by Cattraine

Dark Angels Universe - Follows Burning Angel

Disclaimer: Wish they were mine...sigh.

Notes: This just sprang up overnight, like a mushroom. Dark Angels AU remains closed at this time. Thanks to Steel, Jean and SueN for the sweet words and encouragement. This one is for you, guys.

Vin eased slowly out of a sleeping Chris Larabee's arms. The full moon illuminated the bedroom with bright silver light. It had been a week since Vin had awoken from his dissociative state at the Sunday barbecue. During this time Larabee had exasperated the hell out of him. He alternated between treating Tanner like he was made of spun glass and pouncing on him and kissing him senseless. He had yet to fuck him, and Vin was getting a mite impatient.

Despite Vin's arguments, Chris had adamantly refused to penetrate his young lover until he was satisfied that he was fully recovered. He willingly used his mouth and hands to drive Vin wild but still denied him the joining he craved. Larabee stubbornly stuck to his own agenda of when he felt it would be safe to make love to Vin. His hesitation was driving his Vin crazy in the process, and Vin was especially restless tonight.

Vin paused by the bed as he slid a pair of Larabee's worn black sweats up over his narrow hips. He admired his lean lover as he lay sleeping in the pool of moonlight. Chris' blond hair glinted silver, the pale strands veiled his closed eyes. His mouth was slightly open, revealing a glint of white teeth as he snored lightly. His long, lean body was sprawled nude on the white sheets, golden skin creamy in the moonlight.

As Vin watched, Chris stirred, scowling in his sleep, and groped across the wide bed. Grinning, Vin pushed his abandoned pillow into the sleeping man's arms and watched as Larabee pulled it close to his chest and buried his face in it, snuffling contentedly. Lightly he reached out to touch the top of the blond head. Lord, but his lover was a handsome man! Just looking at him made Tanner's mouth water.

Vin sighed softly and limping slightly, he padded barefoot down the hall to the den. He slid the glass door open and stepped out on the wide deck. The night was calling to him, the bright moon beckoning. He leaned against the rail, face lifted to the cool night breeze as he breathed the fragrant night air, and turned to watch the fat moon rise over the distant mountains.

A barn owl called softly across the valley. The breeze flicked his hair, teasing him gently. Nights like these he wished for wings to fly away on. He ghosted down the steps and headed for the barn, answering that tantilizing, sibilant call.

Inside the dark barn, fragrant with the scent of hay and horses, he eased silently down the aisle, gently patting inquiring equine noses as he passed. He paused between two stalls, momentarily indecisive. Pony or Paloma? His choice was made for him when the white Arabian mare eagerly nudged his hand, small ears pricked, beautiful doe eyes in the elegant, dished face alert, while a sleepy Pony grumpily turned his rump, ears flattened.

Vin hooked a lead rope on Paloma's halter and led her out of the barn. Her sleek, white hide gleamed like pearl in the moonlight. Once by the corral, he used a rail to climb up on her bare back, wincing when he put too much weight on his healing ankle. He would be damned glad when he got the awkward casts off his wrists as well. Comfortably astride, he leaned forward and clicked his tongue softly, gently nudging her flanks with his bare heels. The mare responded immediately, easing into a smooth lope down the dirt road towards the river that backed Larabee's property.

Out of sight of the house, Vin urged Paloma into a gallop, leaning forward, expertly using only his heels and the single lead rope to guide her. She responded happily, graceful as a gazelle, stretching into the wind, tail lifted like a white plume. Her hooves barely seemed to touch the earth as they thundered down the smooth track.

The moon illuminated the pale dirt road with a ribbon of incandescent light, showing the way, while the bordering oak trees cast dancing moonshadows across it. The wind lifted Vin's hair off his face, and he grinned in pure delight at the sensation of pure freedom of flight as he and Paloma headed for the river and the broad meadow that bordered it.

Chris woke with a Vin scented pillow crushed to his chest. Frowning, he sat up, one big hand groping across the mattress in search of warm skin. He found cooling sheets instead.

He rolled out of bed and went in search of his elusive lover. Nude, he stepped out on the deck. A flicker of white caught the corner of his eye, and he was just in time to see the gleaming white horse disappear down the long, shadowed corridor of the tree lined road.

He grinned. Paloma and Vin, roaming in the moonlit night. Irresistable. Turning, he slipped back into the house. He needed a few things before he set off in pursuit.

