Jo Ann


Acceptance (Ezra, Josiah)
When Josiah gets shot, Ezra is forced to confront the possible loss of the only father figure he's ever known. 08/15/00

Champions (Chris, Ezra)
Everyone needs a champion from time to time, even Chris. 10/11/00

Chances Taken (Ezra)
Sequel to 'Penance' and a missing scene for 'Vendetta'. 01/12/01

Confessions (Ezra, Josiah)
The guys are on their way back to Four Conrners and after some whiskey-induced dreams, Ezra reveals some of his past. 09/03/01

Discoveries (Ezra)
The others discover a different side to their complex gambler. 08/11/00

A Gold Tooth & a Derringer (Ezra)
Have you ever wondered how or why Ezra got his gold tooth or his derringer? 09/17/00

Fate's Decision (Ezra, Vin) ATF
Is Ezra ready to take a chance on the others? 05/19/02

First Impressions (Ezra, Vin) ATF
The title says it all. 10/29/00

Evening the Odds (Ezra, Vin) ATF
Sequel to 'First Impressions.' Ezra get wounded on a fact-finding mission and things go down hill from there. 12/19/00

A Hero's Mask (Ezra, Vin) ATF
A tragedy leads to an interesting discussion between Ezra and Vin. 05/19/00

In the Cards (Ezra)
A visiting reverend has Ezra revealing some of his past. 04/13/01

The Lesson Within (Ezra, Vin, JD)
Based on the Christmas song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas.' 12/29/01

Mended Glasses (Ezra, Vin) ATF
Ezra takes a chance on friendship and winds up with more than he intended. 07/16/02.

Penance (Josiah, Ezra)
Missing scene. 09/17/00

The Pledge (Ezra) ATF
The Seven are asked to speak to a local school following the events of 9/11. 11/03/01

The Serpent Unleashed (Ezra)
Ezra's finally had enough.11/03/01

Sins of the Past: Missing Scene (Ezra)

Switched at Birth (Ezra, Vin) ATF
Ezra and Vin uncover a secret that will forever change their lives. 05/31/01

Wagon Train: The Road Home (Ezra, Vin)
Missing Scene. 11/03/01

Witness: Missing Scene (Ezra)

Yankee Blue (Seven)
The Seven get asked to help out the Calvary and guess who gets to play captain? 04/28/01