Gen folders = 18

Gen fics = 33

Adult folders = 23

Adult fics = 49

18 + 33 + 23 + 49 = 123      RECOUNT = 18+29+12+41=100


GEN FOLDERS = 11 including 18 fics  RECOUNT = 18 fics

dakota (Dakota for the Holidays)

friend (for the sake of a Friend)

hellshot (2) (Hell of a shot)

larabees (Larabee's Unit: Search & Rescue)

OMS (Orphans, Mothers and Sons)

parables (7) (Parables)

stakeout (The Stakeout)

tanner (Like a Tanner)

twilight (Twilight at Four Corners)

wakeme (Wake Me When The Day is Over)

web-wise (Web of the Wise)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 33 including 1 removed by author   RECOUNT=29 (2 removed by author, 1 gen listed in Adult only not gen, 1 duplicated)

2am (2a.m.)

2bullets (Two Bullets, Two Days)

42-17 (42:17)

adayoff (A Day Off)

back4good (Back for Good)

benotafraid (Be Not Afraid)

birthday (Happy Birthday, Cowboy)

brothers (Brothers in Arms)

brush (A brush with Greatness)

camelot1, camelot2 (Camelot)

choice (Sometimes a Man Doesn't Have a Choice)

conversation (The Conversation)

dead-or-alive (Dead or Alive)

dependability (Dependability)

devilsong1, devilsong2 (The Devil's Song)

doc (Doc, There's Something Ailing Me)

freshair (Fresh Air)

friends1, friends2 (I Got Friends who'll come for me) NOT in Gen Title or Author. Is in ADULT

hellshot1 (in a separate folder)

hoax1, hoax2  (Hoax)

maintain (Maintain to the Last)

mansword (A Man's Word)

moment (An Unguarded Moment)

neverasked1, neverasked2 (Never Asked)

pain (Pain of Remembering by Peggy)

pain2 (Pain of Rmembering 2)

scar (Scar)

slippery (Slippery Road)

stranger (A Mysterious Stranger)

tainted-x (Tainted Water by Tillyboo)

vanquished1, vanquished2 (Vanquished)

witches (The Witches of Wilson Pass)


ADULT FOLDERS = 10 folders including 23 fics of which 3 folders of 9 fics moved to x15  RECOUNT = 12 (not including 1 removed by author, 9 fics moved to x15, 1 duplicate folder --throughhis throughmy)

accusations (Accusations)

betterlate (better Late than Never)

relative-x (Relative Love by Tilly)

sevendays (8) (Seven Days by Linda)

tete-a-tete (Tete a Tete Times Two)

throughhis (Through His Eyes by Kathy)

throughmy (Through His Eyes by Kathy)

xstakeout (moved to x15) (The Stakeout - Adult)

xstilltolove ( 7 moved to x15) (And Still to Love)

xtesting (moved to x15) (Testing Time)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS =49 including 8 moved to x15  RECOUNT = 41 (not including 8 moved to x15)

amends (Making Amends)

angels (Snow Angels)

birds-bees1, birds-bees2 (The Birds and the Bees)

catsaway (While the Cat's Away...)

cockbull (A Cock and Bull Story)

cominghome (Coming Home by Peggy)

deardiary (Dear Diary)

dejavu (Dejavu All over again)

dreamlover (Dream Lover)

everything1, everything2 (Worth Everything)

fairytale (A Fairy Tale Ending)

fantasies (Fantasies)

filethis (File This)

freshair-a (Fresh Air - Adult)

friends1, friends2 (I Got Friends Who'll come for me)

fw-friends (Foul Weather Friends)

heartsoul (Heart and Soul)

inhiskiss (It's In His Kiss)

innocent (Innocent Encouter)

invitation (open Invitation)

life (The Way Life Used to Be)

love (Blinding Love)

magic (Magic by Debbie K)

matters1, matters2 (Matters of the Heart)

moonlite (Moonlight and Memories)

needalift (Need a Lift?)

notinnocent (Not so Innocent Encounter)

notjustajob (IT's Not Just a Job, it's an adventure)

philosophy (Philosophy for life)

prodding (Gentle Prodding)

reflections (reflections of)

resolutions (resolutions)

rest (rest)

satisfied (Satisfied)

strongsilent (The Strong, Silent Type)

sugarandspice (Sugar and Spice)

sunday (Easy Like Sunday Morning)

sweet (Sweet Treat)

unsaid (Left Unsaid by Ange)

wagontrain (Wagon Train - Missing Scene)

whiteheat (White Heat)

xdisclosure1, xdisclosure2 (Ambiguous Disclosure)

xindigo (Indigo)

xlight (Out of the Light)

xmemory1, xmemory2 (Jagged Memory)

xny-denver (New York to Denver)

xshower (See-Through Shower)

xtrain (Boarding the Damn Train)

xunexpected (Unexpected)