Vin sat lazily astride Paloma's back as she dipped her nose in the shallow, slow moving river to drink. They were near the middle, and the water was barely hock deep on the mare. Tanner watched the moon's face. The sky was the most beautiful shade of inky, cobalt blue. Head tilted dreamily back, he could almost count the craters, the sky was so clear. He was covered by a blanket of bright winking stars.

Paloma raised her head, and he guided her back into the lush, long grassed meadow. Here was magic too. The moonlight shimmered over the tall, creamy blossoms of Queen Anne's Lace, the yarrow, the pale cups of California poppies, and silvered the summer grasses. Vin could smell the heavy scent of the Datura, the tall Jimson Weed that grew near the edge of the trees. A fat moth intoxicated by the odor fluttered across the meadow. A dog fox yipped up on the ridge, and his vixen replied from across the valley.

He leaned back, palms against the mare's rump, lead looped loose across her neck so she could lower her head and graze and just let himself breath in the cool night. He had vague, dreamlike memories of having been cooped up for weeks, first in the hospital then at home. It felt good to feel the breeze against his skin and ruffling his cropped hair, to breathe in fresh night air. He felt free for the first time in weeks.

Chris Larabee pulled up beneath the live oaks at the end of the road, absently patting the glossy neck of the blood bay stallion he rode. The big horse snorted, jingled his bridle bits impatiently, eager to join Paloma in the moonlit meadow, but his rider was riveted by the sight of Vin on the pale mare under the moon.

The young man was leaning dreamily back on the placidly grazing mare's back, eyes on the moon. That same moon splashed him sweetly in a brilliant wash of light, silvered his hair and bare torso and made him luminous in the night. If it were a painting, Chris had a title. Vin in moonlight.

Larabee couldn't remember a more beautiful sight. It made him catch his breath in wordless delight. He kneed the bay forward, and they paced out from under the trees into the light. Vin turned his head, and unsurprised, silently watched their approach. Paloma raised her head, nickered a soft greeting, and the stud rumbled a throaty reply.

Larabee dismounted, swinging lightly out of the saddle. The only sounds were the creak of leather, the jingle of tack, the soft sounds the horses made. He slipped the bit from the stud's mouth so he could graze. Then he reached up and pulled the rough woven Mexican blanket roll and saddlebags off the back of the saddle. He walked over to drop them, and spread the blanket on a lush patch of vegetation on the riverbank. Then he turned back to his lover.

Vin tilted his head and watched his tall lover stalk silently across the grass towards him. A shiver of anticipation flickered up his spine. Chris was dressed in his customary black, and he appeared clothed in shadow tonight. Wordless, Larabee reached the white mare's side, and held his arms up to him.

Vin cocked his head as though considering his options, a tiny smile quirking the side of his mouth as he met Larabee's steady gaze. Chris merely arched a brow, arms up, and patiently waited. Vin nodded and reached down to brace his casted wrists on Chris' shoulders, sliding off the mare's back and down into his lover's arms. Chris caught his trim waist gently, setting him down easily on his feet, careful of his bandaged ankle.

Wordless, they held each other in a loose embrace, gazing into each other's eyes. Tanner's hands on Larabee's shoulders, Chris' hands at his waist. Slow smiles growing, along with a rising heat between them. Larabee leaned forward and delicately brushed Vin's mouth with his, tongue flicking out to taste. Vin placidly accepted the kiss, tilting his mouth up to meet Chris'. They stood together, lips and tongues lightly, lazily tangling in a slow, erotic dance.

There was no need to speak. This was not a night made for superfluous words. Their hearts spoke and their bodies sweetly replied, and that was all that was necessary. Larabee raised his head, releasing the lush lips slowly. He glared down at his young lover, silently chastising him for taking a midnight jaunt on an ankle that was supposed to be allowed time to heal. Vin smirked back in mute defiance. Feet were meant to be walked on.

Larabee's glare morphed into an evil smirk, and he surprised Vin by suddenly stooping, grabbing the younger man and swinging him up over his shoulder in a modified fireman's carry.

Vin's dismayed yelp changed to a gasp as he felt Larabee's calloused hand tug the oversized sweatpants down, baring one pale ass cheek to the moon. Chris grinned, turned his head, and sank sharp teeth into firm, velvet flesh, following the sharp bite with a wet, lingering swipe of tongue.

