Gen folders = 10

Gen fics = 47

Adult folders = 12

Adult fics = 37 (including 1 moved to x15)

10 + 47 + 12 + 37 = 106     RECOUNT = 10+47+12+37=106



apprentice (the Apprentice)

blame (Blame)

kidnapped (Kidnapped)

maze (The Maze)

misfits (Misfits)

moon (Moon and the Mare)

private (Private Investigations)

street (Street Gang)

taking (Taking Flight)

trinity (Trinity: Book One: Embers)

INDIVIDUAL GEN FICS = 47   RECOUNT = 47 not including 1 removed by author

angels (Dreaming of Angels)

beaming (Positively Beaming)

bet-5 (The Bet 5)

bonds (Present Bonds)

breaks (Thems the Breaks)

butterflies (When Butterflies Attack)

camp (Letter from Camp)

cinema (Cinema Verite by Judi)

cooperstown (Cooperstown)

cowboys (Comic Cowboys)

deadman1, deadman2, deadman3 (Dead Man Walking)

diehard1, diehard2 (Die Hard the Hunter)

dreams (Dreams)

education (Education in an Elevator)

faces1, faces2, faces3 (Faces from the past)

family (Extended Family)

fear (Fear)

fragile1, fragile2 (Fragile Ties)

fullcircle1, fullcircle2, fullcircle3 (Full Circle)

greaterlove1, greaterlove2 (Greater Love)

home (Home is Where the Heart Is)

hurt (You only Hurt the One you Love)

hurting1, hurting2 (Hurting the Ones We Love)

illusions (Illusions of Reality)

keepsake (Keepsake)

lady1, lady2, lady3 (Always the Lady)

lessons (Lessons)

light (A Light to Guide Me)

lowilla (Lowilla)

loyalty,  (Loyalty)

loyalty-2 (Loyalty: The Bust)

music (Music Hath CHarms)

newbeginning (New Beginning)

no-one (No One Like You)

pards (Pards)

pastlinks (Past Links)

rendezvous (Midnight Rendezvous)

reunion1, reunion2 (Reunion)

rhapsody (Rhapsody)

scars-1, scars-2, scars-3, scars-4 (Scars)

scenario (Worst Case scenario)

seven1, seven2 (Seven by Nancy)

still-1, still-2 (Still)

stillwithin (Still Within)

stitch (Stitch in Time)

stranded (Stranded)

timealone1, timealone2 (Just Need Some Time Alone)

whomweserve (Those Whom We Serve)

ADULT FOLDERS = 4 folders containing 12 fics   RECOUNT = 12

art (3) The art of kissing, the art of loving, the art of Living

humanheart (7) (The Human Heart Series)

paradise (Paradise Lost)

strip (Strip n Dales)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 37 (including 1 moved to x15)  RECOUNT = 37 Not including 1 moved to 15

adventure (JD's Adventure in Embarrassment)

amazed (Amazed)

badlove (Bad Love)

beginning (The Beginning)

blossoms (Blossoms)

by-a-nose (By a Nose)

companion (Companion)

delight (Afternoon Delight)

desperado (Desperado)

destiny (Destiny)

devilinside (The Devil Inside)

fireworks (Fireworks)

foold (How Long We Were Fool'd)

goodforyou (Good for You)

heart (When I Listen To My Heart)

hiding (In Hiding)

inmyarms (In My Arms Again)

loveletter, (The Love Letter)

loveletter-2 (The Love Letter 2)

lucky (Lucky)

midnight (Midnight Caller)

missingyou (Missing You)

neworleans (One Night in New Orleans)

notagame (Not a Game)

office (One Day at the Office)

onelasttime (One Last Time)

perfectday (The Perfect Day)

rainynights (Rainy Nights)

silk (Of the Uses and Abuses of Silk)

silverdollar (The Silver Dollar)

skin (Beneath the Skin)

snowbound (Snow Bound)

stuck1, stuck2 (Stuck on You)

surprise (Surprise)

swimming (Swimming)

tooquiet (Too QUiet)

wild (One Day in the Wild)

xgame (moved to x15) Would you Care to Indulge in a Game of Chance?