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blue ribbon (4)

dropped (Dropped and Caught)

evolution (X Magnificence)

gathering (Gathering the Flock)

instructions (Team Seven Instructions)

legion (My Name is Legion)

magic (Seven orders of Magic) 2

pimpernel (The Magnificent Pimpernel)

purgatory (Purgatory)

ricks (Ricks Place)

road (The Road to Damascus)


cataclysm (Cataclysm)

cathedral (In the shadow of the Cathedral)

chicken (Chicken One Day, Feathers the Next)

chocolate (Chocolate)

coldcomfort (Cold Comfort)

commonenemy (Common Enemy)

dance (I Hope You Dance)

dangerous (Dangerous Mistake)

decisions (moved to folder)

doubletake (Double Take)

express1, express2 (The Confederate Express)

ezrasmissing (Ezra's Missing)

familyties (Family Ties)

fatesreward (Fate's Reward)

game (Playing the Game)

gone1, gone2, gone3 (If You're Gone)

heyjoe (Hey Joe)

headache (Headache)

hostess (Reflections of a hostess)

hurdles (Jumping Hurdles)

Iddi1 (I Didn't Do it)

illusion (Illusion)

justintime (Just in Time)

keepingbusy (Keeping Busy)

limb (Vin on a Limb...)

lonelydreamer (Lonely Dreamer)

love (Overpowering Love)

loveandhonor (Moved to folder)

Meetings (First Meetings)

missing (Missing)

muchincommon (Much in Common)

myfamily (My Family)

mysister, mysister2 (For the love of my sister)

names (Names)

needme (When You Need Me)

negotiations (Negotiations)

nursinginsecurities (Nursing Insecurities)

officepolitics (Office Politics)

oldfriendsandenemies (Old Friends and enemies)

outsider (Outsider)

poetry (Poetry in Motion)

poweroflove (The Power of Love)

quatremains (Quatremains)

questions (Innocent Questions)

redcross (Red Cross)

redcross2 (Red Cross 2)

redcross3 (Red Cross 3)

revengeissweet (Revenge is Sweet)

rightingwrongs1, rightingwrongs2 (Righting Wrongs)

rulingday (Ruling Day)

settleforless1, settleforless2 (Settle for Less)

shotatagain (Shot At Again)

signatures (Signatures)

sorrow (Sorrow)

Soul (A survivors Soul)

surprisingpast (A Surprising Past)

tapes (Ezra's secret tapes)

then-now (That was then, This is Now)

thenhekissedme (Then He Kissed Me)

therewere3 (And Then There were Three)

thrillsspills (Thrills and Spills)

tired (I'm Tired)

tooth (The Tooth Shall Set you Free)

travisfam1 (Travis Family: Ezra)

travisfam2 (Travis Family: Getting Even)

travisfam3 (Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do)

vampires (There's No Such Thing as Vampires)

weepingground (Weeping Ground)

westerlings (Westerlings)

wheels (Wheels)

yieldingtoit (Yielding To It)


FOLDERS = 11, 9 moved containing 49 fics, 2 new containing 4 fics    RECOUNT = 52

acceptance (moved)(5) (Acceptance)

crow (The Crow: Arrival)

freefalling (Freefalling)

honestman (moved) (12) (A Good Honest Man Series)

Hunters moon

johnny (moved) (1) (Johnny Be Good)

kiss (moved) (8) (The Kiss, Series)

nothingnew (moved) (6) (Nothing New Under the Sun)

stakeout (moved) (1) (The Stakeout)

stilltolove (moved) (7) (And Still to Love)

testing (moved) (1) (Testing Time)

tonight (moved) (8) (Tonight Series)

INDIVIDUAL STORIES = 47, 35 moved = 12 new   RECOUNT=52

aftertheguns (After the guns fall silent)

arms (moved) (In the Arms of Another)

aware (aware of you)

backfire (Backfire)

bestowlove (moved) (Bestowing Love)

between (moved) (Between the lines)

bothofus1, bothofus2 (For the both of us)

caress (moved) (The Whispered Caress)

change (A Change of Plans)

closecalls (Close Calls)

comeback (Comeback)

convergence (moved) (Convergence)

crowd (moved) (Threes not a crowd)

desserts (moved) (Just Desserts)

disclosure1, disclosure2 (moved) (Ambiguous Disclosure)

experience (moved) (With Age Comes Experience)

fantasia (Fantasia)

fifteenminutes (Fifteen Minutes)

foreverlove1 (Forever Love)

game (moved) (Would you care to indulge...)

gunbelt (moved) (A Simple Matter of a ...)

