Society’s Child

By Beth

Foster Brothers AU (Ezra, Seven)

Notes: Just a snippet of what’s to come, this story is almost done, just a few pages more!

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Chapter 1

Chris sat at the kitchen table with his hands holding Sarah’s. They looked at each other and kept their silence. The room had taken on a feeling of heaviness and nobody knew what to say. Orin and Evie sat in stunned silence at the other end of the table. They looked at the young man they thought of as their own, seeing in him a lust for life, determination, and a strong will. Things he was going to need.

At nineteen and a freshman at Four Corners Community College, Chris had already decided on a two year major in animal husbandry. A degree he had planned to take to the University and continue his education in veterinary medicine. His love of horses had been his inspiration, and he had the smarts to get him there.

“What do you plan to do?” Evie asked, keeping her cool while looking at young 18-year-old Sarah, just out of high school with plans to attend the university in the fall.

Those plans had changed.

“We want to keep the baby,” Sarah said, looking up and meeting Chris’ eyes.

“Bill said he’d hire me on full time,” Chris said, knowing the news had taken its toll.

“What about school?” Orin asked.

Chris shrugged: “I can always go back…It’s not like I need to continue right away, and breakin’ horses is a good job and it’s got its benefits.” He looked at Sarah and smiled. “We want to get married as soon as possible, I’ve got a place lined up out at the ranch—it’ll be good ‘til I can afford more. If I get 30 cold broke by August, Bill said he’d give me a big bonus plus a couple of his breedin’ stock—give me enough to start a ranch of my own.”

“What about your father, Sarah…does he know?” Evie asked, looking toward the young woman who seemed to know what she wanted, despite the severity of the situation.

“He kicked her out,” Chris said, squeezing Sarah’s hand.

“Well then,” Orin said, pushing himself back in his chair, “Seems to me, Chris, you need to get your plans in order. I don’t like the idea of your dropping out of school, but I’ll stand by your decisions.” He looked at Evie and watched her nod in acceptance.

Sarah wiped her eyes and leaned over, resting her head against Chris’ left shoulder.

“How long?” Evie asked, “How far along are you?”

“Two months,” Sarah answered, “I wasn’t sure how to tell anyone when I first found out.”

Evie reached out and clasped Sarah’s arm and offered a comforting smile. “You can stay with us until the school year is done. You’ll be showing by then, but with the proper clothing you’ll be able to keep it from the school.”

Sarah sighed, relieved at the idea of graduating.

Evie sighed and stood. “Come with me, I’ll take you to your room.”

Chris let go of Sarah’s hand as she stood and followed Evie.

Orin looked toward his son, bound by life, not blood. “I would like to encourage you to think about school—I think an education is the best way to provide for a family.”

“I can make more money workin’ for Bill—at least for a while, and I think under the circumstances it might be best, I can save up for with the amount of work I’ll be doin’ and Bill’s real supportive of me workin’ for him—thinks I have some talent.”

“I know you do,” Orin said. “I’ll trust your decision.”

Chris looked at the man who had raised him. “Thank you.”

Orin nodded: “Raise this child like I know you can…that’s all I ask.”

“I will.”

More to come!!