Gen folders = 15

Gen fics = 37

Adult folders = 17

Adult fics = 36

15 + 37 + 17 + 36 = 105    RECOUNT = 15+34+11+35=95



blade (Fine Edge of the Blade)

deadman (Dead Man's Wake)

fork-road (Fork in the Road)

friendtome (A Friend to Me)

justsmile (Just Smile)

marker (The Marker)

morethanwords (More than Words)

nightmares (Past Nightmares)

shades (Shades of Winter)

silentnight (Silent Night, Deadly Night)

spirit (The Spirit of a Hero)

taken (Taken for a Ride)

trap (The Trap)

whenmyheart (When My Heart Finds Christmas)

zoo (The Zoo)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 37  RECOUNT = 34 not including 2 removed by author and one duplicated in folder 10

baptized (How Four Idjiots Got Baptized)

before1, before2 (Before they were seven, Christmas...)

believing (Seeing is Believing)

blindfaith1, blindfaith2 (Blind Faith - ATF)

boys1, boys2 (Boys will be Boys)

cassy1, cassy2 (Cassy)

coldnights (Cold Nights)

dividedheart (Divided Heart)

fates1, fates2 (If the Fates Allow)

feline (Felines Facsimiles by Judi)

friends (These Friends of Mine)

goodluck1, goodluck2, goodluck3 (Good Luck...For Once)

go-on (Go On)

grandpa1-g, grandpa2-g  (Grandpa)

greatcon1, greatcon2, greatcon3 (The Greatest Con)

hannah (Dear Hannah)

heart (Heart of Gold)

heaven1, heaven2 (Seventh Heaven)

heroes1, heroes2 (Little Boys and Heroes)

hope1, hope2, hope3 (Hope and Angel's Wings)

horses1, horses2, horses3 (Horses, Cloth and Fish)

hymn (Hymn of Thanksgiving)

identity1, identity2 (mistaken Identity)

infromthecold (In from the cold)

miracle (Santa's Little Miracle)

perceptions1, perceptions2 (Perceptions)

reasons1, reasons2 (All the Reasons Why)

resolutions (Resolutions)

ridehome (ride Home)

scenes (Scenes of My Life)

slippery (Slippery When Wet)

spokes1, spokes2, spokes3 (Spokes in the Wheel)

springdaze (Spring Daze) duplicate of skunk chronicles in folder 10

things (All Things Great and Small by Judi)

traditions1, traditions2 (Traditions)

visit (A Visit from the Seven)

waiting1, waiting2, waiting3 (Waiting for a Place to Happen)

ADULT FOLDERS = 6 folders including 17 fics, 6 moved to x15  RECOUNT = 11, not including 6 moved to x15

angels (X-mas Angels)

deuceswild (Dueces Wild)

hurt-so-good (7 Biteme, burning, catnip, glory and pain, jiggleit, lost and found, speechless)

paradise (Trouble in Paradise)

xnothingnew (6 Moved to x15 - two kisses, you burn, in the light, and you burn, moorings, end of day)

yipyip  (Yip Yip Bunyip)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 36 (including 1 moved to x15)  RECOUNT = 35 not including 1 removed by author

amenities1, amenities2 (All the amenities)

butter (Like Lickin' Butter of a knife)

claimed (Claimed)

cranberry (Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing)

crazy (Mama, He's Crazy)

down-dirty (Down and Dirty)

downpour (Downpour)

dream-wish (A Dream is a Wish)

easy (So Much fer Easy)

frost (Melted Frost)

grandpa1, grandpa2 (Grandpa - AD)

liquidtruth (The Liquid Truth)

livelier1, livelier2 (Don't Come Much Livelier)

lunch (out to Lunch)

magicman (The Magic Man)

missed (Missed by Kris)

preacher (Playing with the Preacher by Rose)

present (The Christmas Present by Jen)

redeemed1, redeemed2 (Sins Redeemed)

religion (Buck Gets Religion)

risk (Worth the Risk)

shoe (If the Shoe Fits)

something (If you love something)

sometimes (Sometimes When We Touch)

spirit1, spirit2, spirit3 (In the Spirit)

standby (Standby)

tablefortwo (Table for Two)

taken (Taken)

thrill (The Thrill of Defeat)

treat1, treat2 (Ezra's Halloween Treat)

tree (Oh Christmas Tree...)

tricktreat (Trick or Treat)

validation (Validation)

walls (If Walls could Talk)

xmastale (A Christmas Tale)

xtouch (removed  by author) (The Gentle Touch by Lumina)