m7fic = 30 + 12 + 29 +42 = 113  REVISED COUNT = 25 + 12 + 20 + 38 = 95

GEN FOLDERS = 20 with 20 fics (modified count after going through each title)

angels (Should the Angels Call)

blindsided (Blindsided)

breaking (Breaking the Chain)

brother (My Brother, My Brother)

day (Just another Day)

deceiver (Fall of the Deceiver)

devils (The Devils Anvil)

drawings (not fic)

family (Family Blood)

goodidea (It really was a good idea)

guilt (Guilt)

haunted (Haunted)

jenny (Jenny's Chance)

messenger (The Messenger)

mind (A Mind of Her Own)

pursuit (Pursuit)

rages (by Sarah B. )Incomplete

styx (The River Styx)

TAGD (Through A Glass Darkly)

TTWF (Then There Were Five)

two (Two of Everything)

GEN INDIVIDUAL FICS = 38 (Not including two not in author or title index, 1 redirects to a folder, 1 removed by KB)



brother (is a redirect to the brother folder)


faith (Keeping the Faith)


foretold (Foretold Dreams by Stefanie) NOT IN AUTHOR OR TITLE INDEX

forgive (Forgiveness)

future (An Uncertain Future)

gi-1, gi-2 (good Intentions)

gotaway (You've Got Away)

gunga (Gunga Dunne)

heal-JD (Heal)

hearing (Hearing Things)

honor (The Honorable Thing To Do)

hope (Hope) Karin

jad-JD (Just Another Day) Bonnie

kid (Who's the Kid?)

ldyhntr (Lady Bounty Hunter)

lessons (Lessons in Life by Kit)

longway (It's a Long Way Home)

lookpast (A Look into the Past)

matters (Matters of the Heart)

mib (Men in Black)

mthrsday (Happy Mother's Day, Mom) Stefanie. NOT IN AUTHOR OR TITLE INDEX

nvr2late (It's Never Too Late)

ocean (The Purple Ocean)

oldfrnds (Old Friends and Enemies) Karin

redemption (Redemption: An Achilles Epilogue)

sector7 (One Day in Sector Seven)

sneaking (Sneaking Around)

spirits (Of Spirits and Visions)

telegram (Telegram)

tilnever ('Til Never)

tomorrow (If Tomorrow Never Comes)

toogood (Too Good To be True)

twlb (Those We Leave Behind)

waiting (Waiting) Linda

weary (Weary)

westlander (Westlander - Rude Awakenings)

willow (White Willow)

xx-kb-firesky (Fire in the Sky) KB

ADULT FOLDERS = 4 with 12 stories, 1 Video

chance (Jenny's Chance)

fear (Fear)

messenger (9) (Messenger)

rainbow (Chasing a Rainbow)

video1 (not a fic)

ADULT INDIVIDUAL FICS = 25, (Not including 4 moved to x15, two early copies of Where Heroes Lie - final copy in x10)

bathtime (bathtime Fun)

company (Two's Company, Three's...)

curious (Curious)

dance (Save the first dance for me)

doors (Doors)

falling (Falling Water)

givetake (Give and Take)

heat (Heat)

heroes (Where Heroes Lie) Another format of same story is in x10.  Title index links to x10

hppytrls (Happy Trails)

living (Living With It)

living2 (Living With it- Sequel)

memories (Bitter Memories...) Combined with Violations - Page says - Found in http://blackraptor.interspeed.net/m7fic/xm7ficx/violations/index.htm Actually in xm7fic2x

morning (The Morning After)

never (It's Never Too Late) JjBunny

nmts (nothing More to Say)

relief (relief)

second (Unwinding the Second Hand)

shame (Shame)

stbs (Something To be Said)

threshold (threshold)

time (time)

truth1, (To Tell You the Truth - I)

truth2 (To Tell You the Truth - II)

vinilla (Vinilla)

wishstar (Wish on a Star)

wtwillow (White Willow)

xaware (Aware of You) moved to x15

xhealing (Healing by Tiff) moved to x15

xheroes (Where Heroes Lie - different formating but same story as above... Actual story is in 10X)

xthebet (The Bet) moved to x 15