Gen folders = 8

Gen fics = 28

Adult folders = 25

Adult fics = 54

8 + 28 + 25 + 54 = 115  RECOUNT = 8+27+17+44=96



darkest (Darkest Hours)

eagles (With Eagle's Wings)

ghosts (The Ghosts of Memory)

journey (Journey Home)

losttrail (Lost Trail)

nomorewords (No More Words)

rain (After the Rain)

thewreck (The Wreck)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 28  RECOUNT 27, not including two in question

500dollars (Five Hundred Dollars)

babytalk (Baby Talk) NOT IN INDEX

christmas1, (Christmas Eve Atf Style)

christmas2 (Christmas ATF style)

darkness (A Darkness Within)

dragons1, dragons2 (Dragon's Tale)

dreamer (Beautiful Dreamer)

good-bye (Good-bye Love)

jdsong (JD's Song)

jobdone (My Job is Done)

jobdone2 (My Job is Done 2)

katie (Call me Katie)

life (Preparing for Life)

memories (Forgotten Memories)

never1, never2, never3 (Never Released)

oneofus1, oneofus2 (One of Us)

onhisown (On His Own)

paths (Crossing Paths)

pieces1, pieces2 (Pieces of Me)

poet (Poet's Heart)

pressure (The Ranch: Pressure)

punchingbag (Punching Bag)

purple (Because the Sky Ain't Purple)

reflections (Reflections)

runaway (Runaway)

TTB-01 (Thicker than Blood)

twokinds (Two Kinds of Duty)


winter1, winter2 (Larabees Unit Winter's Beginning)

ADULT FOLDERS = 7 including 25 fics with 2 folders 13 fics moved to x15  RECOUNT = 17 (not including 13 moved to x15)

king (King of the Mountain)

lethal (Lethal Weapon)

rules-game (8) (Rules of the game. 8 named parts.)

tumbling (Tumbling Out Series -- 6 stories)

victim (Victim of Love)

xacceptance (5 moved to x15) (Acceptance Series)

xkiss (8 moved to x15) (The Kiss Series)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 54 including 6 moved to x15  RECOUNT = 44, not including 3 duplicated and moved to series folder in 15, 1 removed by author and 6 moved to 15

3words (Three Little Words)

afterdinner (After Dinner by Silver) Duplicated in Acceptance Series folder in x 15

afternoon (Taking Him on a Sunday Afternoon)

beginning (A Beginning)

bestfriends (The Best of Friends)

birthdayez (Happy Birthday, Ez)

blackblue (Black and Blue)

blackblue2 (Black and Blue 2)

bonds (Responsible Bonds)

cabinfever (Cabin Fever)

camping (Camping)

comingclean (Coming Clean)

companions (Companions)

cowboy (Born to Cowboy)

dance1, dance2 (Caught by the Dance)

dinner (Late for Dinner)

doyouknow (Do You Know)

dreaming (Dreaming)

forever (The Big Forever)

friends (With a Little Help from Friends)

game (Game, Set, Match)

hitormiss (Hit or Miss)

hothumid (Hot and Humid)

ideas (Ideas)

invited (Invited and Accepted) -- duplicate, included in series moved to x15

justadream (Just A Dream)

leaving (Leaving)

lovelove (love-Love)

luck (As Luck Would have it)

mark (Mark)

meanttobe (Meant to Be)

morning (Morning After) duplicated. Moved to Series in x15

newlaw (The New Law: Missing Scene)

nylon (Nylon Heaven)

obsession (Obsession - Missing Scene)

past (The Past Comes Back)

pin (Dancing on the Head of a Pin)

plans (Week-end Plans)

preserve (Peach Preserve Us...)

reckoning (The Reckoning)

squeakytoy (Squeaky Toy)

sticky (A Sticky Situation)

theheat (If You Can't Stand the Heat)

tomorrow (What Tomorrow May Bring)

touch (Touch)

twodoors (Two Doors Down)

wagonsho (Wagon Ho, Whoa Boys)

welcome (Welcome to the Team Ezra by Judi) Not in Index (Judi removed her fics?)

xbestowlove (Bestowing Love) Moved to 15

xbetween (Between the Lines) Moved to 15

xcaress (The Whispered Caress) Moved to 15

xdesserts (Just Desserts) Moved to 15

xgunbelt (A simple Matter of a Gunbelt) Moved to 15

xpilgrim (Pilgrim Soul) Moved to 15