Gen folders = 12

Gen fics = 21

Adult folders = 26

Adult fics = 42

12 + 21 + 26 + 42 = 101  RECOUNT = 11+20+17+35=83


GEN FOLDERS = 12 including 1 removed by author  RECOUNT = 11 (not including 1 removed by author)

CIP (Change in Plans)

devils (devils Hand)

ferret (Ferret)

nowhere (Nowhere to Run)

raiders (The Magnificent Seven and The Raiders of the Lost Gold)

retreat (team Retreat)

revenge (Revenge is Mine)

second (Second Guessing)

shackles (Shackles)

silent (Silent Voices)

thegift (The Gift)


GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 21  RECOUNT = 20 (Not including 1 moved to m7fic4 and 1 apparently withdrawn by author)

allineed (All I Need to know)

alliwant (All I Want For Christmas)

aprfools (April Fools)

believe (I Believe in You)

bullet (One Bullet)

delany1, delany2, delany3 (Delany)

dont-go, (Don't Go There, Kid)

dont-go2 (Don't Go There, Kid II)

greatest (The Greatest Gift)

heavy (He Ain't Heavy)

incident (Incident on a Summer Day)

innocent (Until Proven Innocent)

journey-x (The Journey Home by Tilly) Not in Title Index

last-1st (The Last Christmas, The First Christmas)

life (It's a Dunnederful Life)

miracle (Birthday Miracle)

nexttime (Next Time)

office (I Wished I'd Stayed at the Office)


promise1, promise2 (A Promise Kept - Carol Pahl)

slowdown (Slow down Time)

strtngovr (Starting Over)

ADULT FOLDERS = 8 including 26 fics (includes 2 folders including 9 fics moved to x15)  RECOUNT = 17 (not including 9 moved to x15)

dreams (12) (Wet Dreams)

hunting (A Hunting We Will Go)

NEBY (Nobody Else But You)

never (Never Ending Obsession)

revenge (Revenge is Mine)

tears (A Tracker's Tears)

xjohnny (moved to x15)

xtonight (8 moved to x15)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 42 including 1 removed by author and 5 moved to x15   RECOUNT = 35 (Not including 5 moved to x15, 1 removed by author and 1 duplicated in tumbling out series in x6, 1 duplicated in Wet Dreams series)

14min (Fourteen Minutes)

alliwant, (All I want for Christmas)

alliwant2 (All I want for Christmas II)

almost (Almost Awake at Midnight)

backrub (Sometimes Ya Need A Good Old Backrub)

birthday (Happy 40th Birthday Chris Larabee)

cake (Let Him Eat Cake)

cartwright (Cartwright's Revenge)

change (things change)

conference (The Conference)

firsttime (The Very First Time)

gift (The Greatest Gift, by storm)

hiding (No More Hiding)

insecurities (Insecurities - Mady Bay)

juniper (Juniper)

lasthing (The Last Thing I was Dreaming of...)

locked (The Locked Room)

makingup (Making Up)

monster (The Green-eyed Monster)

nothim (Not Him)

onenight (One Dark and Stormy Night)

place (The Place God Promised)

pleasures (Pleasures) This is part of the Wet Dreams Series. ADD to AUTHOR INDEX for Winter!

pwp (PWP)

rocks (Love on the Rocks)

salve (A Healing Salve)

seduces (Seduces Me)

smllwrld (It's a Small World After All)

stallion (Stallion)

suckingup (Sucking Up)

surprise (Birthday Surprise)

thebeach (The Beach)

thelie (The Lie)

threes (Three's Company)

tumbling3 (Tumbling Out, Of the Closet) (LINK LEADS TO SERIES IN x6 Tumbling Folder)

vail1, vail2 (When in Vail)

wishes (Christmas Wishes)

xideal  (moved to x15) (Ideal World)

xj-reb (moved to x15)

xmine (moved to x15)

xneedsmust (moved to x15)

xpoker (moved to x15)

xx-kb-best-rev (removed by author)