Gen folders = 29

Gen fics = 25

Adult folders = 17

Adult fics = 56

29 + 25 + 17 + 56  = 127  RECOUNT = 26+23+3+51=103


GEN FOLDERS = 16 folders including 29 fic one of which removed by author  RECOUNT = 26 stories in 13 folders (Not including 1 removed by author and draft version of Fallen Angels, stakeout folder in m7fic5)

aerie (The Aerie)

beats (Beats)

common (Common Ground)

dust (Dust on their Souls)

faire (Faire Play)

fallen (Draft version of Fallen Angels)

inhishands (In His Hands)

last  (Last Impression)

magnificent (4) Magnificent Quest

pardon (The Pardon)

physical (The Physical)

ranch (11) (The Ranch)

sevendays (Seven Days)

stakeout (The Stakeout) Duplicated in m7fic5

transfer (Transfer)


GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 25   RECOUNT = 23 (two redirects and the physical duplicated in and out of folder)

andolian (Andolian)

badluck1, badluck2 (Bad Luck)

beingthere (Being There)

birthday (A Birthday to Remember)

buckinez (Buck and Inez)

encounters (Close Encounters of the Worst Kind)

fork1, fork2 (Fork in the Road)

game (Let the Game Begin)

hero (Bad Things Happen: A Hero is a Hero is a Hero)

nathan (Nathan)

nobounds (Love Shows No Bounds)

offspring (Offspring)

past (A Shared Past)

penalties (Penalties)

physical2, physical3, physical4, physical5 (in folder -- physical)

picture (A Picture is Worth...)

ranch1 (redirect)

someday (Someday)

someone (Someone He Knew)

southpark (The Siege of South Park)

stakeout (redirect to The Stakeout)

surprises,  (Surprises)

surprises2 (More Surprises)

wallflower (Wallflower)

work (Gotta Go to Work)

wwww (What, Where, Who & Why)

ADULT FOLDERS = 4 including 17 fics    RECOUNT = 3 not including JDchallenge folder, and 14 fics in "The Pain of Remembering" removed by Tilly)

jdchallenge (no fic)

pain-x (14)  (The Pain of Remembering by Tilly)

physical (The Physical)

rumors (Rumors)

stacked (Stacked between You and Me)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 56 including 5 moved to x15   RECOUNT = 51 (Not including 5 moved to x15 and 1 included in tumbling out series)

alltalk (All Talk Almost No Action)

b-and-b1, b-and-b2, b-and-b3 (buttons and Beaus)

bathhouse (Bathhouse by Anhk)

bitten (Once Bitten)

boystoys (boys and their toys)

camp (Setting up Camp)

candle (The Last Candle)

catastrophe1, catastrophe2, catastrophe3 (Catastrophe)

chochigh (Chocolate High)

chocolates (A Box of Chocolates)

cleaning (Spring Cleaning)

delight (Chocolate Delight)

desserts (Just Desserts by Judy)

dreampie (Chocolate Dream Pie)

fishing1, (Gone Fishing)

fishing2 (Going Fishing)

games (Games People Play)

heart1, heart2, heart 3 (From My Heart to Yours)

hearts (Two of Hearts)

hisneed (His Need)

ifchris (If Chris Gives Vin a Chocolate)

lessons (Lessons from a Seminar)

loveshack (Love Shack Ba-a-by)

mishap (Mishap)

misunder (misunderstandings)

music (The Music of my heart)

nearer (A Little Nearer)

never2late (Never too Late by Tiffany)

no-talk (Almost no talk, all action)

painted (Painted-on Jeans)

payback (Payback)

rain (Singing in the Rain)

ransom (The Ransom)

released (Released)

rescue (The rescue of Red cheeks)

ribbons (Two Red Ribbons)

riding (Riding Double)

ring (Ring of Paradise)

secrets (Secrets Worth Keeping)

silentnight (Silent Night)

something (A Little Something to Ease the Pain)

steal (Steal of the Night)

straight (Setting things Straight)

surprise (Chocolate Surprise by Mady Bay)

tablecloth (That Darn TableCloth)

tumbling4 (Tumbling Out, of Range) In a different folder

valentine (Valentine's Day)

wallflower (Wallflower by Mady Bay)

warmingup (Warming Up)

withchris (Great Sex with Chris)

words (Words of Love)

xcrowd Three's Not A Crowd (x15)

xexperience With Age Comes Experience (x15)

xjoke Just a Joke (x15)

xlove Love (x15)

xties The Ties that Bind (x15)

yearnings (Silent Yearnings)