healing (moved) (Healing)

homecoming (Homecoming)

ideal (moved) (Ideal World)

indigo (moved) (Indigo)

interlude (Interlude)

joke (moved) (Just a Joke)

j-reb (moved) (Johnny Reb)

light (moved) (Out of the Light)

love (moved) (Love)

memory1, memory2 (moved) (Jagged Memory)

mine (moved) (Mine are Worse than Yours)

mtchmkr1, mtchmkr2 (moved) (Matchmaker)

needsmust (moved) (Needs Must)

ny-denver (moved) (New York TO Denver)

odds (Against All Odds)

offering (moved) (Offering)

pilgrim (moved) (Pilgrim Soul)

poker (moved) (Poker Night)

shower (moved) (See through Shower)

stormset (moved) (Storm Set)

thebet (moved) (The Bet)

ties (moved) (The Ties that Bind)

torture1, torture2, torture3, torture4 (A Subject of Torture)

train (moved) (Boarding the Damn Train)

unexpected (moved) (Unexpected)

valentine ('Saint Valentines Day)

vendetta (Vendetta: A Missing Scene)

watershed (moved) (Watershed)

wisdom (Last Breath of Wisdom)

wish (Wish You were Here)

xtouch (moved) (The Gentle Touch by Lumina) Removed by Author

yearning (moved) (Yearning)

1500 Nursing Insecurities by JK. Me? LOL. Added to m7fic-15, Ezra, Vin, and JD pages.

1501 Double Take added to m7fic-15. New Author. (Candice) Link added to Ezra page.

1502 Illusion added to m7fic-15.

March 04

1503 Added Red Cross 2 by Oann to m7fic-15, Ezra page and JD page. (added link to Red Cross to JD page)

1504 Added Red Cross 3 by Oann to m7fic-15 and Ezra page

March 05

1505 Common Enemy by Xaneth (Candice and Xaneth - her real name is Lesley are sisters from South Africa). Added to m7fic-15 and Stories of the Seven

1506 Family Ties by Xaneth. Added to m7fic-15 and Ezra page

1507 Then He Kissed Me by Rikke. Added to m7fic-15 and JD page

March 06

1508 Dangerous Mistake - Hombre (Sarah). Added to m7fic-15, Ezra and Vin pages.

March 08

1509 Added "And Then There Were Three" by S. Larabee Tanner to m7fic-15.

March 09

1510 Added Facets: The Mask Drops to m7fic9/facets. updated index. Added to JD & Vin pages

1511 Added Yielding to it - by Gray to m7fic-15, Vin, Ezra & Chris pages

1512 Added Revenge is Sweet by Hombre to m7fic-15, Buck, Ezra and JD pages

1513 Added Old Friends and Enemies by Xaneth to m7fic-15 and Tales of the Seven page.

1514 Added "Fate's Reward" to m7fic-15 and Ezra page

1515 Added "Travis Family: Ezra" to m7fic-15 and Ezra pages, Added new author

1516 VIGNETTES: What I Really Am - C.V. Puerro (Vin / OMC)

March 10

1517 Added "Keeping Busy" to m7fic-15 and Josiah page.

March 11

1518 Added "Thrills & Spills" by Heidi to m7fic-15 and Tales of the Seven

1519 Added "All is Gray" to Heroes Hearts (xm7fic-10x) and slash page

March 12

1520 Added "Righting Wrongs" to m7fic-15 and Chris Page

1521 Added "Dropped and Caught" to m7fic-15, Vin page and Tales of the Seven

March 14

1522 All in A Day's Work" by Angela B.

1523 Added sequel - Jumping Hurdles - to m7fic-15, Josiah and Seven page.

March 15

1524 Added "For The Love of My Sister" to m7fic-15 and Josiah page

March 17

1525 Added "The Magnificent Pimpernel" to m7fic-15/pimpernel Sue (Delanysis).

1526 Added Vignette "Somebody Who Cares" to Slash page and Adult Page


1527 My Name is Legion - Sarah B. (JD, Chris)

1528 (Missing Title Readded)


1529 For Both of Us - Firefox (Chris, Vin, OMC)

1530 Settle for Less - Wendy W. (Vin)


1531 Facets: Very Funny, Mr. Tanner! - Deb (Ezra, Vin)

1532 Facets: Words by Heart - Deb (Mary, Vin)

1533 After the Guns Fall Silent - Loui (Ezra / Vin)


1534 Chocolate - Nadine (Ezra)

1535 Overpowering Love - S. Larabee Tanner (Chris, OFC)

1536 (another Winter Title readed)

1537 (Price of Valor readded to index)


