Gen folders = 16 fics

Gen fics = 49

Adult folders = 4 (could be six if Learning to Imp. chapters count as stories

Adult fics = 33 (including 1 moved to x15)

16 + 49 + 4 + 33 = 102 (or 104)   RECOUNT = 15+49+6+32=102


FOLDERS = 11 folders containing 16 fics    RECOUNT = 15 not including 1 in progress

color (The Color that Divides)

crash (Crash & Burn)

fortitude (Fortitude)

haven (6 - as of 4/6/02)

hunting (A Hunting We Will Go)

notagain (Not Again)

place (To The Place I Belong) IN PROGRESS

rebel (Rebel Dawn)

thrawn (Thrawn)

toysoldiers (Seven Toy Soldiers)

twilight (Little Boy Lost)


antithesis (Antithesis)

belonging-2a, belonging-2b, belonging-2c (Belonging - Street Gang)

blessings (Blessings and Gratitude)

bombshell1, bombshell2 (Bombshell)

chattel (Chattel)

darkoath (Dark Oath Made)

debriefing (Debriefing)

debts1, debts2 (Debts & Decisions)

dentist (JD's First Trip to the Dentist)

devastation (Devastation)

echoes (Echoes Silenced)

fiction (A Work of Fiction)

frightnight (Fright Night)

fullmoon (Full Moon)

goodnayeber (Good Nayeber)

greaterlove (Greater Love)

halloween (Halloween Plans)

harlots-story (Harlots Story)

haunting (A Haunting of the Heart)

highstakes (High Stakes)

hope (Hope)

horns (Taking the Bull by the Horns)

housekeeper (Why Mr Chris Wants a New HouseKeeper)

lovesomething (If You Love Something)

magic (It's a Kind of Magic)

memories, memories-2 (Mementos and Memories)

mummy (Night of the Mummy)

oneday (Aftermath: One Day at a Time)

onlyatoday (Only a Today)

pastdeeds1, pastdeeds2 (Echoes of Past Deeds)

pilgrims (Pilgrims, Indians and Family)

posting (Posting the Male)

protect (To Protect His Own)

redlights (Red Lights and Specials)

rockin (Rockin')

secret (Silly Little Secret)

sentiments (Sentiments of Grief)

seven (Seven by Heather F)

shock (Shock)

someone1, someone2 (Someone to Watch over me)

steprightup (Step Right Up)

talk (We Have Ways of Making you Talk

thanks1, thanks2 (And for this we give thanks)

trolling (A Trolling We Will Go)

tumbleweeds1, tumbleweeds2, tumbleweeds3 (Tumbleweeds)

wallofwater (Wall of Water)

watching (Watching)

whatever (Whatever Can, Will)

wishes1, wishes2 (If Wishes were horses)


FOLDERS = 4 (learning to improvise could be considered 3 or 3 chapters. if 3 fics = 6 total instead of 4) RECOUNT = 6

ashes (Ashes and Smoke)

deception (Deception)

learning (could be considered 3 fics or 3 chapters) (Learning to Improvise, 1,2,3)

thrawn (Thrawn - adult)

ADULT FICS = 33 (one was moved to x15)    RECOUNT = 32 not including 1 moved to x15

bombshell-sl1, bombshell-sl2  (Bombshell - adult)

bymyside (By My Side)

duel (The Duel)

dyingrain (A Dying Rain)

fire (reflected fire)

foulmouth (His Foul Mouth)

grounding (Grounding)

haunted heart (Haunted Heart)

horns-a (Taking the Bull by the Horns - adult)

interlude (Interlude)

interruptions (Interuptions)

jungle (King of the Jungle)

live (Long as I Live)

loveofezra (For the Love of Ezra)

luckyman (A Lucky Man)

marked1, marked2 (Marked)

mates (Mates)

olmanjohnson (Ol' Man Johnson)

otherhearts (Other Hearts)

place (A Place for Me in Your Heart)

revenge1, revenge2 (Revenge)

ride (From the Ride to the Fall)

right (Getting it Right)

rose (A ROse by Any other Name)

scartch (To Scratch an Itch)

secondchance (Second Chance)

sleeplessnights (Sleepless Nights)

tease (Tease)

wakeupcall (Wake up Call)

wildcard (Wild Card in the Pack)

windchange1, windchange2, windchange3 (Wind Change)

wjhh1, wjhh2 (What Just Happened Here?)

xconvergence (moved to folder 15) Convergence