Gen folders = 21

Gen fics = 38

Adult folders = 8

Adult fics = 40

21 + 38 + 8 + 40 = 107   RECOUNT = 20+35+3+36=94


GEN FOLDERS = 18 folders with 21 fics  RECOUNT = 20 not including 1 removed by author

allhallows (All Hallows Eve)

black (Black Widow)

brothers (Brothers by Sevenstars)

brothers-2 (Brothers - variation 2)

corrido (La Corrido Del Coyote)

devils (Devils bargain)

hisplace (His Place with Them by Judi) Removed by Author

man-for-man (Man for Man)

maverick (Maverick Men)

nightmares (Candied Corn Nightmares)

oldfriends (Old Friends, New Enemies)

paying (Paying on Sins)

redemption (Redemption)

rite (Rite of Passage)

say-it-with (Say it with Mushrooms)

secrets (4) (Secrets)

transgressions (Transgressions)

TSATC (To Soar Above the Clouds)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 38   RECOUNT = 35 not including 3 removed by authors

buffalo1, buffalo2 (Where the Buffalo Roam)

bye-bye (Bye Bye Kitties by Judi) removed

chance1, chance2 (A Snow Ball's Chance)

conversation (Misconceptions and COnversation)

derriere (A Man's Derriere)

details1, details2 (Conflicting Details)

eerie1, eerie2 (Are your Cases Always This Eerie)

firstname (On a First Name Basis)

froze1, froze2 (Froze)

fullmoon (Full Moon at Four Corners)

hardride1, hardride2 (Hard Ride)

heypard1, heypard2 (Hey Pard)

intoxicated (Intoxicated)

janet (Janet)

joys (Joys and Disappointments)

kittytalk (Kittytalk by Judi) removed

kyle (Kyle Standish)

labor (Labor)

lesson (Ezra's Lesson)

lessons (Lessons Unlearned)

letterhome1, letterhome2 (The Letter Home)

lowdakrap (Lowdakrap)

myson (He's My Son)

paths (Crossing Paths)

prayer (Josiah's Prayer for Ezra)

proposal (The Proposal)

shadows1, shadows2, shadows3 (Out of the Shadows)

shortcuts1, shortcuts2 (Shortcuts)

showdown (First Showdown)

soul1 (Affirmation of Soul by Suzi B)

storms1, storms2 (storms of the past)

surprises (Christmas Eve Surprises)

talent1, talent2 (A Talent for the Game)

thwartamend (Thwart and Amend)

ties1, ties2, ties3 (Strong Ties)

train1, train2 (The Train)

value (Value)

visitors (The Visitors)

ADULT FOLDERS = 4 including 8 fics, 5 moved to x15 RECOUNT = 3, not including 5(series) moved to x15

ISAIH (In Sickness and in Health)

nonbeliever (Non-believer)

virgin (Virgin Territory)

xhonestman (5 moved to x15)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 40 including 4 moved to x15   RECOUNT = 36 (Not including 4 moved to x15)

admissions1, admissions2 (Admissions)

allmixedup (All mixed Up)

blessing (Bysha's Blessing)

blindsided (Blindsided by Sabro)

bruise (Is that a Bruise)

charm (Fourth Time's a Charm)

contest (The Contest)

dreams (Dreams and Reality)

dreamscapes (Dream Scapes)

eternity (From Nowhere to Eternity)

everytime (Before there were seven, Every time I cried)

game (Who's Game?)

healinghands (Healing Hands)

hourglass (Through the Hourglass)

knees (His Knees)

landing (DIA-ORD Late Landing)

lioncubs1, lioncubs2 (Lion Cubs, Tigers and Bears, Oh My)

luckydog (Lucky Dog)

manlysex (Manly Sex)

monday1, monday2 (Monday Night Fever)

mylife1, mylife2 (This was my life)

otherside (The Other Side: Penanace Epilogue)

reckoning2 (The Reckoning 2)

reining (Reining Him In)

reminders (Reminders)

roses (Roses and Dreams)

sametime (Same Time Next Year)

shadow1, shadow2 (Beyond a Shadow)

strangetown (A Strange Little Town)

stringin (Stringin' 'em Along)

sunday (On Any Given Sunday)

tale (A Halloween Tale)

unlonely,  unlonely1, unlonely2, (Unlonely)

variety (Variety ain't a spice)

vibrations (Good Vibrations)

whiskey (Whiskey, You're the Devil)

xoffering (Offering) moved to x15

xstormset (Stormset) moved to x15

xwatershed (Watershed) moved to x15

xyearning (Yearning) moved to x15