519 Added "All is Gray" to Heroes Hearts (xm7fic-10x) and slash page

March 12

1520 Added "Righting Wrongs" to m7fic-15 and Chris Page

1521 Added "Dropped and Caught" to m7fic-15, Vin page and Tales of the Seven

March 14

1522 All in A Day's Work" by Angela B.

1523 Added sequel - Jumping Hurdles - to m7fic-15, Josiah and Seven page.

March 15

1524 Added "For The Love of My Sister" to m7fic-15 and Josiah page

March 17

1525 Added "The Magnificent Pimpernel" to m7fic-15/pimpernel Sue (Delanysis).

1526 Added Vignette "Somebody Who Cares" to Slash page and Adult Page


1527 My Name is Legion - Sarah B. (JD, Chris)

1528 (Missing Title Readded)


1529 For Both of Us - Firefox (Chris, Vin, OMC)

1530 Settle for Less - Wendy W. (Vin)


1531 Facets: Very Funny, Mr. Tanner! - Deb (Ezra, Vin)

1532 Facets: Words by Heart - Deb (Mary, Vin)

1533 After the Guns Fall Silent - Loui (Ezra / Vin)


1534 Chocolate - Nadine (Ezra)

1535 Overpowering Love - S. Larabee Tanner (Chris, OFC)

1536 (another Winter Title readed)

1537 (Price of Valor readded to index)


1538 Cataclysm - Brate (Seven)


1531 X-Magnficence - Rhicy (Vin, Chris, JD)

1539 Change of Plans - C.V. Puerro (JD)

1540 VIGNETTES: Without You - C. V. Puerro (Vin, Chris)


1541 Backfire - C.V. Puerro (JD / Buck)


1542 Rick's Place - TrishA (Seven)

1543 Fantasia - VampyrAlex (Ezra / Buck)

1544 Against All Odds - VampyrAlex (Ezra / Chris)

1545 Instructions of Life - Candice (Seven, OFC)


1546 The Confederate Express - Aramis (Vin, Buck)

1547 I'm Tired - Heidi (Vin)

1548 Signatures - Heather F. (Vin)

1549 Wheels - Winter (Vin, JD)

1550 The Crow: Arrival - TexasAries (Chris / Vin / Ezra)

1551 Sorrow - Hombre (Ezra, Chris) [deathfic]

1552 HAVEN: Redemption - Brate (Vin, Ezra)


1553 Gathering the Flock - KT (Seven)

1554 Much in Common - Rebecca Lynn Williams (Ezra)

1555 Ruling Day - Angela B. (Seven)


1556 Comeback - C.V. Puerro ATF (JD / Buck)

1557 VIGNETTES: Away From Here - C.V. Puerro ATF (Vin / OMCs)

1558 Wish You Were Here - TrishA ATF (Vin / Chris)


1559 Ezra's Secret Tapes - Angela B. ATF (Seven)

1560 I Hope You Dance - Wendy Myers ATF (Chris, Buck)

1561 Just in Time - Just Kris OW Xover (Kung Fu - TLC) (Josiah, Buck, Ezra)

1562Travis Family: Getting Even - Demaris AU (Chris, Buck, Nathan)

1563 Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do - Demaris AU (Ezra, Vin, JD)

1564 Vin on a Limb... o.k. a Ledge - deydeal ATF (Vin)

1565 Missing - Hombre ATF (Ezra)

1566 In the Shadow of the Cathedral - Flavia AU (Vin, Ezra)

1567 Fallen Angels readded to Title List. May change count


1568 I Didn't Do It - Rikke ATF (JD)

1569 Playing the Game - Hercat ATF (Nathan)


1570 Decisions - C.V. Puerro (Judge Travis) OW

1571 A Surprising Past - Loui (Ezra) ATF xover "Highlander"

1572 Reflections of a Hostess - Phyllis (Seven) ATF


1573 VIGNETTES - Wasting My Time (Vin, Chris)


1574 A Survivor's Soul - Phyllis (JD) SI (with star - bttn-si2.gif )

(Note: This is borderline adult - I think it has enough warnings, but, if there are any complaints, let me know)

