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angel (4) (Angel to Watch over me)

blackandwhite (1)  (Black and White)

careless (1) (Careless)

dreams (1) (In Dreams)

fallenangels (1) (Fallen Angels)

gotyourback (1) (I've Got Your Back)

hero (1)  (More than one kind of hero)

junkyard (1) incomplete

newcrew (1) (New Crew)

phenom (1) (The Phenom)

price (1) (Price of Valor)

seven (1) Seven by TrishA   Wasn't in author index, but added.

slayer (1) (Slayer)

tillwemeet (1) (Till We Meet Again)


alliwant (All I Want)

andsoitends (And So it ends)

angel (moved to folder)

angels (In the Company of Angels)

arewethere1, arewethere2 (Are We There Yet)

battlescars1, battlescars2, battlescars3 (Battle Scars)

beautiful (She's Beautiful) NOT IN INDEX, ADDED

bestoftimes (Best of Times, Worst of Times - Ezra)

bethankful (Be Thankful for your Friends)

birdman1, birdman2 (The Birdman)

bonded1, bonded2 (Bonded)

breathe (I Breathe In)

brothers (Big Brothers, Little Brothers)

brothersall (We Were Brothers All)

byanyname (By Any Name)

byathread1, byathread2, byathread3 (By A Thread)

certainsure (Certain Sure)

comfortandjoy1, comfortandjoy2, comfortandjoy3 (Comfort and Joy)

cominghome1, cominghome2 (Coming Home Again)

cover (Cover)

dayswork (All In A Days Work)

dream (A Dream Come True)

factory (The Whole Pie Factory)

fatherhood (Fatherhood)

fight (The Magnificent Fight Before Christmas)

fromtheheart (From the Heart)

gang (Hole in the Wall Gang)

girlsjust1, girlsjust2 (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)

goodintentions (Good Intentions)

Heavenly Helper moved to folder

home (Home for Christmas)

home1, home2 (A Home for Christmas)

home-own (A Home of my Own)

hospitality1, hospitality2 (Hospitality)

invasion (The invasion)

Josiahs angel moved to folder

joyride (Joy Ride)

keeper (Brother's Keeper)

mayhem (Mayhem)

miracles (Christmas Miracles)

neverforgotten1, neverforgotten2 (The Past is Never Forgotten)

newyearseve (What Are You Doing New Years Eve?)

niceplace (A Nice Place to Visit)

nothinkin (No thinkin' thing)

pastorpresent (Past or Present)

pastrevealed1 (The Past Revealed) Being edited by author... only marker page is up

peaceandjoy (Peace and Joy)

rock (I Am a Rock)

samhain (Samhain Night)

secondthought1, secondthought2 (On Second Thought)

shadow (Shadow)

shoes (Christmas Shoes)

sittineasy (Sittin' Easy)

solo (The Christmas Solo)

stars1, stars2, stars3 (Follow the Stars Home)

surprise (Surprise, Surprise)

tascosa (On the outskirts of Tascosa)

thanksgiving (First Thanksgiving)

time1, time2 (Only a Matter of Time)

turkeyhunter (turkey Hunter)

waitin (Waitin')

whatmighthave (What Might Have Been)


FOLDERS = 2 containing 21 fics   RECOUNT = 1, not including 20 taken down by author 5/4

Borderlines = 20 stories (4/6/02) taken down 5/4

Piratesheart (A Pirates Heart)


claim (Staking a Claim)

dish (A dish served cold)

distracted (Distracted)

family (Family By Choice)

greatestgift1, greatestgift2 (The Greatest Gift)

guard-duty (Guard Duty)

heknows (He Knows)

hell-water (Hell or High Water)

hislot1, hislot2 (Accepting His Lot)

hot (Too Hot!)

Ilovehim (I love Him)

index (remove - index for borderlines)

letitsnow (Let it snow)

lunch (Come for Lunch)

maybe (Maybe)

meow (Meow)

midnight (Meeting at Midnight 2)

muchado (Much Ado)

nevertoofar (Never too Far)

repercussions (Repercussions)

senses (Senses)

tired1, tired2 (Tired)

tribulation1, tribulation2, tribulation3 (Trials and Tribulation)

verticalclimb (That Vertical Climb)

whatwehope1, whatwehope2, whatwehope3 (What We Hope to Learn)

who-i-am (Who I AM)

March 03

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