Vin's gasp became a groan, and he jerked involuntarily as a hot tingle spread from his lovingly abused buttock to his groin. Before he could protest, Chris took two long strides and lowered him onto the spread blanket, immediately kneeling astride him to keep him pinned.

Pleased with himself, he leered down at his captive as he lazily blanketed the smaller man's body with his own. Tanner's fierce, defiant scowl dissolved into an expression of pure bliss when Larabee bent his head and went to work on neat brown nipples. He suckled and chewed leisurely, careful to divide his attention equally between the tiny buds, as Vin gasped and moaned softly, back arching involuntarily.

Tanner hissed in protest when Larabee lifted his head from his wet, tingling nipples, but Chris just gave a broad smirk and sat back to reach into the nearby saddlebags. One of them was filled with crushed ice, and Vin watched with interest as Chris withdrew a variety of intriguing objects.

A large baggie of mixed fruit, a small knife and a couple of plump, ripe peaches. A unlabeled, brown cork-stoppered bottle that he recognized as containing one of Irene's homemade liquors. A small bottle of liquid Silk lubricant emerged from the other bag.

Vin raised an eyebrow at the last and smirked up at his lover, who smirked right back and waggled his blond brows in his best imitation of Buck at his most lascivious. Chris lined his collection up on the blanket, then cheerfully reached over and yanked Vin's sweats down, leaving him bare-assed naked to the world. He cut off Tanner's outraged squeak at the manhandling with a deep, lingering kiss.

This time it was Larabee's turn to sigh as he raised his mouth reluctantly from his lover's soft lips. He smiled down into dazed, beautiful eyes as dark a blue as the evening sky. He pressed one hand gently on Vin's chest, a signal to stay flat, then reached for the cold, moisture beaded bottle. He uncorked it with strong, white teeth and spat the cork aside, winking at Vin as he took a deep swig.

Agate green eyes widened in appreciation as the complex flavors spread across his taste buds. He swallowed and smacked appreciative lips, then laughing eyes on Vin's indignant face, slowly ran his tongue along his lower lip. He watched as Vin's breath quickened, and his gaze fixed hungrily on Larabee's mouth.

Relenting at that look of open desire, he took another swig and bent down to share, delicately transfering his mouthful of liquor to Vin's in a tender kiss. Vin sighed in pleasure at the rich flavors. Hazelnuts, clover honey, vanilla, orange, a touch of lemon with the burn of brandy, and a unique tang of Larabee.

He slipped his tongue into Larabee's mouth, languidly searching out every drop, then he lapped delicately at Chris' full lower lip, paying loving attention to the divet there. They shared several enjoyable mouthfuls this way, the desire building between them. There was no hurry. They had all night.

Finally, Larabee raised his head, smiling, and set the bottle safely aside, tucked back in its nest of melting ice. He arched a blond brow, then slowly peeled his black tee over his head. Vin beamed his approval and reached out to tug open the tight black jeans and lower the zipper. Chris grinned and lightly smacked his eager hands away, ignoring the impending scowl.

Bending over, he lazily kissed his young lover out of his sulk, feasting on the lush mouth, nibbling along the beautifully chiseled jaw to suck on a soft earlobe. Vin sighed and reached to wind his arms around Larabee's neck, but Chris stymied him again, gently catching his wrists and pressing them back down on the blanket.

Licking his lips, Vin blinked questioningly up at the blond. Larabee gave him one of his rare, tender smiles, then reached over and opened the bag of fruit. He plucked a piece of ice from the saddlebag and gently ran it over his lover's swollen lips. Vin flicked his tongue over Larabee's fingers, eyes crinkling with pleasure as Chris' heated gaze focused on his mouth.

Sultry eyes on Chris', he sucked on the ice held between Larabee's thumb and forefinger, deliberately drawing them into the heat of his mouth as well.

Larabee gave a soft gasp, riding the sudden surge of arousal. He relinquished the ice and gently traced that full, lower lip with his wet thumb. Reaching into the bag, he withdrew a handful of berries. Smiling and winking down at Tanner, he lazily began to lay a trail of fresh, cool raspberries and blueberries down the center of Vin's chest.

Cobalt blue eyes laughed silently up at him, reflecting the twinkling stars above them. Fondly, Vin watched the intent look on the handsome face as the older man became absorbed in his task. Chris finished laying his line of berries as far as Tanner's navel, then carefully began to place juicy slices of strawberry at strategic points on Vin's anatomy.