1575 Purgatory - The Buffalo Gals (Vin, Chris) OW (with a star)


1576 Lonely Dreamer - Loui (Ezra) ATF


1577 Close Calls - VampyrAlex (Chris/Ezra) ATF


1578 Team Seven Instructions - KT (Seven) ATF

1579 First Meetings - RonneeM (JD) (Poem) OW

1580 Innocent Questions - RonneeM (JD) (Poem) ATF

1581 Interlude - Brate (Buck, Vin) AU

[Note - this is in the 13 folder, part of the Haven stories]

1582 Names - RonneeM (Ezra) (Poem) OW

1583 Outsider - RonneeM (Ezra) (Poem) ATF

1584 Poetry in Motion - RonneeM (Chris) (Poem) OW

1585 Westerlings - RonneeM (JD) (Poem) OW


1586 Chicken One Day, Feathers the Next - Phyllis Loafman (JD) ATF

1587 Ezra's Missing - Phyllis Loafman (Seven) AU

1588 That Was Then, This is Now - Just Kris (Seven) OW-xover "Andromeda"

1589 Weeping Ground - Subjective Reality (Vin, OMC) ATF


1590 Headache - Hombre (Ezra) ATF

1591 Love and Honor - CV Puerro (Inez, Buck) (Alternate Universe)

MAY 01


1592 Fifteen Minutes - C.V. Puerro (Buck / JD) ATF

1593 Forever Love - TexasAries (Chris / Vin / Ezra) OW

1594 Last Breath of Wisdom - VampyrAlex (Ezra / Chris) OW


1595 Sins of the Past - C.V. Puerro (Chris, Vin, Eli Joe) AU

[Note: This is another pie story <heavy sigh>. She made an index page for them <heavier sigh> so zap decisions.htm and loveandhonor.htm from the m7fic-15 folder, list the three stories as a series under the title Blue Ribbon (Series) and change their links so that they go to the m7fic-15/blueribbon folder <major groan>. So it should be:

BLUE RIBBON (Series) - C.V. Puerro AU

(1562 repeat) Decisions (Judge Travis, Seven)

(1583 repeat) Love and Honor (Buck, Inez)

(1587 repeat) Sins of the Past (Chris, Vin, Eli Joe)

MAY 03

1596 Shot at Again, Mr. Larabee? - Hombre (Chris, Vin, Buck, OFC) OW

1597 The Tooth Shall Set You Free - Brate (Vin) ATF

1598 Hunter's Moon - Joe Lawson (Seven) AU

MAY 04

1599 Negotiations - Xaneth (Seven) ATF

1600 Seven Orders of Magic: Book of Spells - Candice (Seven, OMC) AU

[This goes under the Seven Orders of Magic series]

MAY 04

1599 Negotiations - Xaneth (Seven) ATF

1600 Seven Orders of Magic: Book of Spells - Candice (Seven, OMC) AU

[This goes under the Seven Orders of Magic series]

1601 When You Need Me - KT (Buck) OW

Remove all of the links to BORDERLINES. Macx and LaraBee have set up their own site, and they have the completed version there.


MAY 05

1582 The Lunch Mob - C.V. Puerro (Chris, Vin, Mary, Nathan, JD)


3 fics by Ravin deleted

1 fic by Nancy not in folder.

45 fics removed.

total fics removed = 49

1582 + 49 = 1631 fics as of May 5, 2002

MAY 06

1632 The Clarified Butter News - CV Puerro (Chris, Mary) AU

Add to Chris page:

Decisions - Gold Dust Woman

Forgotten Sister - Gold Dust Woman (crossover "Young Riders")

And here is a new challenge. It's # 19 so after you add it, remove # 17 and move it to the cl-challenge.htm page


Write an adventure for Chris and Buck that happens before The Seven are united. Perhaps even focus on how the two met. Feel free to include Sarah and Adam, but don't feel that it's required. The field is wide open here, my friends!

