Gen folders = 16

Gen fics = 42

Adult folders = 11

Adult fics = 43

16 + 42 + 11 + 43  = 112   RECOUNT = 15+38+10+43=106


GEN FOLDERS = 9 folders including 16 fics  RECOUNT = 15 not including 1 duplicated in another folder

ambassadors (Ambassadors)

borrowedtime (Borrowed Time)

connecting (Connecting the Dots)

deathwatch (Death Watch) duplicated in Darlin's Challenge Folder

facets (8 as of 04/06/02)

hispast (A Part of His Past)

reap (reap a bitter harvest)

way (The Way of the Jedi)

winters (A Long Winter's Hike)

INDIVIDUAL GEN FIC = 42  RECOUNT = 38 not including 1 removed and 3 duplicated

aintthatlife (Ain't that Life)

anniversary (Happy Anniversary Mr. Larabee)

blanks (Shootin' blanks) See Skunk Chronicles

chosen (Chosen Family)

common (Unexpected in Common Hours)

courtesy (Professional Courtesy) See Skunk Chronicles

crocodiles1, crocodiles2 (The Mouths of Crocodiles

deadman1, deadman2 (Dead man Talking)

decision (A Decision for a Life)

did-too (Did Too)

dontletgo (Don't Let Go)

eternal (Eternal)

high-and-dry (High And Dry)

homealone (AT Home Alone by Judi)

honor (Ways to Honor)

interference (Past Interference)

knife-bullet (The Knife and the Bullet)

knight (silent knight)

learningcurve1, learningcurve2 (The Learning Curve)

luckier (Could be Luckier)

moments (Moments Like These)

morningoff (Morning Off)

mrtanner (Facets: Very Funny Mr. Tanner) Duplicated in Facets folder

onemorning (Just One Morning)

outhouse (Outhouse Shootout)

promise (A Promise to Keep)

reason (reason for being)

repairs (repairs and renovations)

roses1, roses2 (China Roses)

secrets (Secrets from the Past)

settingsun (To the Setting Sun)

seven (When they were seven)

silentnight (Silent Night)

southwind1, southwind2 (South Wind)

tablemanners (Table Manners)

tangledweb (Oh what a tangled web we weave)

timex (The Timex)

tit-for-tat (Tit for Tat)

traitor1, traitor2, traitor3 (Inside Traitor)

TSW (Tennyson, Shakespear and Wilmington)

valentine (On the Eve of St Valentine)

wintersend (Larabee's Unit: Winters End)

ADULT FOLDERS = 6 folders containing 11 fics  RECOUNT = 10 not including 1 in progress

allthat (All That We're Allowed)

dinner (3)

fractures  (fic in progress)

medical (Medical Misadventure)

pointblank (4) (Point Blank Range)

trouble (Trouble)


believing (Seeing is Believing)

bottles (Empty Bottles)

candy (Hearts and Candy)

choices (Choices and Such

chooselife (Choose life)

claimed-2 (Claimed - Part 2)

dot-to-dot1, dot-to-dot2 (Dot to Dot)

dream, (email form of "Finishing the Dream" by stacie)

dream-2 (Finishing the Dream)

dreaming (The Dreaming Pool)

dreams (Dreams of You All through my head)

embarrassed (Embarrased)

flowers (Flowers and Candy)

foundation (True Foundation, a Penance Epilogue by Heart Quest) ADDED TO INDEX

gotyourback (Got Your Back, Pard)

headlights (deer in the headlights)

honor (Ways to Honor)

icing (Icing on the cake)

killingtime (Killing Time)

liveandlove (A Time to Live and Love Again)

message (The Message)

mondayblues (Monday Blues)

necking (Necking)

poison1, poison2 (One Man's Poison)

powerstruggle (Power Struggle)

sameforus (The Same for Us)

satisfaction (Satisfaction)

secrets (Secrets from the past)

shelter (Shelter)

shoelaces (Spit and Shoelaces)

smoke (Blowin' Smoke)

snowplows (Snow Plows and Steamy Windows)

spider (Dreams of the Spider)

sugarplums (Visions of Sugarplums)

sweethell (Sweet Hell)

toknow (To Know a Thing)

traffic (Traffic Jams and Tinted Windows)

truth (Truth in the Balance)

visit (The Visit)

warmfire (A Warm Fire to Soothe the Souls)

welcomehome (Welcome Home)

word (To Hear the Word)

world (The World According to Garth)

young (And the Young Shall Lead)