1538 Cataclysm - Brate (Seven)


1531 X-Magnficence - Rhicy (Vin, Chris, JD)

1539 Change of Plans - C.V. Puerro (JD)

1540 VIGNETTES: Without You - C. V. Puerro (Vin, Chris)


1541 Backfire - C.V. Puerro (JD / Buck)


1542 Rick's Place - TrishA (Seven)

1543 Fantasia - VampyrAlex (Ezra / Buck)

1544 Against All Odds - VampyrAlex (Ezra / Chris)

1545 Instructions of Life - Candice (Seven, OFC)


1546 The Confederate Express - Aramis (Vin, Buck)

1547 I'm Tired - Heidi (Vin)

1548 Signatures - Heather F. (Vin)

1549 Wheels - Winter (Vin, JD)

1550 The Crow: Arrival - TexasAries (Chris / Vin / Ezra)

1551 Sorrow - Hombre (Ezra, Chris) [deathfic]

1552 HAVEN: Redemption - Brate (Vin, Ezra)


1553 Gathering the Flock - KT (Seven)

1554 Much in Common - Rebecca Lynn Williams (Ezra)

1555 Ruling Day - Angela B. (Seven)


1556 Comeback - C.V. Puerro ATF (JD / Buck)

1557 VIGNETTES: Away From Here - C.V. Puerro ATF (Vin / OMCs)

1558 Wish You Were Here - TrishA ATF (Vin / Chris)


1559 Ezra's Secret Tapes - Angela B. ATF (Seven)

1560 I Hope You Dance - Wendy Myers ATF (Chris, Buck)

1561 Just in Time - Just Kris OW Xover (Kung Fu - TLC) (Josiah, Buck, Ezra)

1562Travis Family: Getting Even - Demaris AU (Chris, Buck, Nathan)

1563 Travis Family: What Three Little Brats Can Do - Demaris AU (Ezra, Vin, JD)

1564 Vin on a Limb... o.k. a Ledge - deydeal ATF (Vin)

1565 Missing - Hombre ATF (Ezra)

1566 In the Shadow of the Cathedral - Flavia AU (Vin, Ezra)

1567 Fallen Angels readded to Title List. May change count


1568 I Didn't Do It - Rikke ATF (JD)

1569 Playing the Game - Hercat ATF (Nathan)


1570 Decisions - C.V. Puerro (Judge Travis) OW

1571 A Surprising Past - Loui (Ezra) ATF xover "Highlander"

1572 Reflections of a Hostess - Phyllis (Seven) ATF


1573 VIGNETTES - Wasting My Time (Vin, Chris)


1574 A Survivor's Soul - Phyllis (JD) SI (with star - bttn-si2.gif )

(Note: This is borderline adult - I think it has enough warnings, but, if there are any complaints, let me know)

1575 Purgatory - The Buffalo Gals (Vin, Chris) OW (with a star)


1576 Lonely Dreamer - Loui (Ezra) ATF


1577 Close Calls - VampyrAlex (Chris/Ezra) ATF


1578 Team Seven Instructions - KT (Seven) ATF

1579 First Meetings - RonneeM (JD) (Poem) OW

1580 Innocent Questions - RonneeM (JD) (Poem) ATF

1581 Interlude - Brate (Buck, Vin) AU

[Note - this is in the 13 folder, part of the Haven stories]

1582 Names - RonneeM (Ezra) (Poem) OW

1583 Outsider - RonneeM (Ezra) (Poem) ATF

1584 Poetry in Motion - RonneeM (Chris) (Poem) OW

1585 Westerlings - RonneeM (JD) (Poem) OW


1586 Chicken One Day, Feathers the Next - Phyllis Loafman (JD) ATF

1587 Ezra's Missing - Phyllis Loafman (Seven) AU

1588 That Was Then, This is Now - Just Kris (Seven) OW-xover "Andromeda"

1589 Weeping Ground - Subjective Reality (Vin, OMC) ATF


1590 Headache - Hombre (Ezra) ATF

1591 Love and Honor - CV Puerro (Inez, Buck) (Alternate Universe)

MAY 01


1592 Fifteen Minutes - C.V. Puerro (Buck / JD) ATF

1593 Forever Love - TexasAries (Chris / Vin / Ezra) OW

1594 Last Breath of Wisdom - VampyrAlex (Ezra / Chris) OW


1595 Sins of the Past - C.V. Puerro (Chris, Vin, Eli Joe) AU

[Note: This is another pie story <heavy sigh>. She made an index page for them <heavier sigh> so zap decisions.htm and loveandhonor.htm from the m7fic-15 folder, list the three stories as a series under the title Blue Ribbon (Series) and change their links so that they go to the m7fic-15/blueribbon folder <major groan>. So it should be:

BLUE RIBBON (Series) - C.V. Puerro AU

(1562 repeat) Decisions (Judge Travis, Seven)

(1583 repeat) Love and Honor (Buck, Inez)

(1587 repeat) Sins of the Past (Chris, Vin, Eli Joe)

MAY 03

1596 Shot at Again, Mr. Larabee? - Hombre (Chris, Vin, Buck, OFC) OW

1597 The Tooth Shall Set You Free - Brate (Vin) ATF

1598 Hunter's Moon - Joe Lawson (Seven) AU

MAY 04

1599 Negotiations - Xaneth (Seven) ATF