MOVE 32 fics to folder 16....

MAY 10

SOMETHING (Series) - Thalia AU

1633 Something Old (Buck, JD)

1634 Something New (Chris)

MAY 11

1635 The Mine - Hombre (Vin) OW

1636 Drive - JK

1637 Love Aloft - JK

MAY 12

1638 BLUE RIBBON Series - Getting a Piece - C.V. Puerro (Ezra, JD) AU (with a star)

MAY 16

1639 Bicycles - Hombre (Seven) OW

1640 JD's Sacrifice - Phyllis Loafman (Vin, JD, Chris) OW LB

1641 That Damned Horse - TimberWolf (Buck / Ezra) OW

1642 Watched - MotherRati (Ezra / Vin) ATF

Chris Page project

Apparently, Robin heard from some DUH who couldn't figure out which of the fics were in response to the challenges she has on the Chris Fic page (even though they are marked [Challenge # whatever]. Hello! Anyway, she would like to do two things; first of all, make the link to the page with previous, older challenges stand out more (the same person wondered where she could find them HELL-O!) and second, under each of the Challenges, link the stories that have been written in response to that Challenge. No big rush on it, but I do so know how you just LOVE to tweak. LOL

MAY 17

1643 No Getting Back to Good - Carla (Chris / Vin) ATF

1644 A Life Not Lost - Annie (Vin / OMC) (Chris / Vin) ATF

MAY 18

1645 Chores and Challenges - WendyW (Vin, Nettie) OW

1646 Live to Fight On - mmrrph (Seven, OFC) OW/AU

[this is a weird one... It's OW, but it's a fantasy, with a lot of dungeons & dragons type stuff... I think use the split button, bttn-x3.gif on this one. Also, even though she says it's all Seven, I skimmed it and there seems to be an awful lot of Ezra, so list it on his page, too]

MAY 20

1647 VIGNETTES: South of My Mind - CV Puerro (Vin / OMC, SA7) ATF

[This goes after "This Man's Army"]

A Subject of Torture - pfps (Buck, JD ASM) OW  _____ALREADY IN INDEX. CHANGED URLS

1648 Early Warning - hercat (Ezra, Vin, Gary Hobson) ATF-Xover (Early Edition)

1649 Uninvited Guest - KT (JD, Buck) OW

MAY 24

1650 Bikejack - Hombre (Vin) ATF

1651 Days Like This - Brate (Vin, Ezra) ATF

1652 The Gambler and the Seamstress - NJ (Ezra, OFC) OW

1653 Foreplay? - mcat (Chris / Vin) OW

1654 His Parts - The Dirty Dozen (Vin) OW

1655 What Have I Done? - KT (Buck / Ezra) (JD) ATF

MAY 25

1656 Hound Dog Days - Helen Chavez (Josiah) ATF

---------------these are all a collection -----------------

THE IMMORTAL SEVEN (Collection) - Katherine AU (Highlander)

1657 Immortal Seven (Seven)

1658 Immortal Seven, Revisited (Seven)

1659 Immortal Seven, Remembrance (JD, Ezra)

1660 Sick Sense of Humor (Ezra, OFC)


1661 Learning to Improvise: Chapter 4 - Katherine (Vin / Ezra) OW

1662 Scratch a Lover - Hercat (Ezra, Buck, OMC) ATF

MAY 27

HISTORY WILL KNOW THE SEVEN (Series) - TJ (Seven) OW (with a star)

The first fic in this series is:


The South Wind

1664 Snapshots (Collection) - Firefox (? / OFC) AU

MAY 28

1665 Arrivals - KT (Chris, Buck) AU


1666 Confidantes and Confidences - TJ (Seven)

1667 Rendezvous - Subjective Reality (Vin, Ezra) ATF

IN APPROPRIATE PLACES (Collection) - C.V. Puerro (Chris / Ezra) ATF

1668 By the Time I'm Through

1669 The Night Gone Black

1670 As Long as You Don't Care

MAY 29


Okay, Calla decided to turn these into yet another of her series, so they have been regrouped:

