Gen folders = 24

Gen fics = 43 (includes 2 removed)

Adult folders = 5

Adult fics = 34 (includes 3 moved to x15)

24 + 43 + 5 + 34 = 106   RECOUNT = 21 + 42 + 31 + 5 = 99


GEN FOLDERS = 11 folders with 24 fics  RECOUNT = 21 completed fics

7tales (7) (The Seven Tales of Christmas)

challenges  (In progress -- not in index)

cominghome (1) (Coming Home) Title Index lists only Coming Home, not other two Titles. COUNT AS ONE FIC

deceived (Deceived)

divide (6) (Across the Great Divide)

falseint (False Intentions)

insecurities (Insecurities)

legend (Legend)

OOTFP (Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire)

testing (Testing the Tie)

witness (Witness)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 43 (including 2 removed)  RECOUNT = 42 (not including two removed and one partial fic)

3ofakind (Three of a Kind)

angels2 (Angels in the Dessert)

beat-em (If You Can't Beat em)

break (Give Me a Break Buck)

century (Dawn of A New Century)

century 2 (Dawn of a New Century II)

duewest (Due West)

dying (Dying ain't much of a living)

famface1, famface2(A Familiar Face)

family (Family by Rebecca)

fateful (One Fateful Night)

feelings (Hard Feelings)

fury (Natures Fury)

goodbook (The Good Book)

handful (A Handful of Home)

hello (You Had Me From Hello)

judgement1, judgement2 (Judgement Day)

leap (The Magnificent Leap)

leap2 (Epilogue: The Magnificent Leap)

nextday1, nextday2 (The Next Day: Sippin' Whiskey II)

night (Of The Night)

ootp (Out of the Past)

othrside (Seeing the Other Side)

pink (Pink)

plans (Making Plans and Assumptions)

promises (Promises Made)

question (One Question)

reason (One Reason)

rebjane (Rebecca Jane)

reeses (How the Seven Eat Their Reeses)

retribution (Retribution)

salem (Curse of Salem)

school (Schools Out)

section1 (this is a piece of Testing the tie)

sleepy (Sleepy Hollow)

swngtree (Swinging Tree)

telling (The Telling. Slaughter of Innocents)

theirloss (Their Loss)

t-ot-t (Trick or Treat)

trust1, trust2 (Trust)

vendetta (Vendetta by Robyn)

wedding (Vin's Wedding)

weekend1, weekend2 (White Water Weekend)




glass  (Glass Hearts)

losing (Losing Control)

survival (Survival)

valley (Valley of the Shadows)

violations (Violations - Mady Bay)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 34 including 2 moved to x15  RECOUNT = 31 (not including two moved to x15, 1 redirect to a combined story and one reformated, and 2 - tumbling out series moved to x6)

1stdate (first Date)

blizzard (Blizzard Blues)

boytalk (Boy Talk)

chances (Taking Chances)

desires1, (Midnight Desires)

desires2 (Unspoken Desires)

donetalk (Done Talking)

d-or-d (Death or Desire)

end-road (Endless Road to Nowhere)

firsttime (The First Time Ever)

forgivme (Please, Forgive Me)

gitm (Ghost in the Machine)

giveme (Give me Head)

gttnevn (Getting Even, by Rita Clark)

justaman (Just a man)

kimstory  -- This is Unspoken Desire

lessons (Love Lessons)

longride (The Long Ride)

love (Love)

newterr (New Territory)

nowiknow (Now That I Know)

outatown  (Outta Town Together)

plans (Best Laid Plans)

q-and-a (Questions and Answers)

quickie (A Quickie)

repent (Repent in Leisure)

River (And the River Flows on)

top-10 (Top 10 Reasons)

tri (Triumvirate)

trial (The Trial - Epilogue)

tumbling, (Tumbling Out) Redone in x6

tumbling2 (Tumbling Too) Redone in x 6

unfinbus --- combined with violations

unhappily (Unhappily Ever After)

washday (Wash Day Blues)

xarms (Moved to x15) (In the Arms of Another)

xmtchmkr1 (moved to x15) (Matchmaker)