The hollows of his throat, the notched collarbones, his nipples, and his navel were all anointed with the succulent fruit. Tongue in cheek, Chris tucked several slices in the coarse silk of Vin's pubic hair, encircling his proud, rosy prick. Teeth flashed in the moonlight as they exchanged wide grins. Vin shook with silent laughter, causing several berries to avalanche down his lean belly.

Chris popped the last slice of strawberry neatly into Vin's mouth and reached for a peach and the small paring knife. Tanner's brow arched in question as Chris solemnly sliced the ripe fruit in half. Larabee deftly quartered one half, disgarding the pit, and delicately fed the wet slices to his lover. Vin snacked his lips with pleasure, chewing and swallowing the sweet, juicy fruit happily. Fresh peaches were his favorite.

Tanner's soft hum of appreciation became a startled gasp when a big, calloused hand suddenly wrapped a handful of juicy, ripe peach flesh around his erection and began to squeeze and stroke, crushing the soft fruit and coating his stiff cock with pulp and juice. Vin moaned brokenly at the exquisite sensations, hips thrusting involuntarily up into Chris' hard palm as peach juice trickled wetly down his penis to pool in his pubic hair and dribble down between his thighs to coat his plump balls.

Wide eyes fixed on Larabee's smirking face, he gasped and clutched helplessly at his lover's arm, but Larabee growled a wordless warning, and he subsided, grabbing the blanket beneath him. Chris tossed the crushed peach half aside, and lazily lifted his wet hand to his mouth to lick the juice off a broad palm. Bright wicked eyes on Vin's flushed face, he deliberately placed both hands on Tanner's narrow hips and waited for him to catch his breath.

He gave his wide-eyed lover another wicked grin, then bent to the feast, bright eyes on Vin's flushed face. He nibbled strawberries from around the bobbing, rosy prick, big hands holding Vin's bucking hips still. He breathed in Vin's rich musk with pleasure, and lazily began to lap up the peach juice from Vin's skin, prying strong thighs apart and laving his velvet ball sac with lingering, wet strokes, but ignoring his twitching erection.

Slowly he worked his way up the line of berries on Tanner's belly and torso, pausing occasionally to chew and swallow the plump morsels, eyes twinkling at Vin's unfocused glare as he panted in growing arousal. He spent long minutes at Vin's navel, tonguing the tiny indention and nibbling tender belly skin.

Tanner's appreciative moans rose a notch as he moved on to wet, strawberry covered nipples, taking his time as he enjoyed the mixed melange of sweet, ripe fruit and salty skin. Vin's hands were knotted in the blanket. Head thrown back, eyes closed, he panted up at the moon.

Larabee finished the berries, sharing the last succulent strawberry with his lover, then gnawed leisurely along Vin's collarbones to suck hard at the hollow of his throat and deliberately leave a livid love bite there, marking his man. Vin moaned softly beneath him, and reached up to clutch at his shoulders, trying feebly to pry Chris' head away even as he surrendered his own throat and arched to Chris' teeth and tongue.

Chris laughed silently at the contradiction as he gently caught Vin's casted wrists and pressed them back down on the blanket. Grinning down at his trembling lover, he knelt back, then stood, ignoring Tanner's soft, wordless protest. Vin's eyes widened in appreciation and anticipation when Chris toed off his boots and lazily unzipped and shed his tight, black jeans, revealing the proud jut of an arrogant erection. He slid the pants down lean hips, then bent and pushed them far enough down to step out of, and kick aside.

Instead of rejoining his lover, he stood above him and teasingly ran one big hand down his long torso, to idly scratch his lean belly. White teeth gleamed again in his trademark leer, as he brazenly eyed the slim body of the young man lying at his feet. His own feet set wide apart, he slowly brought a hand down and began to lazily squeeze and pull at his heavy erection.

Vin glared blearily up at his tall tease of a partner. Gawddamned sonufabitchin' cowboy biker was driving him crazy! Well, two could play that game. He deliberately stretched, flaunting his lean body under that hot gaze. Lazily he spread arms and long legs and arched his back. Sultry indigo eyes on Larabee's face, he slowly ran his tongue over his lips, then snaked a hand down towards his own drooling, peach juice coated erection.