ROUGHHOUSING (Collection) C.V. Puerro (Buck / JD)



Fifteen Minutes


Truth or Dare

A Change of Plans

[[ALL of them except for Truth or Dare are listed as separate fics in the Adult listing <HEAVY SIGH!>]]




Another Day - Brate (Ezra, Vin) ATF


Closures - KT (Chris, Buck) AU


Getting There is Half the Trip - Allison (Vin) OW

[This is a new author]


Night of the Seven - Nadine (Ezra, Vin) OW Xover (Wild, Wild West)

Okay first, zap "Scratch a Lover" because she has decided it will be part of this series ::::::: banging head on keyboard ::::::::::

A THING OR TWO (Series) - hercat (Ezra / Vin) ATF

Scratch a Lover


A Thousand Times

[Also, author wants this series listed on the Ezra fic page, as ADULT, of course - they have already been added to the adult Ezra page]


Full Circle

JUNE 3 - Remove Fics

Please remove all of the fics by Ankh. She is "redoing" them. I told her it would be a lot of work to re-add them, but she apparently doesn't care, so when / if she does re-post them, she can do it somewhere else.

Of course, I don't mean that.. I am too greedy for fic. LOL Still kind of pisses me off though!

The stories are:


A Beginning

Between the Lines

Cabin Fever


Setting Up Camp

Heart and Soul

Ideal World


Johnny Be Good

Johnny Reb

Just a Joke

Matters of the Heart

No More Hiding

Poker Night

Setting Things Straight

The Dollar

That Darn Table Cloth

Tonight (series)

I believe they are all in the adult section


(18 Titles and 1 series removed from Index)



Can we put a little blurb on the genfic main page that Mag7Rides has been reactivated?

Also, do you think there is any way to retrieve the archives?




Food for Thought - hercat (Ezra) ATF


HAVEN: Protection - Brate (Seven) AU


Tee-Time - Winter (Buck, JD) ATF-LB



Entertaining Angels - Firefox (Chris, Vin) ATF


Passion - Oracle (Chris / Vin) ATF


Subj: blackraptor update 06/06

Date: 6/8/2002 8:32:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time


VARIATIONS OF A KISS (Series) - Gwendolyn OW

1683  Nathan (Ezra / Nathan)

1684 JD (Ezra / JD)


1685  Retaliation - Heidi (Seven, OFC) ATF (with star)

1686 Independence - KT (Buck, JD) ATF-LB


1687 Healing Hearts - Storm (Chris / Vin) ATF

1688 Never Alone - Sammy Girl (Ezra / Buck) AU

1689 Polarity - VampyrAlex (Ezra / Nathan) OW


1690 Coercion - Hombre (Chris, Vin, Ezra) ATF

1691 Ezra? Where Ever Did You Get That Dress? - Marian (Ezra) OW (with star) (Poem)

1692 The Guardian - Lynda (Vin, Chris) OW

[This is a new Lynda... I know, we have a bazillion of them. LOL. I don't think we have any spelled with a y, though]

1693 A Right Pair - KT (Buck, Vin) ATF

Part two--

It was easy to format, so it's already done

1694 Daytime Nightmares




1695 Forsaken


1696 My Sister's Keeper - C.V. Puerro (Josiah / Hannah) OW *with a star!!!*

[I really have my doubts about posting this one. I can't even bring myself to read it. I don't know what the hell she's thinking, and I don't care to find out!]



1697 One Moment In Time - Brate ATF [deathfic]

[Brate has asked that the main character not be listed, so, just leave that off. It's Chris, though]

1698 Truth and Friendship - Hombre (Ezra) OW

1699 What the Hell Is Going On? - Hombre (Vin) ATF


1700 Confrontations - MotherRati (Ezra / Vin) ATF

[I think this one makes 1700, right?]