Gen folders = 24

Gen fics = 43

Adult folders = 8

Adult fics = 28

24 + 43 + 8 + 28  = 103   RECOUNT =24+41+13+27=105


GEN FOLDERS = 16 folders with 24 fics  RECOUNT = 24

brothers (Brothers Larabee by Phyllis)

chivalry (Chivalry's End)

crossroads (Crossroads)

darcy (Darcy)

handmaiden (The Handmaiden's Story)

hero (The Hero of Joffa)

jamesburg (2)

lucky (Lucky Day)

mondayschild (2)

peso (In for a Peso, In for a Pound)

raven (A raven in the snow)

road (Road to Hell)

saddle (The Saddle Bronc)

skunk (7) (The Skunk Chronicles)

sometimes (Sometimes it takes a mothers touch)

trials (Trials)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 43  RECOUNT = 41 not including 1 duplicate and 1 removed by AUthor

afternoon (Dog Day Afternoon)

anotherbrick1, anotherbrick2, anotherbrick3 (Another Brick)

arcticfreeze (Arctic Freeze)

bathtime Duplicated in Skunk folder

beast (Of man and beast)

bet (The Bet)

bet-2 (The Bet 2)

brothers (Brothers in Arms)

change1, change2 (Change of Heart)

cliches (Cliches and New Meanings)

crows (the Murder of Crows)

decorum1, decorum2 (Dulce Et Decorum Est)

doubletake1, doubletake2 (DoubleTake)

elvis (Calling Elvis)

finalcall1, finalcall2 (Final Call)

funeral (The Funeral of Obediah Jackson)

gift1, gift2 (A Gift from an old friend)

glasses (reading glasses)

golfers (New Golfers)

goodfolks (Good Folks)

green (The Wearin' O the Green by Judi)

growingpains1, growingpains2 (Growing Pains)

heartstrings1, heartstrings2 (Heart Strings)

intentions1, intentions2, intentions3 (Honorable Intentions)

JohnGood1, JohnGood2 (Johnny be Good by Carol Pahl)

lions (A Gathering of Lions)

lost-found (Lost and Found by Silverwolf)

mori1, mori2, mori3 (Pro Patria Mori)

nowords1, nowords2 (Again No Words)

place (The perfect place)

recertification1, recertification2 (Recertification)

requiem (requiem)

runawaytrain (Runaway Train)

settingsun1, settingsun2 (to the Setting Sun)

soulmates (Soulmates)

stranger1, stranger2 (A Stranger's Protection)

styles (Styles)

telling-2a, telling-2b (The Telling 2

threats (Threats)

tilithurts (Give Til it Hurts)

tobemore1, tobemore2 (To Be More)

trade (Emotional Trade)

waywardson1, waywardson2, waywardson3 (Wayward Son)

ADULT FOLDERS = 5 folders with 8 fics  RECOUNT = 13 fics

heaven (Closer to Heaven)

heroes (Heroes Hearts = 6)

life-love (In Life, In Love)

lonesome (4) Nothing Like Lonesome

music (Music of the rain)


approach (Watch your angle of approach)

ashes1, ashes2 (From the Ashes)

beer (One Night after too much beer)

beginnings (Endings and Beginnings)

believe (Believe)

birthday (Birthday)

candy (Easter Candy)

date (The Date)

door1, door2 (When a Door Closes)

feverheat (Fever Heat)

flywithme1, flywithme2 (Come FLy with Me)

heart (Deep in the heart)

heat (by mother rati)

heavenstears (Heaven's Tears)

index (CHECK)

meeting (Meeting at Midnight)

nogooddeed1, nogooddeed2 (No Good Deed)

ridehome (The Ride Home)

river (There's always a river Somewhere)

see-dont (See that ya don't)

silentworld (Silent World by Tarlan)

springnight (By A Cool Spring night)

standingtall (Standing Tall)

strike (Serpent's Strike)

studpoker (Stud Poker)

trails-trials (Trails and Trials)

vinsback (Thank God Vin's Back)

wars-own (Wars Own?)