Larabee snarled and pounced. He knelt above his lover and slapped his hand away. Cupping Vin's rosy genitals in one big hand, he bent and lapped at the rosy head of his cock, licking away juice and pre cum from the foreskin with equal hunger. Delicious! Tanner gave a wordless cry and bucked helplessly into Larabee's hot mouth. Chris got down to the enjoyable business of milking Vin dry. He worked Tanner's thick, wet prick hungrily, sucking and squeezing with a quick, steady rhythm.

Unable to hold out, Vin arched his back helplessly and bucked hard as Larabee swallowed him to the root, then hummed. He came with a shout that startled the nearby, grazing horses into snorting and raising their heads. Chris released Vin's softening member, swallowed his salty prize, and licked his lips appreciatively. Before Vin could catch his breath, he leaned up and kissed him deeply, sharing his taste.

Without missing a beat, Larabee flipped the dazed Tanner over on his belly, spread his pale cheeks and dove in, using his slick, seeking tongue to wetly lave and open the tender, rosebud pucker. Vin gave a breathless, startled squeak, fingers clumsily gripping the blanket for dear life. He could feel himself start to tingle and arouse again. Damn. Larabee WAS trying to kill him!

Breathing hard, Vin opened his mouth to voice a protest, only to gasp again, when well-lubed fingers replaced Chris' tongue and began to stretch his tight hole wider. He yelped and sank his teeth in a fold of wool at the sensation. Chris chuckled evilly behind him as he prepared his young lover.

Unable to resist, he bent and again affectionately nipped a firm, velvet skinned ass cheek. Sweeter than any peach! Finally, he moved into position, holding narrow hips in a tight, implacable grip as he mounted and nudged his thick erection home.

He groaned with pleasure at the tight, velvet grip. Damn, but he had missed the sweet heat of Vin's body! He paused to savor that exquisite sensation, resting his weight on his lover's back, wrapping arms and legs around him in a full body hug and holding him tight. He mouthed the tender, salt-sweet nape of Vin's neck in a lazy display of pure dominance.

He began to thrust, a slow, steady fuck, taking his time, enjoying the wet slap of his heavy balls against Vin's, the wet heat of his body, the soft moans and sounds of pleasure his lover made beneath him. He savored the sleek feel of hot, sweaty skin, and quickened his pace as Vin cried out and pushed eagerly back, his furnace heat milking Larabee's hard length.

Vin moaned as his lover rode him lazily, taking his own sweet time about it, until Vin decided he had had enough and decided to speed things up a mite. He abruptly pushed back, enjoying the coarse, silk rasp of Chris' pubic hair against his ass and clamped down hard. Larabee gasped, and Vin grinned as the big, calloused hands gripping his hipbones suddenly tightened hard enough to bruise. Tanner gave a small, slithering, encouraging wiggle and arched beneath him. Chris groaned and began to thrust harder, pounding into his lover with enthusiasm.

Paloma raised her head, small ears pricked curiously at the odd sounds coming from the blanket on the riverbank. Moans, the slap of skin against skin, deep masculine grunts. The moonlight limed Larabee's broad shoulders and back as he rode his cowboy hard, the weeks of enforced celibacy eroding his control.

They reached their peak together, crying out harshly as Chris gave a bass grunt. His arms tightened around Vin, his right hand squeezed Vin's cock and he thrust in as deep as he could, hips jerking as his seed pulsed into his lover. Vin spurted over Larabee's wet, sticky hand. Panting, they collapsed together then rolled on their sides, still joined, their long legs entwined.

Slowly, their breathing evened out, and Chris slowly slid from Vin's body. He rolled over on his back, and Vin turned sluggishly in his arms to snuggle close, throw a long leg over Chris' hip and tuck his curly head under Larabee's chin. Tipping the square jaw up for a moment, Chris tenderly kissed his lover, savoring the soft swollen lips like a fine liquor.

Vin returned the kiss sleepily, then long lashes fluttered closed and he dropped off into a sated doze with a happy sigh, his breath moist and hot against Larabee's throat. The Texan's stamina was still strained from trauma and his long hospital stay. Snaking a long arm out, Chris grabbed a corner of the blanket and flipped it up to cover Vin's bare back.

Perfectly content to remain still until Vin woke, Larabee wrapped an arm around Vin's shoulders and held him close. He slid his free hand up under his blond head to pillow it. Yawning himself, he stretched his long legs leisurely, wiggling his toes. Smiling up at the starry night, he smirked smugly up at the beaming face of the moon. 'Mine.'

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