White Sheets

by Cattraine

"Dark Angels" Universe

Disclaimer: It's all Sue's fault, I am completely innocent.

Notes: Just a ficlet, got a picture stuck in my head....dammit, Sue! *Glares towards Texas.*

Feedback: Hell, why not.

The morning sun slanted through the venetian blinds, casting narrow, golden tiger stripes over the white sheets of the wide bed, and the two men in it. Chris Larabee woke with a sunbeam slicing into one hazel eye and his nose buried in the sweet, sweaty, tousled mass of Vin Tanner's hair. Tanner was deeply asleep, lying on his side, his face half-buried in his pillow.

Chris was plastered close against his back, morning erection already nudging between silky buttocks, giving Larabee evil, lascivious ideas. He seldom awoke before Tanner and intended to take full advantage of the rare opportunity. Propping his head up on one arm, he carefully peeled the soft, white sheet down from Tanner's wide shoulder, slowly revealing his lover's naked body to the sun and his own hungry eyes.

Larabee felt his mouth start to water at the slowly-revealed golden skin. He smiled at the contrast of creamy buttocks and deeply tanned torso and legs. As though sensing the touch of sun and eyes, Tanner stirred uneasily, his soft purring snores stopping. He mumbled softly, nuzzling deeper into his pillow.

Unable to resist, Chris reached out and gently ran a calloused hand down Vin's bare back, relishing the touch of silky skin. His breath quickened, and his swollen cock twitched and wept clear tears of pre-cum in anticipation. So beautiful. White teeth flashed in his handsome face in a feral smile. His. Vin was his.

Moving slowly, he pressed himself close, nudging a golden-furred, muscular thigh up between Tanner's thighs, pressing his thick cock into the damp heat and humping gently. At the same time he delicately caught a tender earlobe between his teeth and began to suckle, while he slid both arms around Vin, one hand teasing a velvet brown nipple, while the other slid down Tanner's belly to probe a tiny navel.

Tanner awoke from a delicious dream with a soft, broken moan of pleasure. He arched back against the strong, lean body that cradled him so close, hands going up to clutch helplessly at Larabee's.



Larabee closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of pure Vin. Cedar soap, salt sweet sweat, rich musk and the scent of clean, cotton sheets, all combined in a heady aroma that made him rock hard and ready to ride. He released the tender lobe and nuzzled into the nape of Tanner's neck, nipping and suckling hungrily. The move caused Tanner to break out in goosebumps and shiver with sheer sensation.

Vin turned his head, hungrily seeking Chris' mouth. Chris obliged, tongue thrusting deep into Vin's mouth mimicking the slow thrusts of his lean hips, as his wet cock slid between Tanner's warm thighs. Chris slid a big hand down Vin's thigh, pulling his leg up over his own, opening him, as he sought to nudge his fat cockhead home.

As he had hoped, Vin was still well lubed from their previous night's loving, still wet and slick with liquid Silk and Larabee's own seed. Tanner rolled on his belly beneath him and spread his legs wantonly, and Larabee wasted no time in mounting him and thrusting home into that sweet, dark heat. He wrapped both muscular arms around Vin's waist and held him tight as he began to take his pleasure.

He fucked his man lustily, muscular, pale buttocks pumping hard, as Tanner bucked beneath him. He was so lost in sensation, that he nearly missed the moment Vin began to struggle beneath him, trying to wriggle free.

"Chris...no! No, I wanna see your face...Cowboy! Chris! Please!"

Larabee gave a growl, and forced himself to stop, biting his lip hard as he sought not to climax on the spot as Tanner's velvet heat clinched and flexed like a tight glove around his swollen flesh. He took a deep breath, and pushed himself off and back with trembling arms. Vin rolled quickly beneath him, and lifted his legs high, so that Chris could sheath himself again.

He did so, ramming himself deep with a bass grunt of pure pleasure. He began to thrust hard, as Vin wound both hard muscled legs around his narrow waist, heels digging deep in Larabee's smooth flexing buttocks. The box springs creaked and the headboard of the bed thumped hard against the wall, beating out a sharp beat to the rhythm of their lovemaking.

Larabee pounded into his lover, hazel eyes locked with cobalt blue. Vin braced his shoulders against the mattress, strong hands clenching in the white sheets. As they neared climax, white teeth flashed in feral grins of pure lust and pleasure. Chris threw his head back, shaking blond hair out of his eyes as he gave a gutteral growl and shot deep within his man.

Vin arched beneath him with a yell, spattering his own seed onto Chris' sweat slick belly, in retaliation. Chris slid free and collapsed on him with a grunt and they lay entangled together in a damp, sweaty heap of sated flesh. Eyes closed, head on Tanner's chest, Larabee reached out and groped for Vin's hand, giving it a small squeeze and entangling their fingers.

Slowly their breathing evened out and became quieter. Vin sleepily pressed soft kisses into the silky blond hair beneath his chin. Soon the only sounds in the bedroom were soft, twin snores, and unnoticed, the climbing sun stippled the white sheets and their entwined limbs with golden bars of pure light.