Gen folders = 6

Gen fics = 40

Adult folders = 39

Adult fics = 30

6 + 40 + 39 + 30 = 115   RECOUNT = 6+38+36+30=110



adam (Don't Know from Adam)

lost (Lost by Winnie Power)

memory (If Memory Serves)

odd-man-out (Odd Man Out)

retribution (Retribution, Seven Style)

trouble (The Trouble with Tatooine)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 40    RECOUNT = 38 not including two unfinished

2-am (Two a.m.)

allegiance (Pledge Allegiance)

bet-3 (The Bet 3)

bet-4 (the Bet 4)

betterman (Better Man)

birthday (Birthday Blues)

bittersweet1, bittersweet2 (Bittersweet)

bull (Bullshit)

changes1, changes2, changes3 (Changes in Attitude)

dinner (Dinner and a show)

face (Face from the past)

fathers (That's What Father's do)

fathersday (Father's Day)

fire (Standing outside the fire)

firebug (Firebug)

friend (A Friend in Deed)

help1, help2 (Only wanted to Help)

hide-and-seek (Hide and Seek)

impressions (First Impressions)

infidelities1, infidelities2 (Infidelities)

leap-of-faith (Leap of Faith)

life1, life2 (A Day in the Life)

niche1, niche2 (Carving their niche)

noblefriend1, noblefriend2 (My Noble Friend)

pain (Pain)

parenttrap (Parent Trap)

powerplay (Power Play)

presents (Presents and Promises)

realfather (A real father)

redsky1, redsky2, redsky3 (Under the Red Sky)

schooldays (School Days)

sombra (Sombre De Ti) IN PROGRESS -See adult listing

soulmates (Soul Mates)

sunscreen (Mexican SunScreen)

treasure (Unexpected Treasure)

whenitrains (Only When it rains)

wind, (Written on the Wind)

wind1 (Wild as the Wind by Silverwolf)

windows (Windows of the Soul) To be continued

wolf (The Spirit of the Wolf)


alone (7) (Alone in the Crowd)

decent-thing (The Decent Thing)

vignettes (31 as of 04/06/02)  (28 as of 05/04/02)


12-pack (the Twelve pack)

believe (Something to Believe in)

boy (Boy meets dildo)

buckaroo (Buckaroo)

evening-moon (Evening Moon)

hangovers (Hangovers and Revelations)

jackdaniels (Jack Daniels and Pain)

lockpicks (Lock Picks and Photographs)

mirror (Mirror Image)

morning-sun (Morning Sun)

name (Whats in a name?)

pearl (Pearl)

reassurances (Reassurances)

reflections (Reflections)

risk (risk)

shadows (Shadows)

silver-and-gold (Silver and Gold)

sombra (Sombra De Ti by Emerald)  Was in authors but not titles. Added to titles.

soul (Soul Language)

surprise (Surprise)

sweetsins (Sweet Sins)

things (All the things that you do)

time (Time Well spent)

walkingdrag1, walkingdrag2 (Walking Drag)

wanting (Wanting)

wanting-more (Wanting, More)

wanting-too (Wanting too)

watch1, watch2, watch3, watch4 (Keeping Watch)

window1, window2 (A WIndow Left Open)

wishes (No More Wishes)